Crosshair misaligned or Bandits hit detection broken (unsure which is the cause) bug

  • Whenever I use anything that makes use of the crosshair like the Crossbow for example, if I aim at a Bandit's torso, the arrow flies past or through him. This doesn't matter where I aim, the only way to reliably hit is if you aim a little to the left. If I aim at his right arm (from my view when he's coming towards me it's left), then it hits him exactly in the middle of the torso with the blood effect and grunt and everything. If I aim at his face it sometimes misses or barely hits his left shoulder (from my view when he's coming towards me it's right).

    So basically, I have to aim to the left to make it go straight, even if they're right in front of me. As stated, am not sure if the Bandits' hitboxes are broken or if the crosshair is misaligned somehow. This bug makes it rather tedious to fight them with ranged weaponry. Otherwise though, the Bandits are great and are an amazing part of the game, thanks so much for them! :)

  • Hmm... Basically the crossbow isn't the most accurate weapon, this means the arrow drifts slightly to the left or right (this is actually intended). So it really depends on the range. For example, at 5 meters, you shouldn't notice this inaccuracy, but at 50 meters, it's definitely noticeable.

    However, make sure to aim with the crossbow before shooting (right mouse button), otherwise there is a big inaccuracy. This is intended and applies to all ranged weapons ;)

  • Sir, I will be honest. I am not used to games that try to be realistic actually be THIS precise with the little things. I will try what you say and see what happens. There is no way in hell you paid THIS much attention to detail, I refuse to believe you! I am definitely gonna try this out and hope you're right! Thanks so much, will reply within a few days if it worked or not.

    EDIT: By the Semi-Automatic Rifle you have to partially aim downwards. While aiming with right mouse, shooting at an enemy within the circle reticule on the gun itself results in a miss and having to aim slightly downwards a few pixels. Is there maybe a guide somewhere denoting how to properly aim ranged weapons/what to orient yourself by or am I simply misunderstanding something here?

    However, the Crossbow now works like a charm since you told me how important it is to properly aim with right mouse button!

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