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    Do you use the Steam version of the game? If cloud save is enabled, maybe Steam did somehow overwrite the world data? Maybe Steam didn't recognize the changes you've made on your world. Do you play the game on multiple machines?

    Yes I use the steam version, yes I have just checked if it uses the steam cloud and It appears that I have it so I'm guessing that this could be the issue.

    Yes I play on my laptop when I'm not at home and PC majority of the time.

    Thanks red for your time :D

    Hi rising world forum

    I have a problem I went back to an old world from playing over a month ago and it didnt save my building or anything that i altered?

    It went to what I had created piror to that if this makes any sense. I took screenshots of the buildings to just show off a little . quit like usaul and it normally saves by it self right? well over a month has passed and go back to it to find the early stages of my creations. ;(

    Any help would be great? :thumbsup:

    Haven't come across this issue before.

    In the mean time ill be rebuilding and gathering

    I read in the steam forums at some point over the years of playing. That someone asked if we could click and drag so that they would fill up faster. I believe that Red said that he would add it to his (probably very long) list. There could potentially be an item that you have to craft to make this happen. One other suggestion I would like to see is a backpack. My inventory fills up quick.

    OMD OMD, its today. I just bought factory town as it was its release day.( I know nothing to do with rising world) hmmm.... now I have a dilemma. Play factory town or rising world? :/

    Hi all rising world community

    I know I don't post as often as I should on these forums but this is just a shout out to all server owners who do a fantastic job running their online games. :) A friend of mine who is also a rising world player has just made a new website and has offered to advertise servers on there to attract more players to those servers and the game as a whole. If your interested get in touch :D

    Iv had a look though to see if anyone else as mentioned this but cant see nothing so, I was wonder about now that we now cant access chests though walls which is great but the only thing for a lot of us is that most cover up the chests / crates with planks, but with this new update means we now cant get to the "hidden" chest behind it.
    Is there a way maybe in the area protection that this can be removed just for that player? or something else so we can still get to out hidden chests?

    This was my concern also.

    @Groovaholic you can still use posters to cover them :)

    This is good to know. Thanks :D

    I think that calling/whistling a horse is a great idea but I do agree with zfoxfires post. I cant wait for animal domestication to come. The game just gets better and better with each new update and we all have so many ideas and suggestions for this game that I dont understand how red can keep up with them ;) . still a great idea :)

    You mean when playing on multiplayer servers?

    No I understand the need to keep these private.

    The seed for singleplayer worlds is visible in the world selection menu.

    Yes this is a good thing, yet I could not copy it to the clipboard? I also think that maybe putting the world seed somewhere in the pause menu options aswell as in the list of worlds for single player. so you can find it while you are playing if a friend joins and wants the seed for their own worlds.

    Great! Now we need to find water first..

    Does new update addresses bad water generation placement? I already wrote about that.. Every 10th seed I start game with, have water (lakes or sea) to find in first half of hour of the game (with flying enabled). Other 9 seeds unluckily contain water too but just water ponds... is it my game or am I just bad with seed numbers? In general there is too little water ingame... what the others think? Best regards.

    I got this seed that has an ocean right next to spawn on first try. Just look for the palm trees when you spawn in and you will find it :)


    Also loving the update Red :D Is there a way of viewing seeds in game like on the pause menu or something? if not maybe a suggestion.