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A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!

    I kind of agree with you. I love the water update and cannot wait for it to be dynamic. I love building and exploring. However with other survival games out there I find myself gravitating to them to get that sense of excitement and adventure from dungeons and monsters.

    Actually I hate Minecraft Vanilla. A friend bought me the game back when it was still in alpha. The only way I could play the game was with mods. It was neat what it was trying to accomplish but I got bored of the block style and I hate Notch with a passion that can only be described as a power of a thousands suns. I played it cause my friends played it and then wanted to move on to things similar in the building/survival. I became addicted to survival games and have a maaaaaasive love for Terraria. Zombies are cool and all but I started becoming more people due to the early access developers taking a dump on peoples faces. That's what gave me major appeal with Rising World. My boyfriend pointed it out to me one day and immediately I started my research. The game seemed neat and for the price it was worth to try. I was not disappointed at the beginning. There were some flaws, but having the developer actually communicate and put in requests is much more than alot of these Early Access games. (Looking at you Landmark that I was so excited for) It only left me wanting more.

    I think this is an awesome idea and maybe there can be a variety of different colors for the crystals. They can be biome or layered based, or a mix of both.

    Almost 1 month later and still no water update, what a game.

    What an asshole thing to say. I assume you are one of those people that do not read other posts that talk about such things so you flap your mouth like your are entitled. It would have been far more accepting if you had phrased that better or not at all. He doesn't have an estimated time when he does his updates. This has been stated and is a fact since this is an Early Access game. As long as the updates come and he doesn't drop the title like so many other Early Access game titles that is all I really care about. I have said that I have been playing other games until I get the water update because it is understandable that some people want certain features before they can truly enjoy a game.

    If you honestly have an issue like this with Rising World. Perhaps you are better off playing something else so you do not spread such negativity.

    I play mainly on Single Player right now, plus The Division has sucked in my soul in regards to where I spend my time as of late.

    OMG YEEEEESSSSS. The update I have been waiting for! Sucks that its static but we have to start somewhere. The textures for it look incredible red51. I supposed things like waterfalls and rivers will be released when the water is no longer static?

    I like the Landmark's building system for sure.Right now,a GOOD video card can run RW on ultra details,4K resolution and view BUT ALSO detail distance 50 chunks.I am not sure If Red will develop a system like that.Just worrying that If a construction system like that drains fps and you wont be able to see the city you built but only 10 chunks away,that would personally be pretty disappointing.Besides,in Landmark,you can create awesome and smooth detail just in your plot.Not all over the world and edit anything you see.Dont get me wrong though.I like that building system a lot.

    I agree. In a previous thread, I mentioned Landmark as being a pinnacle of building. Since Landmark is pretty much dead and the new developers were kinda sucky it is disappointing. There is also an other game that has cropped up on steam that has a pretty damn good building system that almost rivals Landmark. It is called Astral Terra : Adventures of the Realms and it has quite a bit of similarities to Landmark.

    I was hoping it would be the implementation of water, but since I recall red said a couple more updates for until water, I am hoping it is character models and customization. It will give me something to mess around with thats for sure! I have been holding off on majorly playing the game until we get water.

    Honestly I do not mind a world breaking if it means fixing the problems that are occurring. I have gotten into the thought line that with games like Rising World it is going to happen. What makes Rising World amazing though is blueprints which allow me to save my stuff to place into a new world so I am never bitter about a world purge.

    This is an awesome Xmas present red51! I am so excited to try this out and look forward to more biomes (and of course water) in the future! The textures look nice and the snowy landscape is beautiful. Thank you for putting in all of your hard work into releasing this the way that you did as I am sure it wasn't easy.

    I am an avid Cabin lover. I built so many different styles of them in Minecraft. I agree with you guys that there should be a way to make log cabins in the game.