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    What graphics card do you use exactly? There have been some reports about similar issues with certain integrated Intel HD Graphics adapters (in this case disabling "graphic_water_post_processing" in the file [i.e. setting it to false] does the trick).

    Shader programs like ReShade can also cause these issues btw, as mentioned by @dagoline

    Just found out about the Reshade thing, I have reshade but only use it for City Skylines. My Graphics Card is NVIDIA GEFORCE 1050Ti - All up to date. I did get mine working but
    still has trouble with theirs.

    Deinstall the game is normally the last option. You can check your game files by steam or delete the cache folder completely.
    If the world file is broken, it will be corrupted after a new installation. I'm playing over 4 years, and I have reinstalled the game
    1times, that was just to check my settings. But it works for you, so everything is fine. :)

    Yes, did that first as mentioned above. Along with drivers ,etc. Nothing worked so i did the reinstall deleting everything and it worked for me.

    I uninstalled and removed the folder....... and then did a complete reinstall of the game ..... however I still have the problem after doing a fresh install of game files.

    I think this issue is somewhere else.

    When i did mine, I deleted EVERYTHING Rising World before reinstalling - server files too

    I'm assuming that one of the game files were corrupted and the "verify integrity" system somehow missed it. I do not use mods, so it had to be in the vanilla side somewhere.

    Okay, To save someone else this is what i did:

    1. Open up folder where my saved worlds are at and copied folders to another "safe" place of games i wanted to keep (just in case)
    2. Opened up Steam > Library, Right Click Rising World > Uninstall
    3. Go back to Steam folder> Steam Apps>Rising World and delete the entire folder
    4. Reinstall Rising World from Steam Menu
    5. Viola! Results!

    Such holes are likely air holes. Rising World has no running water and such holes can occur when removing sand or working on water surfaces.
    I have built an ocean and I had many such holes. With filling up of water, the gaps should be closed.

    This ocean was already there, game created. I know what you are talking about though, but it apparently doesn't work if the game is the creator of the water mass.

    Have you verified validity of the game files in steam in case something got corrupted.

    Yes, That's always the first thing i do. Then, made sure all drivers were up to date, Checked to see if it was just that particular seed by going back to my previous builds - They are also doing this now. Ran antivirus to make sure PC is clean, all good there. Uninstalled, reinstalled steam, ran to verify game files second time. Checked all settings to default, nothing worked.

    • @keitha7373 what do you mean by ‚click on a map‘? The program doesn‘t respond to mouse clicks, it only recognizes a few key presses (as explained above). Can you see a map ingame (by pressing M)? If no, then you need to craft a map first and explore a part of the world. After that you can use my program to view a bigger part of the map on screen or export a png.

    I see, the world i was using to try it out i had not yet created a map - my bad. Thanks. Works on Windows 10 perfectly. Nice Work!

    Hmm... this looks like there was a new world generated on top of your existing world. This might happen if the game has either restricted access to your hard drive (blocked by an antivirus program, for example), or if there is another issue. There was a similar issue in the past when a seed was used consisting of special characters, but this bug was supposed to be fixed 8| Maybe you can post a log file here. To do that, go to your game directory (Steam version: Rightclick on RW in Steam -> Properties -> Local files -> Browse local files) and open the "" file with a text editor. Set "game_debug_console" to true, save the file, and run the game. Now load the world in question (so that you run into this issue again), then quit the game, go into the "Logs" subfolder in your game directory and upload the latest log file here (or alternatively send it via PM to me, or via email to :)

    Here is the log file. Thanks for taking a look Red51.


    • log

      (11.1 kB, downloaded 6 times, last: )

    I just logged in to continue a game world i created yesterday. I left the world last night with a single castle section built and when i logged in was like my beach front is now below and within another world or biome?..... (see for yourself) *I was NOT in "Fly Mode"*
    It's no big deal to start a new world at this point, but i thought it best to pass the info along.

    Yes, Thank You But I already know how to use this, what i am getting at is basically a more precise way then just "eyeballing" it - a faster way. Using the advanced Construction System is awesome, but it is tedious and time consuming when it comes to details. Maybe just a way to snap to edges side by side (not just hitting "Enter" / "Return" Key to snap to center) But being able to line up pieces edge to edge through a snap-grid.

    I have not seen anything on this, but a mere suggestion:
    Would it be possible to incorporate a "finer" grid system in conjunction with the current system that allows a grid to be placed on and with a specific part of a construction element or group of elements?
    Let's say i am using both blocks and PnB, I built a square column with blocks and used the standard grid to place planks and beams between these columns to make walls, no problems so far - easily done with current system.
    Now I need to place windows and i want them to line up at specific areas along the plank and beam walls, which can be done with trial and error through the ACS, but is fairly time consuming and tedious. Being able to place a grid on a single beam to line up specifically at edges, centered or off centered to that one beam would allow for more detailed areas to be created as opposed to everything "lining up" together - It makes creating patterns and designs simpler and quicker as opposed to the tedious work of doing each window/door (or whatever else) individually.

    i want to try this. As soon as i get the time ... Thanks for sharing.

    The New Blueprint is in the first link, it is the second version, remade. Please let me know what you think and how i can improve it. Remember, this one is just basic i am working on it to make it better.

    realy nice idea - but its too empty its not spooky add some deko, or smaller dark pathways to open the bridges, use traps, spidernet. or play with the portalskript, use posters to foolish visitors

    to let people test it upload the whole world file - this way you can include chest and posters or spawned npc.

    im working on something like this in my world, its not finished but if you want i can show you the entrance to the dungeon in my world, maybe you get some suggestions.
    my world is called : dagolines kleine welt

    Sure, I'd love to see it. I plan on adding more to this maze as i go, the reason for this upload was to see if it would go over well. Also i did add a couple of chest in the second upload, link is in the post 7 of this page "Added Chest" I will repost the link later today/tonight, i plan on adding more stuff today - maybe expanding and adding some rooms and lighting and such things. The "World" will be 'coming soon' , My plan is to push the maze into a online world where i can add continuously to it - hence, "A never ending maze".