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    The standalone download should work now, but I'm glad to hear you already managed to fix the issue ^^

    Does than mean you want to get notified if the player is digging, or do you want to modify the terrain through the API? If you want to get an event, the PlayerDestroyTerrainEvent is probably what you're looking for :)

    However, modifying the world through the API isn't possible yet, unfortunately that didn't make it into this update... but the World class will get some methods for that with one of the next updates ;)

    Sorry for late response. I meant it as in: Can i make a cube(or cow) dig holes in the ground, like players do? and what should I use for that?
    I am asking to if its possible to make a plugin for a sandworm.

    Thank you! :-)

    Edit: It works! :-)

    Another hotfix ( is available now btw, it fixes some smaller issues. It's also necessary to update multiplayer servers for this hotfix :)

    Hotfix (2023-03-02):

    • [Change] Improved back slots in furnace (it's now easier to place ores there)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed spinning wheel breaking sporadically for no apparent reason
    • [Bugfix] Fixed "Adapt to World Element" function not working correctly
    • [Bugfix] Fixed error when trying to spawn the arctic fox
    • [Bugfix] Fixed grid not working properly for blueprints
    • [Bugfix] Fixed blueprints sometimes having a weird offset
    • [Bugfix] Fixed error when entering domain names into the "Connect to IP" field

    Thank you!

    Oh. Well nevermind then. I live in Romania. Maybe that's why.

    Thanks. After validation, I seem to be missing some files or they are currupted. And I wanted to ask for a while. Why is the standalone launcher's download speed capped at 2.2 MBps? Is there any way to increase it?

    Thanks for your feedback so far! :) :thumbup:

    Hmm... it looks like the Standalone is unable to query the latest version from Steam :thinking: We'll update the standalone manually, this may take a while unfortunately... sorry for the inconvenience!

    That's not a problem. I was just wandering why I couldn't do it. I'll be patient.

    Yeah, unfortunately this is still an issue which happens at certain elevations :thinking: It's on our to-do list :saint:

    Oh, thanks for letting me know! :wat: I will fix that immediately :D

    We were just uploading an update, unfortunately downloads don't work during that time.. maybe we should show a more appropriate message there :D However, it should work now :)


    Also there is another thing I wanted to point out. I don't know if this bug was fixed yet, but sometimes when I mine, certain areas(or faces) of the terrain mesh don't get deformed no matter how much I dig.