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    Hytale still needs to come out. We need proper competition to Minecraft, something Rising World shall be whether it wants to or not. Depending on what Red51 does it can even kick it to the side. I even noted how Red51's train thoughts and plans could potentially put other train games to shame with how sloppy or bloated their games tend to be. Traincraft mod for Minecaft is perfect with how themed and detailed it was. Felt like actual trains. There are games trying to fill in the void, and I do appreciate them, it's however still "too few" and "too young" for them to even properly fill in those necessary voids. Rising World is also still sadly too far back to yet contribute to this void.

    Yes it will be competition for Minecraft amongst older players depending on how much promotion for it occurs. Minecraft and Roblox will still hold appeal to younger mob and those who have a nostalgia for it. Too few and too young for sure as we are only on the outer rim of this whole type of Genre.

    I've tried Second Life, I've enjoyed my stay there. I sadly faded out while also stupidly stalking an anime blogging buddy there. Even if I wanted to go back I've lost my account. I was gifted a loli kitsune avatar wanting to get back, I can't now. I flew planes, I visited Ottawa (I think), among other places. Maybe I could try poking around here and there. I've tried playing Second Life and Minecraft back in the day trying to get the buddy back into Minecraft, I feel bad all around. VRChat is where it's at for me. VRChat has everything I've seen Second Life do, and more, and it's VR also. Even if I've been socially evicted from VRChat, and people have moved on, VRChat still feels like home with how much of an impact it made to me and vice-versa.

    Secondlife/Opensim do have this atmosphere where infatuation can easily occur so have to have good boundaries. We do get attached to certain games but I try to form a variety of friendships amongst different games and social groups.

    It has this potential no other game even comes close to.

    So so much potential. If Minecraft and Opensim/Secondlife had a baby Rising world would be it. I have a friend im trying to convince giving Rising World a try for a project he has in mind , but he being resistant to it. I tried Planet explorers for a bit but got bored and have not tried Valheim. I agree with the modding/customizing aspect of it, I think that is why Minecraft was so successful and what Hytale is trying to achieve (if it ever comes out). Opensim/Secondlife is not really that user friendly and uses an outdated system (see this thread Second life is outdated. : secondlife ( ). Rising world has the potential for something big if the balance of creative freedom and functionality is achieved well.

    I have a lot of plans. It's only a matter of time and if I have the free time to even get around to these. It's up to Red51 if he wants to entertain my desires by making them possible or letting me float in the sea at the whim of default plans of his own desires. It's his game and I'm just a passenger. He's the captain, I'm the passenger.

    Red51 has made an amazing creative engine and one of few who do listen to their player base. You are right in that it is his game and he knows what needs to be and how to balance all the different aspects of it. It will be interesting when more discover its abilities.

    Wow you have some great plans, will be great to see how it all progresses. Yeah Virtual worlds can get like that to, people move on to other things. I played the Java version a few years back and have been waiting for the Unity. Loot organisation can be rather cathartic to, as is farming in these types of games. I recently posted my first unity build blueprint to, a white stone cottage, its basic but im happy with it.

    Games, anime, youtube (non-politics) is what keeps me sane. Genshin Impact, Rising World, and now Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Having so much fun. I haven't watched anime in so long (ever since Convoy came), something I need to get back to doing. I've been busy trying to keep up on top of the lies and slander by the media to which people now believe instead of me, who lives in this city and country.

    Fun is good to be having at the moment and this is where Virtual worlds can be a good thing. We feel less isolated being in a community even if its online and virtual. What do you like to do in Rising world? What style do you enjoy building?

    Im fairly new to this forum though been a lurker for a bit so I hope it s ok for me to comment. I hear you Kitsu, I hear your frustration and anger and possibly despair. We are all feeling this to some degree for various reasons, we all just want this to end. All we can do is try to control our response and to keep loving and being kind to others (yes even our enemies), it is the best way to combat fear and anger. Games can be a great equaliser if we allow them to and keep them a place to enjoy our creativity and share that with each other. Building rather than destroying, uplifting each other rather than pulling down, so lets just have fun creating worlds that are for all enjoy! :) <3


    WOW :D I am deeply impressed that your very first building is such a great house :D

    I remember that my first "good" blueprint (Java) was the fire arrow which I have chosen later as my avatar. What a huge difference :D:D

    THank you Arakara, I have some building experience in minecraft etc and other similar things but just basic. :) I have not shared blueprints before though

    MY first build in the Unity Version is this white stone house/cottage. I had fun building it and there may be a few mistakes but feel free to improve on it :). It has two floors, an attic and a balcony. I have posted 2 versions. The full house, and no doors/window trim. Please let me know how it works out as im still learning thank you :).