A status update and another preview video of the new version are now available!
  • in the new version will the ability to contour the land be better than the java version? I used to play a game called Landmark, in that game we were able to have finer control over shaping the land. So much so that we could make pretty good statues.

    We also had textures for ice. Think there were 5 or so ice textures. Some were opaque and others were solid. Some were in the blue range and others were pure white.

    I know your list for new version is quite long , but hope you can keep these in mind as well.

    Really looking forward to new version.

  • the statues that currently able to be made are no where near as good as those possible in landmark. The smoothing tool had a small area to it so you could really smooth some fine detail into a lump of stone. You can do some sculpting now but the creation has to be pretty large and even then the detail you put into it is quite limited

  • yes. Landmark was also voxel based game. But the basic voxel was much smaller than the voxel in RW. I think you could put 25 landmark vocals in the same area as one voxel in RW. I do understand this causes more computer power, but landmark was successfully made about 9 yrs ago with much weaker video cards and processing power. But even if the RW voxel was a quarter of its current size we would have a huge improvement in game. A lot fewer lumps and bumps in terrain, better adaption to foundations of buildings.

  • I am sure you are correct about the Bnp using up a lot of memory.

    Landmark was far better at letting player manipulate the terrain, BUT because of pnb RW if far superior to build in. I was just hoping that since game was being redone there might be a way to make a little improvement on the terrain side of things in RW.

    Love RW just want to see it the best it can be so it is successfull and I can continue building.

    Which reminds me. Another feature in landmark was that if the land was not claimed and protected it would heal back to it's original shape. I have been an admin on several servers and have spent a lot of time filling in random holes people dig throughout the world. It would be nice if a server could deside if it wanted the terrain to restore itself overtime. Would also come in handy if a player leaves a server you could delete claim protection and buildings and land would slowly restore itself.

    Also be nice if stumps would turn back to trees on unprotected land.

  • Oh yes the tech behind Landmark was great, it was a sort of prototype for Everquest Next but failed - i think it was because of missing gameplay content, it was just a sandbox game, no real story just something to build with very fine granularity. I played it myself a bit: https://steamcommunity.com/id/…er=myfiles&view=imagewall

    I think the main problem was, that it was made as a mmo and there was a to low playerbase to pay all the servers and developers as it was buy to play...

    Imagine RW would be an mmo where JIW has to pay all the servers to run a huge world for all with the current playerbase .... If Landmark had been a game like other current sandbox game it would have been survived - maybe

  • yes landmark had an unfortunate story. It started as a testing ground for sony because sony was trying to develop new tech for an ever quest 3. Unfortunately sony sold there games to daybreak. Daybreak was out for quick reliable money and did not want to spend time and money needed to make landmark a real game.

    Happily RW has a lot of the good stuff landmark had plus some extras. There are just a few odds and ends that landmark did have that would be nice to see come into RW in some form.

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