Player unable to access inventory/eat/craft

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  • Player unable to access inventory/eat/craft

    Hello All,

    Hoping someone here knows the answer to this conundrum. My co-admin and I have been working for the past days to try to resolve an issue one of our players are having on our server. She logs in and cannot access her inventory, eat any food, or use any tools. She can hold a tool in her hand, but when she attempts to use it, it just doesn't do anything. She can, however, store things in her chests--just not store or take from her own inventory on her person. This was not always the case, as she was able to play just fine prior to a few days ago. We have done a server restart since then and the issue still persists. My co-admin has combed through all the files and permissions on our server to try to find an error but there seems to be nothing appearing. Has anyone else come across a similar issue or have any ideas on what we can do to resolve this?
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  • if they can do everything in single player, then my guess would be internet connection. A bad or slow connection can cause very weird things to happen. I have Verizon wireless connection and every time the wind kicks up, all sorts of things start to happen, or should I say doesn't happen. It could be on the server side or player. If nobody else is having the problem, I would bet that they are having problems with there internet. As I said, I can't play on windy or rainy days myself.