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    We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

    • Ryan's Blueprints

      ArcaneDesmond had an idea of us putting all of our blueprints in one thread. Some of us are opposed to that, and while I respect those opinions, I personally think Desmond's idea is awesome. Rather than having to recall the names of my individual blueprints for my real world friends/customers, I can just tell them "look up Ryan's Blueprints." That makes things a lot easier and more organized, thank you for this, Desmond :)

      So, before I post my first blueprint, I'm going to tell you all what to expect, to save you time ( as I haven't been around for a few years). I build modern homes out of blocks. Planks and beams are awesome; using those are a labor of love. However, I like using blocks for ease of renovation, as I like to swap stuff around/expand as I see fit. My builds are heavily inspired by Richard Meier; an American abstract artist and architect. To be frank, I think the dude's a friggin genius. These blueprints aren't reproductions of his work, that guy has more talent than I ever will. So, my builds are just Richard Meier-esque, rather than reproductions of his work. Also, I like to use natural blocks for lawns and planting plots. The reason why: last time I built a house was two years ago, and at that time the grid wasn't working for me when I tried to plant on the vanilla ground. So, to sum up, all I will ever do is unfurnished modern homes with grass blocks for lawns; you will never see boats, cars, ornamental stuff (like those people dagoline likes to build), or medieval architecture from me. Alright, if you're still reading, here is the first of my old builds:

      Starter home:

      I hope the title isn't misleading; it doesn't contain starter crafting stations, I call it my starter home because this is the first home I place in all of my worlds that I build towns in. This is an unfurnished home with attached garage. The walls are glass block instead of panes, so if you dislike it, a couple of smacks with a tool will bring them down. In the back is a little garden plot. In the front is a pool (with water already added, as I saw on Steam that a few of us have difficulty placing water). Enough words, bring on the pictures already!
      • 20190819120634_1.jpg

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    • U-Shaped Home:

      Unlike my last build, this doesn't come with a lawn, garden plots, or water. I discovered a feature that was added since the last time I built; the ability to place both fresh and salt water. That's awesome! Anyway, this is the last one for tonight. I haven't been on for two years, so there's a ton of houses I want to look at. Picture time:
      • 20190819175031_1.jpg

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      • 20190819175041_1.jpg

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    • New Warm-up Home

      Alright, I made a new one just for smiles and giggles and to get back in the swing of things. This one's very simple. The center is the entry/mudroom/ coat room. Or, maybe you go zany and put a mini pool or something in there. Anyway, to the left is the bedroom, which has solid walls for privacy. To the right is the kitchen, which is glass walls. I figured you wouldn't need much privacy in that area, as I learned just the other day why you don't cook bacon topless. The stove isn't mine, it's TheNobleYeoman's Modern Stove. I don't know if we need permission to display the work of others; I'm more than happy to take it down if he'd prefer. On a side note, if you haven't looked at it, you should check it out. There's no visible heat source, yet it cooks food like a dream. How he pulled that one off, I haven't the foggiest, must be sorcery :) On to the pictures
      • 20190819224740_1.jpg

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    • Alright, I think I'm going to stop for the time being. I'm out of original ideas, so I'm going to try and reproduce some of the homes I've seen on a few sites. I won't be posting those here though; it just doesn't feel right to post as they won't be my original creations. If you're curious , though, I look at sites like NG architects; I very much like some of those villas.
    • Alright, I have a slight modification to my starter home. I always grow hemp and cotton here, sometimes even put in a bed and stove, but there was one room that might be important for some of us that like to roleplay; the head, man! Or bathroom, terlet, bog, or whatever slang you like to use. I didn't take any pictures, as it's literally the same home with a bathroom; I just knocked out the glass of the first floor balcony and put regular walls in. It only took me two minutes, and that was with my four year old on my lap, who considered it an absolute matter of sanity, life or death, AND national security that he have a few goldfish crackers right that chicken-pickin moment. It's not glamorous, but I figured that some of the folks who downloaded the original might enjoy the addition of a small bathroom.