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    'Yeah, those are actually posters to make it look like food .That's people's answer to the whole thing, and I absolutely 100% hate it because it comes off as lazy to me. It also hits a cord with me (using posters) because when you backup the world you run the risk of having invisible posters. I'd much rather have the real thing, not something I view as 'lazy'.

    Can we use screenshots to make posters? I have a screenshot from Fallout 4 I called Ada down. I'd like to make a poster out of that because it looks like I shot him or her, ( it's a robot ). :)

    @Minotorious Your F1 info was so helpful. Thank you! :)

    when you find a tunnel just jump down (or climb down if you are in survival mode) and then keep is found in big quantities after -400 in depth so you have to do some serious digging :P

    Every time I try to look down and see if there's a way down, I fall in and die. I make dangerous mines so I have to be very cafefull when I go in otherwise I die. I think I make them too steep. I haven't got the angle going down right yet.

    Other games, yeah. Standed Deep & Medieval Engineers are two games to check out in how items are displayed outside of your inventory, and how I feel Rising World should handle its items. Buckets to capture water, to display food plate items on tables, and to have item racks, and etc. Even (again) to make use of market stalls by being able to place & store items onto there.

    Yeah, Red51 should experiment with the market stall because it's just bland. That, and bookshelves. Red51 should treat the market stall as the food table item in Medieval Engineer so you can also barter without actually being there. Barter items for ores & resources, or whichever.

    I haven't build those items yet. I saw on utube someone put carrots and tomatoes into the market stall. It looked like it held an unlimited amount of them.

    I'm going to use the fly cheat because I did it again. I opened up a hole into a tunnel of death in my mine. I've been trying to find gold but every mine I've dug has a tunnel under it and I can't dig down any more. So I have to abandon the mine and start another one. I'm going to fly down and see what's down there.

    Thank you! :)

    Here is the flower picture and a rock I made look like a cat sitting.

    In case you get trapped hit F2 twice and you will get teleported to the surface ;) (that is if you have flight mode disabled in your word if it is enabled you hit F2 once and then you can freely move to wherever you want through the terrain)

    Is there somewhere that tells us what the controls in the game are? I die often in the mines so that's my way out. I break the walls and usually fall into a underground tunnel or I try to look into a tunnel and fall in.

    If I knew how to take screenshots in the game. I could show the flowers I placed in front of my building. I was thinking of using the planks to make it look like they are placed in a planter, or I could place grass blocks around them.

    @ArcticuKitsu are those other games, or mods? I have been building in Fallout 4 and the sims 4. This kind of building is new to me. I love this kind of building.

    I love this game. I bought it less than a week ago.

    I figured out how to build using the blocks. I haven't figured out the wood building but I will get that figured out. It took me awhile to mine without trapping myself inside the mine. I really love this game. Thank Devs for making this game!

    If we could make plates, drinking glasses, and silverware, we could set the tables in our home base.

    If we could make vases with flowers in them, we'd have a use for the flowers.