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    I see Vulkan complained OOM (Out of Memory), my GTX-660 has 1.5 Gigs RAM, not a lot but I know I run Windows games with Proton with it, Subnautica at 60-80 FPS, ARK (though I usually run ARK natively), etc. so that error may not be related.

    OT but do yourself a favour and run ARK via Proton. Less glitches, more FPS and not waiting 3 weeks until this version gets patches too o0 Took up with the native version long enough too.

    Maybe its demanding, though I do find it interesting when I can record VRchat (in VR) but not Rising World properly. It drops every other frame for Rising World Unity, probably for how demanding it is. I may have to alter the settings and such to make it recordable for Youtube, even though people beat me to the punch, etc, etc.

    I put my ticket in the client help subforum for OBS and etc. I'll try again Tuesday when I have time.

    Mebbe try forcing frame cap (vsync or similar) by driver. For me it's running unlimited so it tries to squeeze out every frame it can.

    If this is a delta timing issue running it on a single thread only may help. I remember that we used to do this with older games that could not deal with multiple cores at all. It's no solution but may point to the problem. See

    taskset for details on how to do this.

    I only seeked through that linked article but neither Linux nor Vulkan was mentioned once in the article. Huh?

    (Note the system file is, I renamed the copy to

    While this is not related to GPU issues I'd suggest that you symlink to your system's because this way you will not miss updates on that lib. Your system takes care that this always points to the latest version.

    This way you also prevent a broken lib in the future when other dynamical linked libs can no longer be found (see output ldd May be unlikely in this case but best practise n stuff.

    Could try to switch to NVIDIA 455.45.01 or disable Vulkan for a test. There's iirc some start parameter. Looks to me like GPU starvation and there are so many Vulkan fixes on each driver release nowadays.

    Cuz this works like a charm for me on Mesa 20.2.3 + Navi 10 (Radeon RX 5600 XT).

    Unity fails (as usually) to detect my maximum resolution so I usually disable my smaller displays so it has no choice but to start on my "bigger" main.

    This results in a hard segmentation fault in

    It works when my other displays are on.

    See attached logs. Prev is the working example.

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    This isn’t strictly based on sources. The goal was a church for a walled city center ~14C in England. There’s a lot of free interpretation here since I don’t know all the details and I’m somewhat limited by the engine, of course. I mean creating arches and getting the geometry right in Rising World is a pain in the neck. I’m still very happy with the outcome especially considering that this is on a survival server.

    This build will now go to another person to add the final details and textures.

    Originally posted at:

    There seems to be a few more spammers who just abuse the "About me" section to leave some spam links there (without posting anything on the forums). Do you maybe refer to this type of spammers?

    Also. Found a bunch just from the "Recent Online" and this is where they hope to be found by search engines (even when linked are marked as ugc - they don't care). They cause traffic, add nothing of value and/or are sleepers that may eventually start spamming your userbase as PM or in other subtle ways by editing old posts. I've seen this before.

    We're already using StopForumSpam

    That's great. They do a really good job for years already catching most of the same.

    I'm not sure if this is a good idea.

    I really doubt that there are any false/positives affecting the userbase _here_ and also you get to select the lists you want to use (blocking known botnets is always a good idea) but suite yourself :)

    I admit that I have never used RSS feed, so my question might be very silly (sorry for that in advance): When the spam is not produced inside this forum, is it then possible that the RSS feed tool itself is abused by hackers/spammers/whatever?

    Moderation here is really good but when a feed was fetched before the spam is removed you have it sitting in the reader:

    To the others that "can not imagine" this: I didn't post this because I was bored. I posted this because I noticed this happening again and again. There are more ways to interact with a website than visiting it on a computer with a webbrowser.

    Mods are fast but RSS is faster. Digging deeper and you'll find spam. Reported ~3 today after peeking at the usual suspects within minutes.


    I'm not a very active here in posting stuff but I do read (and play :nerd:) a lot. Mostly via RSS feed. I do notice a spam problem on the forum though and I kindly ask to take actions against.

    * Spam posts make it to my reader.

    * Spam is in profiles of bot accounts (e.g. About Me links)

    * Spam is in replies that looks legit (because it's copied from humanz) but riddled with random links.

    * Spam is in replies that are edited after a while.

    There are various approaches how you could deal with this.

    * Mitigate e.g. by making sure that _no_ links can be added until a certain amount of credibility is reached (you _do_ run a ranking system already)

    * Weed out "new users" having no posts within months

    * Add a moderation queue for new users (you're not really overrun here, eh? :))

    * Add a moderation queue for new users if their first posts have links

    * Add a game purchase verification (e.g. game key to "link" with a purchase)

    * Make use of spammer databases (like StopForumSpam) during the registration (can be checked against local for the privacy concerned)

    * Make use of abusive IP databases (like iplists from e.g. Firehol)

    Some require action on the system level (hosting), some can be implemented in the software (forum) as plugin.

    …just don't add one of those dreaded Captchas - it's 2020 and they are all broken (by design, AI, cheap labour or privacy concerns) :dizzy: