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    red51 please keep the sailboat! :D

    To put it into context: In a world filled with islands it would be absurd not to have a proper sailboat. :crazy::wacko:

    Of course it would have to continue moving forward when under sail (without needing to use keyboard or mouse) until it meets an obstacle or until sail is lowered.

    You & your team do awesome work, and it is greatly appreciated! :thumbup: Thank you.

    Howdy @Silverspeedy Yup, I've drilled all the way down, and used arcs to enclose ladders for a smooth & safer climb down. Frequent hatches can prevent lethal falls. I also use the excellent elevator plugin - which makes for quite a long ride down. I keep high temperature clothing to change into, and in my deep residence there are many pools of water to cool off in. Am considering using it as thermal power supply similar to Iceland. :)

    We do seem to be off the unity version topic. Maybe the moderator could move this part to the java version discussion? I think that might be @Minotorius :?:


    Yes! Those were the things I was hoping for. :thumbup:

    The java version has already given me much more back in enjoyment than the low purchase price might suggest. It has been a nice safe place to go during all the recent global weirding. My current world map will be 1 year old on the 16th of this month. :)

    I look forward to switching over to unity version once the water update arrives. I can already see it will be well worth the wait.

    Thanks again for your excellent work... and your ongoing attention to those of us who sometimes need assistance. :D

    Thanks for the reply :)

    I used the grass technique to keep track of myself when I first started - till I discovered there was in fact a map. Back then I avoided forums and instructions so I could discover the game features on my own. The 'easiest' way I've found without map or jumping out of the boat to use the compass is the water itself... it always flows from the north. Sun & moon also help. ;) Still, it would make perfect sense to make such equipment as a compass and clock available while traveling.

    What I've read here so far is that boats are planned - after all, the land masses are intended to be islands.

    So far I've only looked around in the Unity version and put up a tent - but it all looks very good. However, I'm still waiting for the water update before actually getting more into the new version. :(

    Thx again.^^

    Howdy red51 :)

    The latest RW is looking great! Excellent scenery, smooth running - even on my somewhat dated hardware. :D

    Two questions on the Unity version (I apologize in advance if they have already been addressed.):

    Will it be possible to have a bound key that will lock forward movement, especially when boating from island to island, to allow for doing other things while traveling? My current world in java version is quite extensive and simply boating from here to there takes a long time. I've not timed it, but I can easily cruise my water ways for at least 1/2 hr without retracing my path. Hand cramps are frequent.

    The other item is being able to access compass, watch, etc. while mounted on chair, rib, horse, etc. My world is large enough and convoluted enough to easily get lost in. Not wanting to over use the map in game mode, I hop off the rib in the middle of the sea, and while treading water, I check my bearings...:crazy:

    Thank you

    Thanks Red,

    100% understand, I think we forget that the features of the java version were gradually developed over 5+ years. It cant be a quick job to rebuild all those features from scratch, let alone all the new building mechanics we have.

    Yup! RW java is going to be a hard act to follow as it is already quite magnificent. :)

    red51 In the java version, the only thing I can access when seated or mounted is the map. This is useful, but when on boat or horse it would be practical - and preferred - to use the compass for direction. Also, when 'seated' at my favorite fishing hole I can't access my fishing pole... Will unity version allow these? Or am I simply not doing something properly in the java version for this to work? :thinking: Thank you.

    Yes! In the java version I spend way too much time after a large terrain change refreshing the map little by little. It would be great if the map would just handle that part itself. :)

    And i like how the bears sometimes not attacking you if you stand still

    Realistically, bears hunt mainly on scent, not so much on sight & sound. :)


    "According to the number of scent receptors, the bear has the best sense of smell of all terrestrial mammals. Black bears have been observed to travel 18 miles in a straight line to a food source, while grizzlies can find an elk carcass when it's underwater and polar bears can smell a seal through 3 feet of ice. It's not all about food, though -- male polar bears have been known to trek a hundred miles following the scent of a sexually receptive sow."


    The polar bear (ursus maritimus) could use a bit of a revamp. Currently, all I need do to escape is jump in the water. But the bear got its name because it was so frequently seen in the water...

    From Wiki:

    "The polar bear is an excellent swimmer and often will swim for days.[70] One bear swam continuously for 9 days in the frigid Bering Sea for 700 km (400 mi) to reach ice far from land. She then travelled another 1,800 km (1,100 mi). During the swim, the bear lost 22% of her body mass and her yearling cub died.[71] With its body fat providing buoyancy, the bear swims in a dog paddle fashion using its large forepaws for propulsion. Polar bears can swim at 10 km/h (6 mph). When walking, the polar bear tends to have a lumbering gait and maintains an average speed of around 5.6 km/h (3.5 mph).[72] When sprinting, they can reach up to 40 km/h (25 mph).[73]"


    Of course, too much realism could ruin the fun - especially when unarmed and being pursued by a hungry bear that, over long distance, can out run and out swim it's prey. Hiding isn't even an option due to it's amazing olfactory sense. ^^

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