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    Seasons would be fine, but I'd hate to see a winter that lasts a real 3 months! I'd starve! A limited growing season would hurt too. I don't mind adding seasons to the game (trees turn, have to store food & firewood for the winter or you'd starve or freeze to death, etc.) but let's speed up the changes of the seasons some (ok, a lot).

    I wouldn't mind rain and snow, but tornadoes earthquakes, volcanoes? Hail storms that break blocks? I would hate to see my house, after I spent hours on it, destroyed by a hail storm. Don't we have enough going on as it is? To me, that would move us from "challenging enviroment" to "sadistic disasters".

    That said, rain would be cool... if it changed dirt to mud (hampering movement), rising streams and rivers, etc.
    Snow would be cool too... if it piled up (if it snowed enough), hampered movement and visibility, etc.
    No telling what they'll come up with though.

    I've suggested being able to have the logs instead of chopping them down for Wood myself. Log cabins, stockade fences, bridges (when we get water). Right now we don't have any long items for building.

    Personally, I have no use for a "lumber yard" or need to "place a log on the workhorse", but to each his own.

    I don't know about "mining robots" either. (My very first thought I has was "Wait... isn't that your job?")
    Actually, that would take quite a bit of intellect. In the time it spent you to program in all that intelligence, you could've dug 3 mines yourself. And this "something to do the mining for you" idea has come up before.

    Scripting, deciding on a 'scripting language', etc. opens up a whole can of worms. I'm sure you'll be able to make an "elevator" (and without resorting to 'scripting' either). With all the planned features and things you'll be able to do, 'scripting' is unneeded.

    Welcome to the forum.

    "We" have no idea how the game will end up. Only the developers have (a probably rough) idea. As you said, maybe the "community" will have a lot of input... as long as it fits in with the developer's Big Picture, of course.

    As for the "merchant system"- personally I don't see it. Currency (needed for a merchant system) will never work. You don't need a "merchant system" at all because the "barter system" will always win out. I can't wait for the farming part though.

    Yes, you can do mods- but I wouldn't right now. The game has a long way to go yet and no telling what kind of mind-blowing stuff is gonna be added. (For instance, why "mod" in redstone when we're gonna have wires?)
    As for "skins", you might be able to change the clothes you wear in the future, but the "skins" term really doesn't apply around here. I'm sure a "custom" appearance for your character will be available.

    If you'd played the game at all, you know that this isn't Minecraft. It is it's own game and does things, and has things, that's quite a bit different than MC. Thinking of this game as a "nice looking MC" is a huge mistake. I see this game going way beyond where MC ever thought about going.

    Patience. I think we're all gonna be surprised what comes down the pike!
    (Oh, and welcome to the forum and the game.)


    Another thing I would like to see mining get more difficult the further down you go. I do not like the idea of getting your first pick and mining straight to hell.

    Maybe use higher grade pickaxes the further you go down? Guess we'll have to wait to see what ores are added first, and what kinds of rock is at different levels. (How many levels down does the world go, anyway?)

    Sorry, but I hate minigames. The way I look at it, if you're so desperate that you need to play another game within the original game, then there's something lacking with the original game. To me, that's one of the main things wrong with MC- people get bored with MC, but since it's so easy even a child can do it, they're using it as a DIY game designer instead of playing a game designed for to play that (and does the game much better than MC ever could). (Hey, if designing games is your thing.... that's what Project Spark is for.)
    But that's just me.

    When you add hostile mobs, please add an option to turn them off. I got enough problems with holes, etc. killing me, I don't need mobs trying to kill me too.

    You'd have to feed, clothe, provide tools and lights, place to sleep (mentioned), give detailed instructions ("Dig here, dig 'down', collect this, put it here when your inventory is full, etc."), constantly check on them to make sure they're doing things 'right'... sounds like way too much trouble and hard to implement so it actually works for you instead of against you.
    I'm of the "If you want it done right, do it yourself." camp so I probably wouldn't use "servants" if they were added.

    Don't listen to them.
    You've got the basis for an excellent, long-term game here. It's very impressive, and shaping up to be better than 99% of the 'others' out there. As hard as you're working the very least we can do it talk it up so more people try it, more development money comes in, etc. I realize right now it might fall under the "labor of love" category, but hopefully, in the future, it will be more than 'worthwhile'.

    I know we come up with some pretty crazy, half-baked ideas sometimes (though a few are not bad), and hopefully you'll ignore those. But trust your vision of where you want the game to go. We trust you. You know the Big Picture, we don't. Though we don't always say it, you're doing an excellent job and we can't wait to see how this project turns out.

    Now get back to work. :D:)