Suggestions that can make this game better

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    • Suggestions that can make this game better

      Hello, I was very surprised then I saw this game and I would like to help you to do this game better than Minecraft and it's feasible!
      If you can, it's can be very good to add skin change! Well, I would like to know, is it feasibly to make mods/plugins myself and add them to the game?
      For example, I would like to add NPC's to my server or add PvP arena or something plugins/mods like in Minecraft. Is it possible?

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    • Yes, you can do mods- but I wouldn't right now. The game has a long way to go yet and no telling what kind of mind-blowing stuff is gonna be added. (For instance, why "mod" in redstone when we're gonna have wires?)
      As for "skins", you might be able to change the clothes you wear in the future, but the "skins" term really doesn't apply around here. I'm sure a "custom" appearance for your character will be available.

      If you'd played the game at all, you know that this isn't Minecraft. It is it's own game and does things, and has things, that's quite a bit different than MC. Thinking of this game as a "nice looking MC" is a huge mistake. I see this game going way beyond where MC ever thought about going.

      Patience. I think we're all gonna be surprised what comes down the pike!
      (Oh, and welcome to the forum and the game.)
    • "Skin exchange" is not as easy as in Minecraft for example ;) The character consists of several meshes and textures, so it's not easily exchangeable (like in Mc, where the character only consists of a few blocks, and nearly all different kinds of skins work fine).
      However, we are planning to implement a clothing system (as @Geneo mentioned), once we have reworked our character model. Then it will be possible to adjust your appearance (e.g. you can change your haircut, skincolor etc., but ofc also wear different types of clothes) ^^

      About mods/plugins: The game supports serverside LUA scripts, i.e. you can write your own scripts which influence the gameplay (e.g. you could create a pvp area). We are always extending the possibilities of LUA scripts, and are also preparing our wiki (which will have an overview of all functions and events).
    • If being able to change the current player model is difficult, maybe create a bunch of player models (along with NPCs...) which people can choose from to play with? From there make cosmetic changes with skin color, clothes etc..? Shouldn't be difficult (since you plan a female player model), just time consuming.

      Would you guys like that? I personally don't care much about being able to have a totally customized face and all that... it's overrated IMO. This is an area I don't mind sacrifice.
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