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    I decided on a spot near the ocean, I have mountains, sand, and water nearby, cleared a spot for the first building and have built the stairs leading from the valley up to the beach area. Just so everyone knows, this is not a "survival" build, This will be a daunting task in creative mode, It wood take me years in survival to do this alone.

    Another note is my system of build will be clearing the area and creating spots for buildings and landscaping, minor buildings (like the shown walkway stairs) will be done in the seed chosen for this build.

    The buildings themselves will be built and blueprinted from a flat world, then imported through blueprint and placed.

    I figured this would make things easier for me and I can avoid unwanted mistakes or situations where buildings don't look "quite right" in spots.

    For your enjoyment and laughs (I know you want too, nobody is crazy enough to take on a build like this alone..............or am I?.......) Starting point uploaded and you can see the beginning of Rising Town as it will soon flourish the Rising World with it's perfect grace.

    I can't seem to find the post for SEEDS, so here is the one I will be using to create the "TEST" build for the new Town. I will use this seed in the current version to begin planning and get a general idea of what is to go where and how. My hope is the new version will accept the same seed and though it may be different, leaves the purpose in tact. I thought it would be nice to share as it is a promising seed: Red51@Rising@World and also, alternatively this is the exact same seed: Red51_Rising_World (I don't think the symbols @ and _ really matter and only serve as place holders or spaces). The seed has a beach area, mountains and some flat area perfect for planning a town. I chose this seed because of the idea I want this new town/city to be unique and something only meant for RW and it's community. I have logged over 1,000 hours in the game and have created everything I could think of, I like being creative and RW has given me that freedom. PHASE 1 - So it begins...

    I was thinking like I-beams and H-beams, I think steel studs would be great too, but probably to much detail for something that will be covered up by walls and such.:monocle:

    The beams would be great for buildings as well as bridges and platforms, adding a realistic touch.^^

    "Old people doing stuff...not me, I'm just old and think about doing stuff...":crazy:

    Nice idea and a ambitious project. I also have some things like that in mind but will postpone it to the new version. Until then im just playing along.

    I think they also used to have a Post office, a Jail (maybe within the Sheriff building?), a Law court/house, Horse stables and also one for wagons. these come to my mind right now

    I'm saving mine for the new build as well, but I do want to get a general idea of how many buildings and where I will put them. Sort of like a rough draft, then once I have it all laid out on paper (yes, I still use paper and pen -- I know, I'm old :) ) I can begin the process of planning what each building should look like. The theme will be a mix of modern and western, but I would like to display RW in it's full glory with this town. I don't want to use any known cities or towns, completely make it up, lay it out, then build it. (I'm guessing I'll be running a server and asking for help as soon as the new version is ready)

    The anticipation of the New Release has me playing the current version again. I have been brushing up on my PnB and getting used to it again. That said, I decided to try and Design, then build a fully functional town (dependent on AI as it comes). I would like to design it in a old American west style, but with some modern parts. So I am asking if maybe you guys could tell me what I'm missing. The buildings I think I will need are:

    WorkshopSawmillMineWarehouseTown CenterParkTax CollectorSheriff
    Mayors Office/HouseResidential Area (outskirts of town center)Commercial area w/shopsIndustrial Area Mines/Warehouses????

    I'm Old, Tired and I think I may have lost my mind :!: somewhere around 1983 :?: , so if anyone wants to help me think of more buildings, please feel free and thank:saint:you in advance.

    I decided to set up a server and downloaded the files, Got everything done, except now when I start the server I get this:

    The system cannot find the file C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath\java.exe.

    Press any key to continue . . .

    The file is there, but still, it says it's not. (I am using Java version 8, as recommended)

    Windows 10.

    What graphics card do you use exactly? There have been some reports about similar issues with certain integrated Intel HD Graphics adapters (in this case disabling "graphic_water_post_processing" in the file [i.e. setting it to false] does the trick).

    Shader programs like ReShade can also cause these issues btw, as mentioned by @dagoline

    Just found out about the Reshade thing, I have reshade but only use it for City Skylines. My Graphics Card is NVIDIA GEFORCE 1050Ti - All up to date. I did get mine working but
    still has trouble with theirs.

    Deinstall the game is normally the last option. You can check your game files by steam or delete the cache folder completely.
    If the world file is broken, it will be corrupted after a new installation. I'm playing over 4 years, and I have reinstalled the game
    1times, that was just to check my settings. But it works for you, so everything is fine. :)

    Yes, did that first as mentioned above. Along with drivers ,etc. Nothing worked so i did the reinstall deleting everything and it worked for me.

    I uninstalled and removed the folder....... and then did a complete reinstall of the game ..... however I still have the problem after doing a fresh install of game files.

    I think this issue is somewhere else.

    When i did mine, I deleted EVERYTHING Rising World before reinstalling - server files too