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    I read it as 2 MB total so once you've used 2 MB you can't use attachments anymore.

    For screenshots I use tiny pic, you don't have to make an account to use them if you don't want to. You do have to prove you're a live person with each screenshot you upload if you don't make an account though.

    I use the arrow keys, up and down to move, insert key for jump, Lshift for sprint, left arrow key for interact.

    When I go into build mode I change the keys to w and s to move, the e to interact, q to sprint, and r to jump.

    Side step keys are never changed.

    So I'm always changing my keys. One thing I noticed is when I hit the minus and plus keys they weren't doing anything.

    I went into the advanced settings and set them up. Then they worked like they should.

    I would suggest trying to set the keys in advanced settings to see if any keys are conflicting with your key setup.

    Another thing I noticed is the key settings are red when I have them set for normal play and when I change them for build mode they turn grey.

    I saw a airship in a movie that looked really cool. I can't remember the name but it was a kids movie about a timepiece.

    The ship had a blimp shaped balloon on top, a big ship under it with a propeller in the back powered by people inside the ship.

    Hopefully when Red51 sets up the eras he will keep the sandbox in the game.

    I voted as undecided because I have a fear of heights and I cringe every time I have to go to some high place in a game.

    There are a few keys to press in game that really help your game play.

    F1 when holding a wood plank or building piece will give a tutorial on the keys.
    F2 to turn on/off fly (clip through walls, ground, and fly) mode.
    F3 to get a lot of information about the depth you are when mining and other information. Most of which I have not figured out, like which number is the depth you're at.

    I've experienced the waking up with no time passing when hitting the escape key but never the skipping of the night time.

    I've only used the escape key a few times. We need a PM or AM setting on the clock so we can tell when it's getting night time before the sun starts setting.

    Nice suggestions.

    One thing though, ores are not easy to find if you choose flat lands. I had to use the F2 key to fly around and collect iron ore in the underground tunnels. Ores are easy to find if you have mountains but I chose to play flat lands.

    I was thrilled when I found tungsten ore because I was finally able to make lights inside my house.

    I made this blueprint and can't figure out how to use it. This is what I see when I click use blueprint in the journal. The items to craft it are in my inventory. I've tried with them in the quick slots and regular inventory slots.

    I've been playing since Jan. I love the game also. There are very good tutorials on wood building on YouTube.But, if you hold a plank in your hand, and hit the F1 key it will bring up a menu to show you how to build. Its a good start.

    If underground (and no part of sky showing overhead), press the F2 key several times, it will teleport you back on top of ground. This works on multiplayer I'm on. If on a single player you have full admin. rights and can use F2 to fly.

    We can fake the plates by using the posters. Take an image of a table setting with plates, silverware etc. Place in a folder in the game files, name it so you know what it is "pgn images' etc. Use ONLY pgn images as they leave no background. When in game put a poster on your hot keys (numbers 1-5) and scroll thru to find your folder, select the image and place it in game. Makes good rugs on the floor, and pictures on the wall also.

    is there a way to set up teleports to go everywhere on the map? I'd love to be able to instant travel back to my home base to empty my inventory.

    ETA. I have the wood figured out. Here is a picture of my home base.


    I tried it without caves and normal. It had very little flat land around the ponds. So I tried it with flatland and caves, which is the best way to start this seed.

    You'll spawn in a forest in the normal one and right next to the forest in the flatland one. Turn south from the forest, the desert is less than a day's walk to the south.

    Be advised that this seed is dangerous. The forest has bears and boars that notice you very quickly. And the desert has tigers that notice you very quickly.

    If you have screenshots from other games, and images from the real world, sure. Do whatever you want to do, even the things I 'hate'. It's your game so do enjoy it 8)
    You'll however have to get cotton to turn to cloth (loom) put into the paper press, press it, bucket it, press it, grab it, then turn it into posters. You can make a good few stacks of paper within an hour.

    Thank you! :)