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The animal update is now finally available for the new version!

    My thoughts: the last thing RW needs is an "economy".
    The game is about building and surviving- not making money.

    An economy, and corresponding "money" or monetary system, has been discussed for years in that "other" game, and several people have tried setting up their own.
    Never works.
    The Barter System will always win out.

    The only "economy" in a game like this that I've ever seen that has worked (some) is the one in Total Miner. In that game everything has both a buying and selling price (in gold coins) at the Store, therefore for RW, you'd have to put a buying & selling price on everything- from dirt to all the finished products. The proper balancing of those prices would take... a long time. Which would be for naught, as players could set their own "prices" each time they barter with another player. And in single player, it's always cheaper to make it yourself than buy it.


    Those who don't want any pets can choose not to bother with this option. they simply do nothing, and carry on as usual. no disabling anything.

    I'm in that camp.
    I have nothing against pets (or horses) per se, and for those that want them, fine. But for me if they're anything like the MC ones, the trouble & hassle far outweighs any benefits. Course I'm talking feeding, watering, providing shelter, and even possibly training (unless you depend on the pet's AI to do it all, and not be able to 'learn' anything else).

    An example is the MC horse. People keep trying to make a 'pet' of them, and think they 'own' one if they tame it. The problem is, no one tells the horse that. You can't make one a 'pet', you can't 'own' one, and 'taming' one only means it's ridable.... by anyone who jumps on it's back. I just hope if a 'companion fighter' or 'watch dog' is added, Red adds enough AI to make it effective.

    If dynamite is available, greifers will use it to destroy things, whether you 'envision' it being used that way or not.

    Personally, I don't think it's worth it, even for mining.
    * In the time it takes you to create and/or gather the resources for dynamite, you could've dug the hole.
    * Dynamite is 'dumb' (ie, uncontrollable)- and it's destructive by nature. Sure it will blow a hole in rock... but it will also destroy any ores in it's blast path too. I don't see it "helping with extraction"- I see it as insuring there is no extraction- just nothing left but a hole. You see it as helping with mining- others see it as being used in traps, land mines, etc.
    * Then there's the question of just how powerful it is. Will it work like real dynamite and blow different size holes in dirt compared to rock? Just how big a hole will 1 stick blow in rock? 2 sticks? 3 sticks? If we get different rock layers (harder as you go down), won't it take more dynamite to blast the same size hole the deeper you go?

    Sorry, I'm not a fan of having dynamite in the game- I see it as causing more problems than it's worth.

    I see it as 'the game is whatever you make it'.
    Want to survive? Then survive.
    Want to build? Then build.
    Want to explore? Go exploring.

    I don't see it as Skyrim, Civilization, Rimworld, or any other games like that. I see it as what Minecraft 2 should be like... on steroids. I see it as not needing any 'mods'- it's all there already. There will be plenty to keep you busy- you won't need any "mini-games" to keep you entertained or interested. This game will be many things to many people- but 'boring' won't be one of them.

    I trust Red. I think he knows what he's doing. He won't do anything stupid, and he won't let the game turn into a joke. It still has a long way to go- but I like the direction it's headed.

    Another problem with "endless" worlds is (server or no server), is that it's so big, 95% of it will never seen or used. It may give you a mental warm fuzzy feeling, but the reality is it's huge waste.
    I have no reason to be against "endless" worlds, per se. I'm just saying for myself, I'd only use or travel in 1% of it... at the most.

    And it should be "low priority".
    An 'infinite' world size is a mental thing anyway- some get a warm, fuzzy feeling from knowing they aren't 'limited'. (If it's "infinite", how you know?)
    Then there's the "explorers". They don't want to play the game, they just enjoy running around gawking at the scenery, watching it unfold (even though it's basically the same scenery repeated over and over). Just as one pig looks like the last one, one desert or forest will look like the last one too. (The ole dogsled saying popped into my head: "If you aren't the lead dog, the view never changes.")

    Anyway, to answer the OP's question of how big is the world: a whole lot bigger than you could ever use. Don't worry about it.

    Don't get me started on what I think of mods.

    For now, the game is only Alpha- it's got a long way to go, and there'll be plenty of cool things (some we haven't even thought of) yet to be added. So far I like the direction this game is headed. Patience. We might be surprised and amazed!

    To me, there's a huge difference between "immersion" and "overly complicating things just to complicate things".

    What blacksmith? I understand some of you are big on 'repairing' tools (and weapons), but when a pickaxe 'wears out' or 'breaks', how hard is it to craft a new one? Or while you're at it, craft 2 and carry a spare? Having a blacksmith in the game implies that he works in a Town. That means you have to live near a Town so you can get to it easily. People have also advocated NPC's to farm for you. To me, that means the production of more than you can eat, so you load up the excess on your Buckboard that you crafted, hitch it to your Horse you found and tamed with the Harness that you crafted, and haul the extra produce to Town to sell or trade it at a Shop or Mill there, which means there's a Miller. There's a Baker that runs a Bakery, an Armorer that runs an Armory, etc., etc..
    (Course the economy thing is a whole nuther animal, cause a Blacksmith doesn't do any 'repairs' for free, right?)

    Sorry, but I thought RW was about you taking on the world. You are the blacksmith, miller, baker, farmer, rancher, hunter, miner, armorer, lumberjack, etc. Isn't that complicated enough? I know some of you would love all the interactions you can have with a bunch of other characters in the game, but this isn't Skyrim. There's just you. I see it as your job to become self-sufficient. To "live long and prosper".
    I guess I just see the game differently than some of you.

    Sounds like a very, very complicated game within a game that plays all by itself to me. I'd hate to program all that AI!
    I think the point of RW is that you have to survive in the world, making your own story as you go- not "There's a whole other game going on out there, join it if you want."