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    I came up with an idea that could be useful for the game. Thought about it while playing Salt 2, which also features an islandscape world:

    Rising World could have small sailboats as early game vehicles. The reason for these is that rowboats are too slow for island traveling or ocean debraving, and RIBs will require fuel eventually. Moreover, pressing the forward key during all those travels is quite annoying.

    So, this is how these would work: They would be like the rowboat we have, but would feature a sail for its propulsion (duh) as well as a helm for control. The player would interact with the sail directly to rise ond lower it (there will be no key to control it) and them use the helm as its pilot "seat", to steer left and right. With the sail lowered, the boat would automatically go forward, no need for a throttle key for it to move. Under normal conditions, they would be a slower than the RIBs, but faster than the rowboats. However, they would be affected by the direction of the wind, so it goes slower or faster if against or toward the wind. Like the rowboat, they would have a single seat.

    (These piloting details are based on how I believe the sail vehicles will work. Of course, the sailboat should match de devs plan for sailing mechanics, so if they diverge, ignore my appointments.)

    The sailboats would be crafted like its row counterpart, but instead of rows, they would have a "sail" component, consisting of the sail and the helm. Such component would require a little more wood, as well as a decent amount of cloth for the sail. They may or not feature the store compartment, I am not sure.

    That is all about it. What do you think?

    In many cases when I don't understand anything due to asian, russian, arab, korean etc special letters google translate gives me at least a clue about what they are writing. Of course it is not perfect, but it might help me to assist with a link to the correct website where they can find the info they seek.

    In special cases of course google translate fails terribly. I remember a case (in a different game) where a developer wrote something like "use WASD and space to move up". The german player did not understand this and used google translate and did not understand at all afterwards. I did the same and the translation read like "Nutze Wäsche und Raum zu bewegen hoch" - backtranslated to english it would be something like "use laundry and room to move up" :lol::lol: I really had a good laugh at that day. :D

    Yes, these troubles may happen. But I will rely on them more now and then.

    Not everybody speaks english (or portugese). Best is you use google translator. But for this one - Rüdi said "Yes, Vandoide. These are good ideas and i think something like that will be provided in this game as well at some point.

    I personally don't like to rely on translators because they can give us wrong translations once in a while. They are pretty good now, I know, but still, there is aways a chance for mistakes translations.

    Will give a try next time tough, as we can't rely on a folk to come in and help us like you did.

    Ja Vandoide das sind gute Ideen und ich denke dass so etwas auch mal im Spiel zur Verfügung stehen wird.

    Avanar was my spokesman here, so now I got it.

    Thanks for liking it! And let's hope they do add this. This would take a while, however, as the devs have other priorities for now.

    Had this idea one of these days, based on other sandbox or sandbox-like games, and believe this would be great for this game too.

    There could be chemical crafting as some of the more advanced racipes and crafts of the game. There could be a Refinery crafting station, a device a little bigger than the large furnace, that needs electricity to run. It could also be one of the interactive crafting stations, that is, we use a panel monted on it to operate it, introduce the materials in ports found on its side, than collect the products in ports at its other side.

    Materials used by it could be: Oil (needs a bucket to carry), rubber tree sap (needs bucket), coal, sulphur, etc... And products made by it could be: Gas (for motorized vehicles), rubber, carbon fiber sheets, D6 polimer, etc... All of its crafting processes would take time to do (but like the furnace, could be adjusted or disabled in the options), and the time varies depending on the item that is being crafted.

    A little contribution for the game. Hope you like it.


    This far, glass is a pretty nice building material, as everything in Unity version, 1000X better than the glass of the old Java version. There are some points, however, were it could improve, these being:

    1. Add all the shapes of the other materials to glass as well, including the stairs. You know, they would be useful for decoration and sculpting. Moreover, one may wish to build a glass house as well.

    2. Make the colors of painted glass more vivid, specially the darker tones. Sometimes, I think the colors on painted glass are a little pale, they could be more akin to the choosen color. This is specially true when it comes to dark colors, and black in particular. Once I made a 100% black glass expecting to get na insulfilm-like cover for the buildings, but all I got was a smooth fumê. It should have an opacity of 90%, let's say, so then we could get a true black glass and get smoother tones by using shades of grey.

    Thas is it. Hope this helps make the game even better than it's becoming.

    With the new version of Rising World getting closer to it's "release", here is a list of biomes that could be put into the game, considering the overhall improvement that is planned for the new version of the game:

    Legacy Biomes: AKA Biomes that currently exist in the Java version but could be modified in some way.

    -Description: A landscape full of trees of varied types and sizes. It’s climate is normal with equal amounts of rain, sun, heat, and cold, which allows the populace of several different plants and animals of other biomes.
    -Flora: Many different plants including most of the fruits that are currently available in the game. New plants: Nut Tree, Linen (for clothing), Beanstalk, Papyrus Plant (for papire or paper to make posters or latters to write in), bamboo.
    -Fauna: Foxes, Bears, Deer, Bats, Wolf, Moose, Hare, Squirrels, Boars, Bees who live in Hives with Honey, Pandas, Fireflies, Cougar, Stag, etc…
    -Details: Very Common Biome.

    -Description: an expanse of a variety of plants of the herb-kind which are grazed by simple, mostly inoffensive animals which can be usually harvested without killing them.
    -Flora: many plants and herbs, plenty of grass and flowers, good place to grow crops, pumpkins, tomatoes, cabbages, grapes, wheat, sugarcanes, potatoes…
    -Fauna: cows, sheep, chickens, pigs (AKA farm animals)
    -Details: one of the few places where it’s viable to create a Farm for animals and harvest a variety of materials such as milk, cheese, fleece, eggs, and bacon. This Biome is the most peaceful and quiet of all biomes. Special objects are required to obtain such materials with better efficiency such as chicken nests, Pig drench (for them to eat and spawn), razors for fleece and a bucket for milk.

    -Description: a landscape that rises from the ground to great heights. The higher the peak, the colder the biome becomes. The lower stratus has fauna and flora similar to the surrounding biomes, the middle stratum has fauna specific of this biome with very few flora, the topmost stratum being mostly deserted.
    -Flora: Low stratum has Pine trees and other plants, higher stratums only have a few small sized plants.
    -Fauna: Low Stratum (Bears, Bats, Hare, Lizards that climb walls), Higher Stratums (Birds, Goats)
    -Details: Quite common and varied in sizes. Small mountains have no mountain-specific fauna.

    -Description: A landscape where the earth is entirely replaced by sand. The area is much hotter than other places, requiring the use of water to keep cool (usually found in small lakes or oasis).
    -Flora: Cactuses and a few small plants.
    -Fauna: Giant Scorpions, Donkeys, Bats, Camels, Antlions.
    -Details: Extending for long distances at a time, found far from cold areas. The hot climate causes heat strokes. Wearing high-insulation cloth or armor accelerates this process. Occasional Quicksand Pits.

    -Description: A landscape of snow and ice, the unbearable cold forces you to find heat in order to survive. Because of the cold climate, almost no plants survive here, forcing the predators to sustain themselves on fish, algae and other carnivores.
    -Flora: None.
    -Fauna: Artic Fox, Polar Bear, Moose, Seal, Walrus, Penguin, Fish (underwater).
    -Details: Found far from hot areas, extends for long distances. The cold climate freezes. Icebergs (portions of ice floating in water) can be found.

    -Description: An opened location within a mountain or below a territory. Usually made of gray stone. Many different ores and stones can be excavated from these biomes.
    -Flora: Glow Shrooms, Glow Moss
    -Fauna: Cave Spiders, Bats, Moles/Groundhogs, Undead(?)
    -Details: Underground location where one can excavate ores and stones as well as gemstones. Include underground dungeons and may also have abandoned mines with mine carts, rails, etc… These will be broken and cannot be used, only taken as decorations.

    -Description: An expense of sand accompanied by a body of water easily crossed by a boat. This place is usually used as a dock for fishing boats and pirate ships who bury their treasure chests below the sand.
    -Flora: None.
    -Fauna: Crabs, Fish(below water)
    -Details: Good place to fish and find Treasure Chests.

    -Description: A long expanse of water that is inhabited by many different types of fish and molusks. Due to the lack of air, preparation is required to explore these biomes.
    -Flora: Weed, Coral
    -Fauna: Fish, Sharks, Orca, Whale, Squids, Crabs, Shrimps, Jellyfish, Anglerfish who provide light underwater, Eels, Stingrays, Oysters to get Pearls, Dolphins to ride over water (or just tame), Lobsters, Starfishes, etc… Could also include a variety of fishes as well as bait to catch those different fishes (like in the game Salt).
    -Details: Good place to hunt for seafood, get water, and discover pearls in oysters, seashells. Possibility to obtain Salt from water.
    Also: Two kinds of oceans: Saltwater and Freshwater (AKA Great Lakes, as seen in North America). The type of ocean determines the animals that can spawn in them.

    -Description: An expanse of GRASS with very few trees where various animals roam eating grass or others.
    -Flora: Grass, few trees
    -Fauna: Gazelle, Giraffe, Zebra, Elephant, Rhino, Tiger, Leopard, Lion & Lioness
    -Details: A territory for animal hunters to prosper in the thrill of the hunt.

    -Description: The "ultimate" biome. A place hard to explore, but not altogether impossible. The area is extremely HOT, and hellish beasts haunt the place. However, several treasures and rare items can only be found here.
    -Flora: Hell vine
    -Fauna: Demons, Hell Hounds
    -Details: Hell Stone can be harvested and used for decoration or crafting, has demonic strongholds with powerful foes and rewards.

    -Description: Small bodies of water that are found scattered thought the terrain in an uncommon to rare rate. Pounds are good water supplies for consumption and canteen refilling, but now very good sources of water, as they will dry quickly.
    -Flora: Weeds (if planted)
    -Fauna: Fish (if there are plants)
    -Details: Rarely, some of them could act as hot springs, providing warm for those that dive in them

    -Not truly a biome because they can be found just about in any other biome, however they do affect the landscape of the world so it is included here.
    -Ruins are basically random structures that can be found in the world in random locations. These could be made of any number or types of blocks adn construction elements and found anywhere in the world.
    -Additionally, enemy mobs (skeletons, giant scorpions, bandits, mummies, trolls, ogres, demons, etc…), dangerous traps, and exclusive treasures might be found in SOME of the ruins.
    Types of ruins include, but are not exclusive to: abandoned houses, collapsed towers, sunken ships, underwater ruins, crashed airplane, abandoned/collapsed mines, crashed alien spaceships, old castles, ancient temples and pyramids, etc…

    Possible Future Biomes:

    -Description: An expanse of land with diverse flora and fauna, characterized by the humidity of the atmosphere. Storms are more common here, but cold is rarely felt due to the heat, which makes this place a breeding ground for insects.
    -Flora: Many common plants, Vine Trees (swing from the vines), Bananas, Lillypads, Rubber Tree…
    -Fauna: Insect Flocks, Monkeys, Panthers, Big Leeches, Frogs, etc…
    -Details: A place of danger and mystery with several hidden ancient buildings and constructs.

    -Description: A territory that is even more humid and hotter than a jungle where even more insects prosper as well as large reptiles. The difference is most noticeable because of the large territories filled with muddy water where dangerous animals camouflage themselves.
    -Flora: Vine Trees, other trees, fallen logs, Giant Lillipads…
    -Fauna: insect flocks, Gators, piranhas, snakes, big leeches…
    -Details: A dangerous place to explore with many hidden predators.

    -Description: A dangerous biome within a mountain that has evolved from an eruption of magma. Within the mountain there are veins of lava that are only crossable by building bridges. The intense heat makes it a hard place to explore, but rare resources found here can be used to craft better tools and armor.
    -Flora: None
    -Fauna: Demons, Fire golem???
    -Details: A place to get resources for better tools and armor, create Obsidian.

    -Description: An expense of infertile land, usually stone, where no plants could possibly live. Nothing can be found here except the stone, but the place could become luscious with great care. Sometimes, bones appear in this place, which can be picked and moved to use as creepy decorations.
    -Flora: None
    -Fauna: Vultures
    -Details: Nothing here, but can be transformed more easily into another Biome. Possibility of finding bones and skulls when explored.

    -Description: An open space high in the air, nearly impossible to reach with normal means, only by crafting a plane or jetpack. Higher heights cause temperature to drop drastically, especially above cold areas. Rain clouds can be seen readying to pour rain below.
    -Flora: None.
    -Fauna: Birds
    -Details: Place to hunt birds with ranged weapons and find floating islands(?).

    -Description: another "ultimate" biome. No oxygen whatsoever as well as extreme cold. Only a couple of meteorites and star dust can be found in this region.
    -Flora: None
    -Fauna: Alien?
    -Details: Can find meteors and star dust.

    House Plants: These can be found in several locations and can be taken to decorate homes. Not really exclusive to Biomes, but different plants/flowers spawn at different locations. (roses, tulips, moonflowers, lotuses, etc…). Cross-breed to creat new varieties (ala Junk Jack)

    -Similarly to Ruins, it is not truly a biome, but affects the landscape and therefore is mentioned here.
    -Villages resolve the basic concept of NPC (Non Playable Characters). It is basically a place that spawns in the world, typically a small town, and were NPCs are found. You interract with them to: Trade, get quests, hire for tasks(?), etc…
    Extra: Several types of setlements, depending on biome: Medieval villages, nords, tikis (at islands), african and american natives, etc... as well as fantasy ones (elves, dwarves, kemonomimi, etc)


    Footnote: mythical beasts, good as bosses or used in quests:

    Dragons-> vary rare in the world, it flies around the sky. Very powerful. Killing one is a phenomical achievement and gives some Dragon Scales.

    Kraken-> huge monster of the deep sea. Spawns deep underwater and attacks ships that swim overhead as well as swimmers. (May cause too much difficulty traversing the world due to the challange of fighting them deep underwater…)

    Unicorn-> ridable creature faster than a horse. May have magical properties in its horn?

    Pegasus-> ridable creature capable of flight.

    Alicorn-> both unicorn and Pegasus.

    Phoenix-> is born from great flames of large sizes, usually volcanoes. Drops feathers, embers, and ashes. Ashes can be moved to another location. Baby Phoenix is born from the ashes. Watching a baby phoenix be born from ashes grants an achievement.

    Mermaids-> found deep below water, moves really fast in water, drops mermaid tears (powerful healing item) and treasures. Drinking Mermaid Tears grants an achievement. Mermaids run away on sight.

    Golems-> constructs of stone or similar types which protect the playes or the property of whoever built them. Or mobs that exist in caves.

    Aliens(?)-> foes found in space or at UFOs crash sites.

    Dinosaurs-> hidden away in lost valleys deep underground, or at special ruins(?)

    That is it. If you have more ideas, please feel free to contribute.