How to build an angled roof and fill in that triangle space we all hate :)

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  • Building an angled roof and filling in the gap.

    I am no expert with this game and have had the same problem as many new players do with building an angled roof and then filling in the gap so here is what I have come up with so far and I hope it helps. Do the following and for tutorial purposes do it this way so you can follow it.

    - build a 6x6 foundation in concrete so you can see the grid when you need to.

    - take a beam of your choice and shorten it so you won't need scaffolding to build the roof.

    - Turn on the grid and size it to the second highest setting and place a beam on 2 of the corners for this demo .

    - now with another beam in hand (you may want to lengthen it a bit so when you place the second beam to form the roof the 2 beams will cross at the top) go over to one of the vertical beams you just placed and cause an " L " shape to form as you position the beam like in Picture #1. When you have achieved this hit the CTRL key which will lock it into place.
    - Now move closer to that corner so you can see better and using the arrow keys and the pageUp and pageDown keys you can move this beam forward and downward to form a nice corner like in picture #2.

    - Repeat this procedure for the second corner so you have what I have in picture #3.

    - Now take another beam and size it so it fills the distance between the 2 vertical beams, when you have done this line that beam up nicely and when your happy with it hit CTRL to lock it into place. Now you can slide this beam up so it forms the dreaded triangle we have to fill. This is shown in picture #4 and #5.

    - Now to fill in the Triangle space. take a wood plank and narrow it so it is similar to the width of what a 2x4 width would look like. The reason for this is we are going to hide the ends of these planks into the sloped beams that form the roof angle. Now position this plank at the bottom of the triangle and resize the length of the blank so it is shorter than the distance between the 2 sloped planks that form the roof. When you are happy with it hit the CTRL key to lock it into place.

    - now you can slide this plank to the left or right (whatever you prefer) and hide one end in the sloped beam and when your happy right click to place the beam.
    Because you have the CTRL key on you can simply slide a new plank out of the old one and fill in the gap on the opposite side. When you have done this, simply use the pageUp key to move a new beam up from the old one, slide that one to the side as you did the first one and hide the end into the sloped beam. Rinse and repeat all the way up to the top until the gap is closed.
    I may have not explained that as well as I could but perhaps someone will understand what I wrote and with the pictures I have provided you will get the idea. Of course Rising World Staff could make this placement thing automatic instead of having to do all this crap, but l love the game anyways. Hope this helps.

    P.S. If someone knows of a better way of doing this I am ALL ears, send me a link to your video or description and I will be happy to check it out. I love easy! ?(

  • I made some quick pictures, hope they help a little bit. Need more time to make video or guide.
    First be aware that the opponent parts have the same position against each other.
    I used "setr 45" to show it. An easier way is to use ramps and arrange your woodbeam over the ramps with setr 45 also.
    So you have the correct height and you can fill the gaps with ramps too. Later you put your roof tiles on the top.
    Last picture is from my building, still under construction, so I don't know what I'm going to do with the house.
    I used a roof pitch of 55°, the second roof pitch is 45°.

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