world save issue

  • world save issue

    Hi rising world forum

    I have a problem I went back to an old world from playing over a month ago and it didnt save my building or anything that i altered?

    It went to what I had created piror to that if this makes any sense. I took screenshots of the buildings to just show off a little . quit like usaul and it normally saves by it self right? well over a month has passed and go back to it to find the early stages of my creations. ;(

    Any help would be great? :thumbsup:

    Haven't come across this issue before.

    In the mean time ill be rebuilding and gathering
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    Hmm... if the game is unable to save the world, this usually indicates that another program prevented it from accessing the hard drive properly. Although there should be a message in the chat in this happens...
    Do you use the Steam version of the game? If cloud save is enabled, maybe Steam did somehow overwrite the world data? Maybe Steam didn't recognize the changes you've made on your world. Do you play the game on multiple machines?