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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)

    Thanks a ton for all that information, that's what i was looking for, i already had the plugin version now i have the script to but not installed yet, why is it gonna stop working soon? is it because of the new game engine that will coming out? will all my plugins and scripts stop working when that happens?

    Deirdre i think you are correct as i just read the AreaProtection_Manual_jpg in the plugin ap_1_0_7 and i seen nothing about teleporting like i was talking about (This /tp 35) on artisans realm. it still works on there server multiplayer. i am a little confused.

    What i am referring to is here on Artisan's Realm server (IP:port 85:190:158:239:12600) just jump in there and type /tp 0 and you spawn in the welcome center, type /tp list to see a list of places you can port to by typing for example /tp 35

    these locations are all places that have been built by top players, and they don't even need to be online to teleport to there home. that's what i am trying to setup on my server.

    i do have the latest portals plugin and area protection and a few others, my server is rented from Nitrado and so fare so good.

    I guess i should signup to Artisan's Realm discord, heck i am a member so probably already on there, it's just that i haven't played in over a year and just now getting back into it, so i have forgot some things.

    new Corsair Strafe RGB keybaord

    I tried that a few months back, it worked ''but did not work out for me'' having all them placement key on that side of the board just didn't work out.
    However i just now changed my Resize "Right-Shift key" to the X key and that has stopped the beams from spinning while trying to resize them,
    It looks promising so fare. i will reply in a day or two with an update on how that config works out.

    I deleted my and the game generated a new default upon startup, i went through all the settings remapping keys and still no luck.
    I don't have any problem mapping the walk sprint keys to the arrow keys, that's easy and has worked fine for 6 months, but when move placement keys from arrows to number pad keys it just don't work properly, when i want to make a beam taller or shorter it just starts spinning in my hand as its resizing.

    Yes i looked at the images, can anyone please upload the default key config, the in game reset keys only reset back to my previous settings not the default.
    i need to compare, i thought i was onto something but need default config.

    Player movement is already binded to the arrow keys and that's the problem, when trying to resize & rotate a poster my player just takes off running with it in his hand.
    same thing with planks and beams.

    i don't no where else to remap the keys so they are usable. i experimented with this for hours a few months back and never got any where.

    any other lefty's out there that have this problem?

    How do i switch them? i backed up my original config to a safe place but need instructions on how to switch? do i need to edit the file? what should it look like to help me.

    My arrow keys are set to forward backward left right to move my character around, but if i try to use the plank system to stretch & rotate things my character moves around while doing so and therefor i cant use the system.

    i uploaded my config