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    Ok so my friend has a mac and some reason its DEAD slow, just wondering if you have a mac and yours runs fine can you please help out!

    loving this idea! ill be interested in playing! would be good to see if some how could be a money system! that would be cool

    i have finally got my private server working, if you would like to join please ask in the comment section below, a friend and i we like building and playing legit planning on building a server later on so we will be working on a spawn build and a modern city/town if you love building this server will be a good choice for you

    sent to inbox :) <> dont think it sent to you, but here

    thanks so much! :D also my friend with mac version had all low settings was running fine, then she went fullscreen and i helped her follow steps just deleted the folder and installed it again so it all works but for some reason her settings are on low again and since deleting that file its really slow again even though settings are on low was fine before deleting that file.

    now i cant join servers at all even though i couldnt join :P are they outdated still?

    @red51 now it should be fixed would you be able to join my private server to test if it works now? :)

    ok just tried joining someones server that is not highlighted red so im able to join.. and it just closes my game down <>

    ok so im on a pc and i can do the command ` mark and F2 for fly, my friend on a mac presses F2 and doesnt allowed her to fly... pressing ` doesnt even open console for her

    dont know why but i click multiplayer servers and people are playing on them and i cant join any of them but others can :/

    is there any american hosting dedicated servers that are up for rent?


    The issue is being looked into now - as I am connecting to your server, but the client still tells me it cannot connect, even though a connection was successful.

    Doing some bug-testing with red now.

    ok sweet! :D

    reply done try join