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The crafting update for the new version is now available!

    Looking forward to the update Red, and as far as time is concerned take what you need, some of us understand the difficulties that go with creating, modeling, and programming games, and the like and want you to know we appreciate all your hard work.

    A nice standard wall added to the construction elements to be used the same way as the window frames with your standard 2X4 placed however far apart. I think it would be great for more modern buildings I have used the window frames to semi replicate the appearance but its a little off. Hope the next update after the player models is builder related but I think it might be survival.

    Your shack looks very authentic

    Animal behavior in my opinion should be an extensive update with animations for each behavior, visual cues for our hunters to follow. On a programming side I'm sure its complex though as a non programmer I don't really know how complex.

    Basic Behavior
    Sleep (Stamina) If stamina below x = take a nap if no threats
    Eat (Hunger) If hunger below x = eat nearest food / start looking for food
    Drink (Thirst) if thirst below x = find water and drink
    Hoard (Food stashes) Standard behavior for nesting animals like rats and squirrels.

    Prey Behavior
    Run = if threat near
    Defend = if threat hits
    Herd = if another creature encountered of type
    Frolic (Mate) = if both eat same plant at same time? (Not sure on that just picture them prancing around each other)

    Predator Behavior
    Hunt (Stalk) = find prey (that includes us)
    Attack = when prey found
    Pack (For some )= Rats, bats, wolves, that hunt in packs
    Rut (Mate) = I picture the two of them fighting each other with one rolling over and a baby spawning in.

    Domestic Behavior (Player Controlled)
    Follow = It follows you
    Lead (Offspring) = its offspring follow it
    Eat = automatic unless it can't find food in the fence.
    Run = on command or if threat near by
    Guard = even the cows could be trained to gaurd
    Breed (Mate) = the animation for this would be a nuzzle or something i guess.

    This doesn't make a very complex ecology it does however seem like it would be a major pain to program. My basic understanding of programming would revolve around a lot of "if then that" lines which I'm sure would be considered bloated coding.

    So I was thinking a nice feature could be rain gutters for the roof, they could catch water when it rains and even have an animation of gushing. Placing a rain barrel below would fill it of course. Same for small water towers to place on the roof with a piping system laid out across the roof as a "water heater" in the hotter area's not a good idea in the snow biome of course.

    On a more complex note a gargoyle at the end of gutters would be lovely as well.

    Btw Red,I will be using single texture for the models to see how everything behaves and comes alond and., I should be able to throw some posters on that model,for example a metal texture as engine air exhaust or a red stripe to make it look better.I am soo excited that I will probably become a master in Blender pretty soon lol.

    No one masters Just when you think your a pro they either add a new toy or you find a new add on. If anyone has anything they want help with making or made for them let me know and I'll see what I can do. Been working with Blender since 2001. (Models and UV Textures mostly) Really looking forward to other customization like animation in the future though.

    Only way I can see to do it is with the drawbridge but that is more of an escalator as you can close it and open it and stay standing on it......really ineffective though.

    We have already seen Red will give us options to turn things off and on based on preference Mini-boss on for some mini-boss off for others, I would call it (Advanced Mob) The Chief of a tribe would be better then the others as would the captain of a ship. A Dire bear could roam around with the other bears. Large angry mammoth found in the snow. I would just make the common mobs bigger and better for mini-boss styles and then throw in other bosses as time progressed like say a dragon in a high mountain or something.

    @Miwarre Yes Bronze is made from Tin and copper and sometimes held trace amounts of zinc, aluminium, nickel and magnesium. I think the traces came from the refining process of the Tin and Copper themselves.

    Weapons and Tools is merely a focal point to consider when one is starting out I think we should be able to make any of the metals into any of the tools. An over all hardness rating for each type of material would then determine how durable and how many hits it took to get the job done. Naturally one of the main uses of gold was as currency and decoration but I wonder if Red is willing to go into the realm of things considered "Forbidden" Archaeology such as the Egyptian style Battery as gold is also one of the most conductive metals.

    I am putting a Craft Tree together on paper as speculation and suggestion to be posted when it's complete as well as watching some interesting video's of a guy in the middle of the woods making early tools. A Drill made of twine and rock and stick was never something I would of thought of but not sure we need such a thing for Rising world, but it could be.

    Tungsten- 6191 F or 3422 C........How or we making bars in the smelter?
    Apparently there is something called a powder process that sounded complected to my after work brain.

    Real life metal and melting points do not in my opinion make for a great gaming experience. So instead I propose a melting rate of 1-10 for the game metals. With the question of how do you melt metal with out melting your forge the answer seems to be the heat is directed inwards by placing the coal just right and using air intakes. If you want to see a few melting points the link below was useful.

    From lowest to highest
    Lead------1 why don't we have lead in rising world?
    Aluminum ------ 2 possibly the easiest to melt and thus the first real metal weapon
    Bronze------ 3 not yet in game but I am hopeful
    Brass--------3 Like wise
    Silver ------4 This one surprised me but unless we get were wolves I see little need for silver weapons
    Copper -----5 my original thought for the first metal weapons as the Egyptians seemed to be fond of them.
    Gold -----5 Immediately thought of a big piece of rising world Bling
    Cast Iron ------6 The first iron I think we should get made by melting ore directly into items
    Steel -----6 Want this one in the game
    Nickel --------6
    Wrought Iron ----6 Or as we call it Iron
    Colbot---------- 6
    Mithril----------8 That is if it is like Titanium
    Tungsten 10 The second highest melting point other then coal

    I just thought of something necessary for that primitive furnace ( kiln). We still need charchoal as a substitute for coal. Charchoal burns hotter than wood. Thats required for certain ores to smelt. The video below shows the making of a mound of wood scraps covered in mud. This burns off all the impurities in the wood, leaving a good supply of charchoal behind.

    With the furnace required to use fuel, i wonder if we can eventually modify it to require certain fuels to reach that temperatures.. I think this was mentioned in another thread.


    Charcoal would also be needed to make proper steel a little goes into the mix of iron and then burned off at high temperatures. The kiln should require fuel of wood for melting things like copper, gold and silver. Then charcoal for iron. I'll have to do some research on melting points to comment on the others.

    Durability is a much needed addition and your right making an ax out of any old stone you find would have more or less depending on what kind you get. Not sure if Red wants to go into the Hardness Scale and start placing various stones around to find that are better suited to different crafts to show durability but if he did that would be really cool. I would love to have a Jasper Hammer as opposed to just a "Stone Hammer" or even an obsidian knife instead of a Flint knife each having there own unique strengths of cutting power and durability. However such things are likely to come later rather then sooner so I'll keep it simple until then.
    The durability factor when it comes will likely depend heavily on materiel and possibly even a skill system (really on the fence about skills) Primitive or Early Tools should be the start of Durability as anyone who has ever used a rock to hammer another rock can tell you most of the time you get two smashed rocks. A simple rock with a stick handle attached with sinew can eventually break a boulder all the same, even if you need six rocks to do it.

    Anyways, I like the idea of sinews over simple plant fibers. Maybe that can be a small upgrade over the basic bow.

    It would give it better range and a bit more damage, also a better durability then plant fibers.

    Probably unexpectedly by some, given my previous posts, I think a fuller utilisation of animal parts would be a sensible addition: killing a cow only to grab two steaks is such a waste! Ant this, mind, regardless of epoch. A measure of gory details could be a reasonable part of the process, unless this would affect the game rating and, indirectly, its presence on the market.

    I had to look "sinew" up in a dictionary but, indeed!, we need them!

    The waste of hunting in rising world is why I never do. Tribal people used every part of a kill for something and while I'm not saying we should have every single bone, though many can be used for different things nor every cut of meat, though a nice rump roast or lengua burrito would be a nice treat, I think a few basics should be considered mostly the parts that we couldn't have survived with out like water skins and sausage casings. Here's a link to consider as far as Sinews are concerned for primitive survival.


    Sinews are useful in crafting bows, tendons give you a better bounce back then a simple string of plant fiber. Boiling the sinews would give you bow string as well as lute strings. In primitive crafting I doubt we should have access to the old "Cats Gut" method of making things but boiled tendons would be possible this also leaves behind a paste like substance that can be used as glue or as the main ingredient in Jello. (I may be off on the details)

    Does look like we share many of the same thoughts on the matter yes. Guessing you may know a few survivalist hunter types as well.

    From what I have noticed it should be possible to dig up the standard spike piece of terrain you get if you place dirt in the air but maybe the way Red does the meshing allows a set area depending on where you dig.

    An animal cleaning craft station? To show how much work it is with out showing the grisly details maybe. I am some what immunized to the sight but the first time I saw it at five it may of left a few scars on the psych. Wouldn't want my kiddo to see it but then again he plays Skyrim.

    Primitive Crafting Tree as I would implement it.
    Tools / Weapons
    Rock = Ranged weapon
    Rock + Flint = Stone Knife/ Ax head/ Spear Head (all in how you chip it)
    Rock + Rock = Stone Hammer Head (can be used in the same fashion as the sledge but gives ore / Rocks )
    Stick + Stone ---- Head + Twine (Fibers) = Ax / Spear / Hammer

    Hand Gathered Resources
    Mud is dug by hand and can be shaped into
    Bricks (Takes one full day cycle to dry)
    Kilns (Small Smelter 2 ore and used for curing bricks faster)
    Pottery (Bowls and cooking rocks kiln cured or sun dried)

    Grass is pulled by hand at the root in the smallest area allowed used for
    Grass weaves = baskets / hats / Thatch and more
    Twine fibers

    Gravel is gathered by hand and used for
    Not sure at the primitive stages?

    Rocks spawn around stone out crops larger then 12 blocks on the surface and in Mud when its dug out
    Rock + Log = Small fire
    (See above)

    Flint found in gravel when dug by hand used for
    (See Above)

    Animal Parts
    Guts = water skins, sinews,
    Bones = used as a stronger version of wood or to drink from the enemies skulls (depends on how barbaric we want to be) maybe a nice club
    Hide = loin clothes and fur bikinis
    Completely Agree with @zfoxfire on the decomposing not much to add here

    Some incomplete thoughts on the matter

    Starting out I think the idea of having a necessary tool equipped to craft certain items is a bit much but requiring you to have it in your inventory or on the bench is a good idea.

    Personally I wouldn't mind an animation of us stringing up a carcass and draining it while we pull out its bits and....... you get the idea. At the same time I've watched animals be cleaned after a hunt and that is not everyone's cup of tea and best left to modders.

    A complete crafting tree should be created but there are my thoughts on it.