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    Very close! If you fall, through the earth, down a hole, etc., pressing f2 will put you into 'fly' mode. (At least you stop from falling!). But you have to hit the space bar to fly up, or left ctrl to fly down (sorry, I use a controller and keys are from memory).

    Note that hitting f2 again takes you out of fly mode- and you have no parachute! Be close to the surface before you turn it off or you'll fall to your death!

    I'd hate to see that. The realistic graphics are one of the major plusses of this game, to me. I'm so sick of 'cube' games I could scream.
    However, I can see where you're coming from. Maybe in the future options/settings could be added to ease the "graphic overhead".

    (Oh, and thanks for the tip, Red, about the SSAO and Lightscattering.)

    Nobody's jumped in on this, so I will.

    First off let me say I'm against any kind teleporter, Stargate, portal, or whatever else you want to call them. They're just not needed and too 'futuristic' for RW.

    However, IF something like that was (eventually) ever added, here's how I would do it:
    * When the world is created, 5-6 portals would be randomly placed on the surface. They would each have their own number ('address'). At the start, you don't know which portal is where- in fact, you may not even see one in the beginning. ("Discovery" time!)
    * Players can not craft, destroy, move, or place portals. They also don't 'own' portals- anyone can use any portal.
    * Like a Stargate, there's a stand where you turn on the portal, then put in the address (portal number) you want to go to and either immediately go there or walk/drive/ride through a good-size frame (could be square, doesn't have to be round).
    * Portals only stay active for a short period of time (say 15 seconds).

    Basically, I see portals as a quick way to move, or transport things, from Point A to Point B on the surface. But they should have their limitations that can either be quite advantageous for you... or a PITA. Maybe you want to build your house/town near or around one, maybe not. The above could make multiplayer, especially PVP, quite interesting.

    It will, but you won't like it.

    The I5 is ok, but the much bigger problem is the internal graphics. That internal graphics will run many games just fine, but some it won't- not because your 4400 can't handle it, but because the game wasn't programmed for it. Some games just need 'dedicated' graphic ram to work right.
    For instance, I have a i7, 16 gig ram, and Intel HD 4400 graphics. Even with all that Rising World was quite laggy and stuttered quite a bit. (Not fun at all being teased like that!) This game really "challenges" a pooter.
    It wasn't until I forced it into using my dedicated graphics card (NVidia GTX 850) that it smoothed out and ran like it should. (Yes, I have a "gaming" laptop).

    Maybe later (it is only Alpha) it will be optimized enough that your laptop can handle it, but for now, as much as I hate to say it, I'd hold off.

    * I don't know about grapes and wine either. Maybe wheat/bread/cakes/cookies, lettuce/salad, barley/feed, alfalfa/hay bales, and that's just a few ideas for fields. There's also trees (oranges, walnuts) and other vine vegetables (tomatoes, melons, peas, pumpkins). There's lots of stuff to grow/cultivate and turn into tradable commodities besides 'grapes'.
    * I agree, pointed roofs would be nice. Hard to do, but nice. The problem as I see it is you would need either roof peaks of various angles, or roof peaks that are "smart" and mold to the roof shape. (Every roof isn't gonna be built at exactly 45 degrees angles, is it?)
    * Curling up to a fireplace would be nice, but I'm not a dog. Maybe, once seasons are implemented, a fireplace would be necessary to keep warm. To me, a stove would be more important and useful. It would not only provide warmth, but you could cook/bake on one. Stoves would have a different use than furnaces (smelting).
    * Speaking of seasons (be neat if the trees could change, etc.), but warm clothes should be needed during winter to keep your health up. Armor should not provide warmth. (I'm not a fan of "armor" anyway- it may make you feel "protected", but if everyone has it, what's the point?)

    Heck, I haven't played 4.4 hours yet! (Patiently waiting for more content).
    I've got 16 paid-for games in my Steam library that either won't run, or will- but I don't want to play them. I know better than to ask for a refund.

    (Your little tirade will get you a refund every time. Sure it will.)

    I have no problem with falling trees causing damage- to you, buildings, animals caught in the way, etc....IF, on the other hand, instead of random you have some control over which direction the tree falls. So:
    * If trees fall in a random direction, they shouldn't cause any damage.
    * If you can control the direction, they should. (Hey, if you fell a tree on to your house, you deserve the results!)

    RW is tough to get going.
    You have to install normal Java, then both Java 32 and 64 bit versions. (Windows).
    Finally, in order for it to run "right", I had to go to my graphics control panel and make sure RW ran with my dedicated graphics card and not with my Intel HD internal graphics.

    So how does it "fail"?

    EDIT: New update (1-1-15) fixed java issues!! No more jumping through hoops!

    Nice idea for the future, but there's lots of other stuff that needs to be added first.
    I'm sure the developers have it on their "To Do" list.. somewhere.

    What does that have to do with spawning?

    Actually, though it's off topic, I know what you're talking about. There's another MC-like game out there that I used to play that has 16 color-coded "portals" that work in pairs. You could place color-coded portals in your house, and others in town, in the cave you're working on, at your friend's house, etc., and just instantly teleport between places. (In fact, you could have several "portals" tied to a color code. You climb in and it would randomly show you the other exits in that color code, then you step out once you see the exit you want.)
    The Good News is you could teleport around (think Stargates).
    The Bad News is you really don't need any other kind of transportation. Once you have your "portals" set up you can move from home to the deepest part of a cave, to the top of the tallest mountain, to clear across the map, in seconds. Kinda makes minecarts, horses, trucks, etc. pretty pointless and pure novelty. The other Bad News is, as handy as that sounds, you can't teleport from Point A until you set up another portal at Point B. In that game, portals (by necessity) are personal and your friend couldn't set up a portal for you. Your "portal set" is different from his "portal set". Plus the item used to make a portal is very hard to obtain.

    Personally, I'm not for portals. In most cases they're a hassle. And they're too "sy fi" for RW.

    I just thought- why do we need 'something' to mark the spot? Hit an Fkey, it asks "Do you want to set your Spawn Point here? Yes/No" and you're done. If you want to go ahead and put a bed, flag, statue, grave stone, "resurrection slab", or whatever on that spot that's your choice.

    Personally, there's something creepy about sleeping in my death bed or seeing my own grave stone out my window....

    Gee that sounds familiar...

    Why sleep in a bed to set the spawn point? (Course, we can set it with the 'setspawn' command.) What if we have more than one bed in more than one house/base? What if a house has several bedrooms with several beds? This isn't MC- let's figure out a better way to do things.

    I think that we need a (as in 'one') Spawn Marker that we can place, which, when we place a new one it automatically deletes the old one. Or, even better, what if we hit a Function key while, for instance, standing in our house and that sets the new spawn point? I may have mentioned this here before (if so, sorry), but then we could make a Compass that's really useful. I'm thinking a Compass works like a normal compass, but it has another hand (like a second hand on a watch) that points to your spawn point. That way, no matter how far you wander, you can always find home. (In other words, it's not only a 'compass', but a 'locator').

    Naw, I'm fine with 'vehicles'. I envision something like small trucks to haul stuff (and not just ore from mines). Maybe even cars to drive around town (improve point-to-point movement). But I'm not into 'recreational' vehicles for 'fun'. That's just me. If I want to drive (or fly) something for fun, there's games designed specifically for that, and do it a whole lot better than RW ever could. Personally, I'd rather the developers spend their time working on additions that improve the basic game, and not those 'extras' added just for 'fun' that really has nothing to do with the game itself.

    I just want RW to be the best of it's kind and not become 'other games within a game'.

    I mean this in the nicest way, ok, but what does riding around in a go cart in a tall-grass savanna have to do with surviving and building? I just picture you have this nice mowed raceway, you're headed into turn 3... and a lion or tiger jumps out of the tall grass and kills you. What's more disturbing is some of you would think that's Big Fun.

    Actually, Crystal wasn't taking about a different "game mode", just an idea for a different tool. I don't know whether she miss-labeled the thread, or you decided to talk about 'game modes'.
    Doesn't matter.

    I wouldn't mind a Quest Mode (if nothing else it would start off being a good tutorial), but the only problem I have with quests is that they end. I mean, quests don't go on forever, and there isn't an 'endless' number of quests. Eventually you "win" (like it's possible to 'win' a sandbox game), and some people like the idea of 'winning'. Course, as it is, there's no winning- but no losing either.

    I do agree it would take a lot of work and maybe cool to add in the future.

    Creeper- been there, done that.

    I look at RW as more 'realistic'. I just don't see 'fantasy' enemies, or needing a 'signature' mob. Believe me, RW is (will be) so far ahead of MC we won't need something like a "creeper" to set it apart. (Heck, everything sets it apart!)
    Bears, lions, tigers, leopards, wolves- there's plenty of mobs that can be dangerous to us. I'd hate to see it, but you can even go to large spiders, army ants, snakes, eagles or owls that attack, gorillas- there's all sorts of 'realistic' mobs we could add.