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    I say again just forget about the biome update for now it's too huge, too much work for so few people and I think it's better to pump out small updates - like Red and the team are doing now. I like this current pace and type of updates.

    P.S. And sagsave you must be Mr. Most irritating teenage boy on the internet- award winner 2015. I say you are 14 years old. Don't get the bed linens too crusty, mom will notice.

    Because the game is not developing fast enough and the given dates for updates are not really happening. Plain and simple.

    This is not Red's fault he is doing what he can but the developing team is just too way too small for a project of this magnitude.

    Servers are empty. Sagsave and other blind fanboys can go look at them and see for themselves.


    i am really trying hard to not say to much oO this is pissing me off!!! ;( red and his small team are awesome and they help users far more than they should i mean how meany times have you seen other dev's goto this extreme to help the users??? i think all you guys bitching should take a good look at your selfs :thumbup: yeah you paid 10 or 15 dollars for a unfinished game, but what sort of help are you doing by bitching about what you don't yet have???

    Well keep trying harder not saying too much, now you seem like a lickspittle who does not accept critique regarding his favorite things. If you look at the actual game-enhancing updates since what ... april 2015 you shouldn't be raging if someone decides to go for critique. There's always room for questioning.

    Well I'm getting destroyed here by seemingly smart people so it's time to admit my post was stupid to begin with.

    Or I could still yell out about "lack of progress" but then I would be the guy from this one joke ... how was it ..

    "A man turned on the car radio. On the radio there was a dire warning : ATTENTION! On highway 3, one driver drives on the wrong lane! -"ONE DRIVER!??!" yelled out the man. "MORE LIKE A THOUSAND!!"

    Well, I don't really have any references. I am just disappointed how little new features have been added, but then it can be I don't exactly know enough about things. Well not "can be", I don't. I am not a game developer.

    I am sure what I said has been on minds of several people, and with your good answer to my harsh criticism you probably laid some unrest to rest. I know there is disappointment in the progress, but I also know people do not know enough about game developement.

    Best regards


    Well I didn't find a name when I looked for it, if this is the case I apologize.

    And no I was not aware of it being one person (wtf?!) but I don't care, people have paid for this and it should be professional around here.

    Hello developers and players

    I really liked how this game looked in steam store, early access for an alpha-stage game that looked like minecraft on steroids in every way. Even for an older player (30+) like me this seemed like this will be interesting - a diverse, exciting game with fast progress - alpha stage is supposed to be a stage of fast progress and experimenting.

    But now it's 5 months after I and many others paid over 12 euros for this. Dear dev team: for a COMMERCIAL game being in alpha stage, the rate of hard, feature-adding updates has been ridiculous. Look at the list of new features added after April 2015. This rate of development is OK if JIW Games would have released this for free alpha-testing. But now you have two figures of each CUSTOMER's money in your bank account and, pardon my french, it seems like this is just some silly hobby of yours - developing with the left hand while doing something far more important most of the time. School, a real job or whatever I don't know but you really are not working on this like it's a commercial game.

    And you constantly "promise" updates and push it further, no wonder your names cannot be found on your website. You would not do that, or if you would, you would not continue letting paying customers down.

    Start developing like a commercial game should be developed, new experimental content, never mind if its' buggy for a while ... you know what I mean. Get resourceful, you are smart people who know how to code. This is not your best currently. No more pushing back updates and jibber jabber, or soon all the servers will be empty and this will be a farce. AND get your names on site so your customers know there's actual persons behind this!

    I am being polite now, but if this dilly dallying continues harsher language can be deployed =D