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    I'm using a good gaming computer with high speed internet, but the demo is completely unplayable for me due to lag and extreme blurring every time I move my head. When I hold still, the scenery is beautiful, but I'm getting worried that I'll no longer be able to play this game at all once the new version is the only one available. This is the only game that I'm having this issue with.

    Also...are we supposed to be able to access our inventory in the demo? Or craft anything at all, such as a workbench or a campfire? If so, I'm unclear how to access them in this version.

    I will report him on here for falsely accusing me of 'harassment;'.

    You can't report someone for accusing you of harassment if they did it privately, only if they publicly declared it. But possibly they found you confrontational when the Admin was trying to tell you something? Or did you do anything that irritated other players and made them feel harassed, possibly in chats? I've had players deliberately mine from the side to enter my tunnels, fly into my settlement's locked areas, take a horse that I had dismounted just long enough to get a drink, "jokingly" follow me around on a PvE hitting me with a sword constantly, grab up every single resource in an area so that players with new settlements had to move on, and so on. Any of these might be considered harassment by some Admins, even though none is strictly against the rules of the game overall. But if it makes other players' gaming a bummer so that they want to move on, it could be considered harassment. It's not very likely that the Admin randomly banned you. Maybe instead of threatening to report them, try to find out what bothered them enough to ban you, and then stop doing that. Just trying to help you understand, so I hope you take it that way.

    As long as they remain free. Part of the cool thing about Rising World is that players freely share blueprints.

    It would be great if you could make the archer bandits a separate category for Admins to configure. I'd just keep them off my server, since they can kill from really far away. Tonight I was on a server where it's really hard to find things, finally got mats for a saddle, got a horse, and immediately it got killed by an archer bandit that just barely rendered. The archer was still way too far away for me to defend myself, and it killed my horse in one arrow. :-( So if we could configure them out, that would suit me for my own server.

    PS - Almost every time I've gotten killed, it's been by archers, btw. Lol

    in the main game or server folder there should be a permissions folder

    I have opened literally every single folder in my Rising World game folder, including every subfolder, and can't find anything called permissions. Where would I find it?

    EDIT: I figured it out. I didn't know there was a Rising World Dedicated server that I needed to be able to use this. My apologies. I'm just learning.

    the permissions/groups folder has the files in it.

    Okay, that's the problem. I don't have any permissions/groups folder. I did a search and can't find it hidden anywhere either. Where is this supposed to come from?

    The download zip contained:
    assets (folder)

    The assets folder contained:

    I also did a search through the Rising World root folder, and there was nothing with the words permissions or groups.

    The ranks are the names of the permission groups the server is running

    Yes, I understand. But what permissions go with each group? Where can we see it or change it?
    I play on one server where players can fly after 5 days. I wouldn't want to give my players that, because then they just fly through the earth and get all the dungeon loot without much risk. Is there a way to see the permissions for each rank and edit them?

    Is there a list somewhere of what powers players will have at the different rankings? I'm seeing Rank1, Rank2, Rank3 but not how to determine what those ranks give players.
    I'm also not seeing a ranklist.txt Where would I find that?

    A modern stove I made for one of my worlds. I thought I'd share in case anyone else wants one. It's fully functional and can cook your meats!

    I used this blueprint, but there is no campfire inside to cook food on. Are we supposed to make our own and put the oven over it? If so, does the fireplace need to be on blocks?