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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)

    I am using the following command line to download the serverfiles(debian jessie):
    wget -O ~/newserver.tar ""
    The "-O" should do the magic thing .. saving the connected link data into newserver.tar file.

    There may be other types of archieves but at the moment those tar archieves works well enough.

    You could use a script like(maybe it works ONLY using debian jessie):

    wget -O ~/newserver.tar ""
    cmp ~/newserver.tar ~/download/newserver.tar
    if [ $RETVAL -eq 0 ]; then
    echo -e "No Update.."
    echo -e "Update found!"
    (here your code for stopping the game and extracting all files (except server.properies :D ), copying them to their proper position and restarting the gameserver again)

    I still use the mc (midnightcommander) to extract and copy the files manually.. IF I ever have plenty of time.. i would like to rewrite the script for automatism :)

    Just for your info:
    Using Debian is sometimes.. different, as "they" keep older stable versions,
    so an ordinary apt-cache search openjdk will never show you a newer version..

    1) add the following line at the end of /etc/apt/sources.list
    deb jessie-backports main
    Be warned.. from this moment on your system will accept BACKPORTS! (not backdoors :) )
    2) run apt-get update
    3) run apt-get install openjdk-8-jre-headless
    (headless means WITHOUT GUI, so much smaller)

    A quick apt-get remove openjdk-7-jre-headless removes the "old" java7.

    This changed my system to:


    openjdk version "1.8.0_66-internal"
    OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_66-internal-b17)
    OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.66-b17, mixed mode)

    But alas! When I tried to start rising world there appeared even more errors in the log file!!
    After a reboot everything went back working fine :)

    Thanks to…tes:-jessie-and-openjdk-8

    The same error happens since the latest update (,

    however, a quick check (java -version) showed:


    java version "1.7.0_91"
    OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.6.3) (7u91-2.6.3-1~deb8u1)
    OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.91-b01, mixed mode)

    Just to get this right: the support of java7 has ended with the latest update, therefore to get the servers back online I HAVE to install java8?

    Hi folks,

    A big update is available! This update greatly improves the visuals, especially since all trees and plants have been reworked, and most textures have been replaced. In addition, we did some major improvements to all existing sounds, and also added ingame music! Those changes create an even denser atmosphere, and increase the immersion factor.
    Also note: The new changes are still work-in-progress. Expect another update within the next days. Feel free to leave some feedback and let us know what you think ;)


    • [New] Itemstacks can now be splitted in your inventory by using your mousewheel while dragging
    • [New] Object placement keybindings can now be changed in the settings
    • [New] Added options to adjust volume of different audiogroups (e.g. ambience, animals, footsteps etc) individually
    • [New] Added different light colors (green, blue, yellow, orange, white) for red lamp model (lamp1)
    • [New] Added warning when your inventory is full while digging
    • [New] New Lua functions: "player:setCreativeModeEnabled(set)" to enable creative mode, "player:slap(damage)" to hurt a player and "player:playSound(soundname, position)" to play a sound for a player
    • [Change] Game takes less time to start now
    • [Change] When changing the resolution, you have to confirm a dialog within 15 seconds
    • [Change] Game now automatically selects another fullscreenmode if current mode is not supported
    • [Change] If an error occurs, the game provides more useful information now
    • [Change] Improved settings menu, added reminder to save changes and appropriate option to revert changes
    • [Change] Adjusted loadingscreen for certain resolutions/aspect ratios
    • [Change] Replaced logo on gamestart
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue when too many objects were placed in the same chunk
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong fog calculation in LOD chunks
    • [Bugfix] Piano sound is no longer audible over large distances (multiplayer)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue that prevented a multiplayer server from loading Lua scripts in some cases
    • [Bugfix] Game no longer crashes when no audio device is connected
    • [Bugfix] Fixed error when removing a WorldElement (e.g. 3DText) via Lua

    I asked once for the possibility of using SLAP and playing sounds at some players in those scripts.. and you had them already implemented in the latest update?
    Incredible ;)
    Thank you!!

    One or two things I would like to be fixed someday..
    While playing those piano.. pressing the "ö" key opens the console(is this intentional??) the ^/° key should be enough..
    Blue lamps(those former red one) spreads still RED light. In spite of the colour of the bulb..(blue or yellow.. still makes a red shine)

    When I go to Yahgiggle Server his has the IP, Server name, what type of game it is etc scrolling thru the page where servers are listed. Mine just has the server name.

    Well, thats a little confusing, but isnt he describing the ingame server list?

    Well not sure if banner is the right name but. When I go to Yahgiggle Server his has the IP, Server name, what type of game it is etc scrolling thru the page where servers are listed. Mine just has the server name.

    Thats because he ADDED all the stuff in the server name.
    I err.. sorry.. dont like those scrolling stuff.. makes me nervous :)

    Sounds which are callable from the scripting API are planned :) In the future, it's also our intention to play custom sounds.

    Basically the same as the "slap" function in the rcon tool? Maybe that's not a bad idea, we will add it ;)

    Currently that's unfortunately not possible, but also on our todo list^^

    Custom sounds
    If we someday would be able to add new.. tools the addition of server side sounds.. would be nice(not easy to implement as the sound file has to be transmitted to the clients..)
    For the moment I would be very pleased if we could get access to play sounds(already given in the game, serverside) at the targeted player position.

    SLAP command
    Thank you, you really saved my day!
    (I knew I had used this command SOMEWHERE but I was unable to remember where. Im not insane, at least not YET ;) )

    changing gamemode ingame
    Again thank you.. i was just looking around in the code to find something to get this done..
    Your information stops me spending time ;)

    Actually, I have found this to be better :)

    It took some minutes to get those building done.. and after a quick look over it: jay!
    Thats a nice thingy to look for *new* functions.. still useful in spite of those "obfuscation"..
    Until they reveal the updated api it will do :)

    Yes, if I was one of those poor people(with special keyboards -.-) I would get a "spare" keyboard attached.. and even if it is for just this one purpose :)

    But nevertheless.. some people would like to use the creative mode.. and if they are dum* err.. not able to find the proper keystrokes on their machines..
    I would really like to use a "straight" command to change their gamemode for them.
    If i found a solution using scripts(have FINALLY found a 0.5.3 API ) I will show it up here.

    Wenn die Spawnposition durch einmaliges Schlafen in einem Bett "gespeichert" wird..
    könnte man da nicht ein /home Befehl einsetzen, der das gleiche macht, wie in der Console goto #spawn ?

    Alles was mir dafür fehlt.. ist das Wissen um den eigentlichen Befehl..
    Wo kann man noch etwas wie die "API" finden?

    setPlayerPostition(getPlayerSpawnPositon) ??

    if cmd[1] == "/home" then
    local target;
    Das ist eine VERMUTUNG, kein lauffähiges Beispiel, sorry.

    -- Zusätzliche Rundungsfunktion
    -- schneidet Nachkommastellen ab und stellt die Werte somit nicht so "zappelnd" dar
    function round(x)
    return x>=0 and math.floor(x+0.5) or math.ceil(x-0.5)

    -- Ersetzt innerhalb von Function onPlayerChangePosition(event) die ursprüngliche Zeile:
    labelAltimeter:setText(round(playerPos.x) .. "/" .. round(playerPos.y) .. "/" .. round(playerPos.x)); -- Hier kann der Text angepasst werden

    -- Änderungen in Function OnPlayerConnect(event)
    -- setY auf 0.01 (anstelle von 0.10) stellt die Werte gaaanz unten dar (0.95 entsprechend am OBEREN Bildrand)
    -- setX auf 0.5 "fast" mittig zentriert
    Das hier sind nur ÄNDERUNGEN an dem im ersten Post angegebenem Script. Alleine wird das wohl nicht laufen :D

    Wozu ist denn die "pivot" Einstellung gut?
    0 = unformatiert, 1=links, 2= rechtsbündig?
    Beantworte ich mir das mal selber, wo ich darüber gestolpert bin: forumbeitrag
    Mal wieder vergessen: Danke TutMeistensNix dafür, das ich wieder mal eines deiner Skripte zu Lernzwecken verwursten darf :) wakeup players
    I am not after playing custom sounds.
    It would be enough to "wake" players up to let them watch the chat :D
    A jingle played using the piano sounds would be awesome.
    Like "Tadaaaa.." Server restart is imminent ;)

    Punching players.. to wake them up
    Like hitting them using scripts to produce the punch "ouch" sound.
    Even the moaning stomach will be fine to get their attention
    Question.. what would be the proper command to produce an "impact" on a given player?

    SETGAMETYPE changes of other players without being able to open the console
    Some players reported they were unable to open the console(for using setgametype 1).
    Must be strange laptops.. -.-

    Even with hints like \ or PIPE+\ or those key below the ESC key.. nothing helped.
    Is there a command in lua like target.player.setgamemode=1 or so?
    Then i could add a command like /sgm <player> 1 ..

    Even better.. if the wiki would be accessible to all of us.. and if there would be a link to all the possible "lua-commands" like get.player.pos (or whatever).

    world = getWorld();
    function onEnable()
    print("something loaded successfully!");
    function onPlayerCommand(event)
    local cmd = StringUtils:explode(event.command, " ");
    cmd[1] = string.lower(cmd[1])
    if cmd[1] == "/plant" then
    if cmd[2] then
    if tonumber(cmd[2]) == nil then
    event.player:sendTextMessage("[#FF0000]usage: /plant <type> where type is a NUMBER from 1 to 41")
    if tonumber(cmd[2]) < 1 or tonumber(cmd[2]) > 41 then
    event.player:sendTextMessage("[#FF0000]<type> " .. cmd[2] .. " is invalid, use 1 up to 41")
    if event.player:isAdmin() then
    world:placeVegetation(event.player:getPosition(), 0, cmd[2]);
    event.player:sendTextMessage("[#FF0000]Command restricted to admins, sorry.")
    event.player:sendTextMessage("[#FF0000]usage: /plant <type> where type goes from 1 to 41");
    event.player:sendTextMessage("[#00FF00]Trees: 1..7, 28..31")
    addEvent("PlayerCommand", onPlayerCommand);
    Dies ist nichts weiter als eine Erweiterung von dem test.script von red51 frage :tannen setzlinge wachstum

    Sicher ist es schrecklich geschrieben, aber LUA ist wirklich neu für mich..
    Das Ursprungsskript setzte nur einen Baum an die Position des Spielers.
    Hiermit kann man auch andere Pflanzen .. pflanzen.

    Nach dem Posten habe ich auch das Blumenskript gefunden, das viel mehr erlaubt und auch die Pflanzen auflistet Simples Pflanzen Script
    Aber hey, viele Wege führen nach Rom :)

    Die Neuerungen siehst du in den Changelogs. Am besten eine eigene Liste anlegen und immer wieder ergänzen. (Meltron hat da eine sehr gute Cheatliste angelegt, die
    Neuerungen halt einfach ergänzen). :D

    Genau da bin ich ja über die beiden neuen Consolenbefehle gestolpert..
    Eine schöne Liste(zwar "nur" item ids) habe ich endlich bei Steam gefunden, von einem gewissen Meltron :thumbsup:

    Auch wenn es "nur" eine Alpha ist wird es wirklich langsam mal Zeit, das die Befehle hier im Forum angepinnt werden..
    Es ist sehr störend, wenn man z.B. nur durch Zufall auf neue Befehle wie setr/setc stösst..

    Zusätzlich zur Auflistung der Consolen-Befehle wäre ein Hinweis auf Beschränkungen nett, z.B. nur für Admins, bzw. nur durch Freischaltung in der Config, etc.

    Infos zum "item" Befehl muss man sich erst mühsam aus verschiedenen Quellen heraussuchen..
    Oder kennt jemand zufälligerweise den korrekten Befehl für die verschiedenen Baum-Setzlinge?
    Wäre doch viel einfacher, wenn das hier vom "Hersteller" an einem Ort gesammelt würde..

    Schönes Spiel, wenn auch die riesige Vielfalt an Blockmustern mich total überfordert ;)
    Da kann man sich ja kaum entscheiden, welches man nehmen soll :D

    The script works still fine(in spite of not having been updated for a loong time ;) )
    but on the downside the now working melting furnaces are not protected.
    Any people can take stuff out of the furnace..

    Today I was unable to get to the main screen of Rising world.
    Instead a window was shown:
    "Errorcode 102, please try again later"
    I got the game by steam, so there is a file called info (just a lonely "#" sign in those file).
    Repaired the vcredist as suggested, started Rising World but error still exists.