I am about ready to quit Nights are to long!!!!

    We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

    • I am about ready to quit Nights are to long!!!!

      At this moment i am so frustrated and I image many others have had this same problem. I cut down my first tree and night hit. I could not see the tree i had just cut down. Somehow i also dropped my stone axe. I waited until night was over (i could do nothing until light) the tree and my axe were gone. some one gave me a new axe and suddenly night again. Night time last forever and day is short. if we could have at least some sight at night time so we can see a little bit at least and/or at least cut down night time to a lot shorter time. If it continues like this i will not be around long and I love everything else about the game. I understand there is a lot to improve but the length of night is a killer.
    • The default game time speed is 1.75 which means that 1 in-game minute takes 1.75 real-life seconds. Night starts at about 2200 and ends at around 0800 i.e. about 10 in-game hours thus about 17.5 real-life minutes.

      On the other hand day lasts the remaining 14 hours i.e. 24.5 real-life minutes.

      If you don't want night you can use the console, opens with the `/~ key next to 1 and below Esc, and type in "tod 8" (without quotes) to make it 0800 instantly, ofc you can use any number between 0 and 23 to set the time.

      Additionally by pressing the L key you can turn on the debug light mode so you can see around you at any time of day.

      PS: you pressed Q by accident and dropped your stone axe.
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