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    Thanks Ludy. The previous version of the wheel is available as a separate piece in the previous version of the set, and this one will be available when the overhaul will be ready.

    I started a complete overhaul of this set of blueprints, wanting to try the local texture alignment introduced in the last version. Wood textures are better oriented, allowing a much better result who convice me to redo this from the start. You will find the first attempt in the attachments.

    The air draft is roughly 7-8 blocks. The total length is almost 9 blocks and the width (including sails) is around 7 blocks ^^

    But please bear in mind that this may still change a bit. Also, there will be bigger vessels in the future :D

    Thanks for the info and your good work on this game. Its a good new: all bridges I have made on Medieval realms are at the right size and most have some extra space for bigger vessel :).

    Yes and I only see wolves. But it's fine, still excite to hear there's been development!

    Maybe it's the scrolling then, unlike most websites you need to scroll horizontally and not vertically.

    red51 Its really nice to see the progress on the game :).

    A question about the dhows: What is the width and the air draft ? It's better to anticipate to build bridges at the good size.

    This tower windmill is a lightly modified version of one I have build on Medieval realms server (coord: 6850 4350). Its aligned to the grid. The red base is here to spot the floor level when you place it, and should be erased after. You should place the grinder yourself at the obvious place.

    I think it's a feature, not a bug.

    This two missing points help a lot to make an arch like the one in the screenshot. If they are three points, and not only the middle one on top, it will lead to a lot more mistakes when we place blocks on top of a triangle to make an arch. This two points left are the condition to make efficiently an quickly an arch with this method.

    I hope that will stay like it is now.

    Another minor issue.

    On Medieval realm, thanks to Yahwho we sometime have snow on temperate biomes. However, the snow shader might need a slight adjustment: At the water's edge, the snow limit is too close to the water. IRL, waves create a snowless zone just above the water.

    The point here is not to debate about last update bugs or ask new big features, but more to point out some simple noticeable things who can enhance the quality of the game.

    So, that's the list of things I have noticed:

    • The seat arrow is not visible in blueprints. The "Seat" object, used to make custom chair and bench, have a green arrow to materialize its orientation when you place it. However, if you include it in a blueprint, the arrow is not visible when you try to place the blueprint. It will be better if we can see it in this situation.
    • Paint tool and color choice on workbench sometime don't give the exact same result. When you craft a block on workbench with some color (eg. #CFBF9F), the result will be a block with this color, but if you paint a block with the same color, you can obtain a block with a very close color (eg. #CFBF9E).
    • Two useful block shapes are missing:
      • "Rounded cylinder". I often use the rounded blocks to make some noticeable stones in building (corners, arches...), but it some case I need a rounded one (gothic arch, central pillar of a helical stair...).
      • "Slope half corner (inverse)". It can be useful to make diagonal slope in alternation with regular "Slope half corner" (one triangle point up, the other down).
    • Wild animals seem to be immortals. Of course, They can suffer a violent death, but never a natural death after some time. On long term server that cause accumulation of animals in some points and blocks the renewal of the population. It will be better if wild animals can die sometime without a player intervention to ensure a better repartition and respawn of the fauna.
    • We can ride a horse at full speed with a broken leg (without splint). It may not be necessary to completely remove this possibility, but some adjustments can be a good idea (necessity to use a splint and/or remove the ability to sprint).

    Hmm... unfortunately I couldn't reproduce this issue... the code also looks correct to me :thinking: Just make sure to not confuse the default values for these commands: For surfacescale, the default value is 1 1 1 (a scale of 1), while for surfaceoffset, it's 0 0 0 (an offset of 0 blocks) ;)

    Sorry, I have made more test and your right, the two commands work well. However, there is a problem which caused the confusion: "Surface scale" and "offset" are inverted at the left side of the HUD.

    Thank a lot Red for the detailed explanation, it's very helpfull. Thank also for the command in the next update, it will be greatly appreciated :)

    Last small question: How many digits after the decimal point are taken into account in the parameters? 4? I do calculations to obtain the values of some parameters, this is to determine the correct rounding.

    Thx Avanar for the answer, but its not that. Maybe with a screenshot it will be more clear.

    With the "/size" command (in console) you have a fine control on the "size" parameter. I seach a console command who did the same for the "surface scale" and "surface offset" parameter. Actually, the only way to have some control on this two parameters is the arrows keys. It's work well on "surface offset" (if you use "/setl" command), but not on "surface scale", because this parameter is stuck on the grid when you use the arrows keys.

    Thanks Boing for the resources that you provide, that's helpful. You are right, the brake system and the drawbar need to be in focus for the next update.

    If you have more documentation, I always appreciate it. I have no wood cart at my disposal to check all the details ;)