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    I was looking through the crafting tables trying to find out how to make wood for a bed, when the game crashed. I couldn't get the error report because to leave the crashed screen, I had to sign out.

    I can't take screenshots in game, don't know why.

    I reverted my game back to the stable version and will wait for a more stable patch.

    Thanks for all your hard work Red51. :) Not being sarcastic, thankful for the patch release, and will happily wait for the stable version.

    My Resolution is set to 1280 X 1024, the character profile picture cuts off the equipment screen. I have my resolution as high as my TV goes. Haven't tested anything else, waiting for daylight in my game, to chop trees and craft.

    That would look really good.

    I only have little ponds in my world, no ocean. I chose the flat land with caves. I'm going to build on the coast.

    That's why I found those pictures, I was not sure what I wanted to build, so I searched for different house plan layouts.

    I'd rather they be in game made by Red51 and his team than have to use plugins or mods. I've tried to mod games in the past and it broke my windows setup. So now I don't mess with plugins or mods in my games.

    In one of my games I made an area for water. But I didn't take in to consideration of having to go underground to get the water area in a blue print. So I started digging under my house and the water area. I spent several in game days digging before giving up and scrapping that save.

    I noticed that with no support under the blocks while I was digging, they were showing lines in them like they were going to fall down from the weight.

    It looks like on the scaffolding, that the wood grain on the next scaffolding piece has to go the same direction as the placed scaffolding piece. I watched the video and it looked like if you had done the smaller scaffolding along the whole wall and when you started the next wall the larger piece would have fit all along that wall. So the wood grain needs to go the same way for the pieces to fit together the right way.

    I hope you understand what I'm saying about the wood grain.

    A timepiece? Was it the Golden Compass by any chance, or something else? I know the Golden Compass had a lot of airships in it.
    I think sandbox will always be a given seeing as how it's (at the moment) the primary focus of the game, so I don't think it'll ever be removed or changed too drastically from what it is.

    Yeah, I can understand that. Still, having airships to travel long distances would be sweet especially when more dangers are in the game.

    Yes, that was the name of the movie.

    The game's home page says it a sandbox game also. So I'm hoping he keeps it in.

    Yeah, it'll be a contest of which I fear the most, heights or the dangers on the ground. So I'll likely use a airship if we get one.

    Thank you Deirdre. I use the grid but I still have trouble getting the white planks to line up. I'll try the setp 1. I tried enter one time and the plank flipped around when I moved so I took it off.

    Has anyone been able to get the white planks to seamlessly fit together? The 71 (brown) planks will not have any seams when I fit them together but I can't get the white ones to fit without seams in them. Is there a special way to line up the white planks?

    Here is a screenshot showing the seam on the white planks to show what I mean.

    @Deirdre I was trying to change size of the grid and the keys weren't changing it.I had to set the plus and minus keys in the grid (scale up/down) under the placement settings. The game was seeing my plus key as equals because I have to hold the shift key if I want to type a plus. I can't recall what keys the game thought was my minus key.

    When you click settings and control, iin the control screen there are 2 words near the top of the screen, general and placement.

    Click on placement and it takes you to another screen with more settings.