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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)

    I don’t think that’s ever been worked out. Empyrion and Medieval Engineers as well as 7days still have that issue. I’m not sure if that can be overcome and am also not sure if it’s due the the voxel programming, the engine, something else, or all of the above. Since I spend more time building now in many games I hope there is a resolution in the future.

    One other thing is water that would be fully functional but as I understand things you’d need a nasa quality computer to process the game smoothly. Can’t imagine how that would translate when trying to build and have it look or function correctly.

    @BB_Drifter I did what @Devidian did in his posts. Except I had to allow scripts in my Group Policy Objects as my server is also a Windows Domain Controller. Most dedicated game servers are not DCs. Is yours a DC?

    @yahwho No mine is not a wdc, just a Windows 2012R2 server racked in a data center. I’ll have to see if I can go through the previous posts and make it work. Thanks for your response.

    Finally got it running! 8o

    My server also acts as a test server for work and as such it is also a DC. I had to edit some GPOs to allow the task user to execute the task!


    Soooo..... care to share the process with us noobs ??? :P This is something I really want working on my dedicated to ensure it gets timely restarts.

    So I have been having issues with the server crashing the past few days. After discussing things with players it seems to be related to this plugin. What I found is that a player is / was using a /wpp command to teleport to areas around the playfield. The resulting errors are what I am linking in a pastebin attachment. Once he stopped using this command the errors also stopped. I am not sure if it is a conflict with the /gps plugin but it might be related. If this is the case, can I disable the teleport option in this plugin as we don't need two options or is there something else I should be looking for?

    I also wanted to ask regarding this... Is there a way to protect the serverspawn from land claims. I am having to go to that location daily to remove landclaims accidentally set but new players. I would just like that area available to all players but unable to set their own claims in the "unprotected" server spawn.

    I'm a bit confused on how to make this work on my server. I have tried translating to English, my language, but don't seem to have any success. I am not getting error codes from what I can see but I also don't see anything when I join the server. I am sure I am missing something but what might that be?

    What are the parameters for these settings? Is it percents, whole or partial numbers. Read the pinned topic but did not see much relating there. Are there maximums or minimums?

    Batta, nice to put a "face" to the name on the server ..... 8) I ran into a plugin issue causing issues on the server but it seems to have resolved itself. I suspect I had a corrupted file but in your case it seems like you have addressed that. You are using the same plugins I was / am so maybe an older version of one of the files got selected by mistake for download?

    Today, on my dedicated server I added a few plugins.

    [Plugin] Planks 'n Beams (updated) v0.6.0

    [Plugin] Willkommen / Welcome -motd

    [Plugin] MailingSystem

    Since the additions no ones health bar in the lower left of the screen moves downward. The food and drink icons on the right side of the screen seem to work as intended. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I do have a couple other plugins but at least at that time the health bar still dropped over time. I understand I can remove the plugins one by one but I like all of them so was hoping there is a workaround or something specific to look at. I am happy to provide anything needed such as logs or whatever but currently I do not see anything in the error logs. Ideas?

    @TutMeistensNix I'm not sure but as this is the LUA Version it might not be right in the plugins folder. isnt there a script directory? I've never used LUA mods...

    Yes, perfectly right. :whistling:

    Is yes a LUA Script and must therefore in the folder Script.

    Yeah I think I tried it in both locations but I’ll have to retry. I’m not opposed to an actual plugin if there’s a decent one but didn’t see one that appeared up to date. I read lua is to be deprecated anyway so likely better to get a plug-in.

    I am trying to add a protection script to my server. Is this the one I should be using or is there a plugin that is better? If this is the one, what folder does it get installed to? I have tried the scripts folder and the plugin folder without success at this point.