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    ... I do not believe in a fair fight.

    .45's > AK47's > lasers > cannons > grenades > TNT > C4 > nukes > ? Where does it stop? No matter what is added to the game, some people will want something more powerful added to insure they'll always win. People think how cool it would be if they had a _____.... but they forget that everybody else gets a ____ too. Having a gun would great, right- till you get shot.

    Reminds me of the old BC comic strip: "If the object of golf is to have the lowest score, then why play at all?"

    Back on topic, I agree. Please, no zombies. There's plenty of natural bad things (ie, bears, wolves, even snakes) that can be added. I'm not in favor of any 'supernatural' or 'fantasy' entities.
    I might be hijacking the thread too, but there's plenty of different weapons to add... but please, no guns. There's gobs of other games people can play if they want guns, but RW doesn't need them and they would be very out of place. I don't see it as that kind of game.

    I just use Xpadder with my old 360 wired controller. RW works like a charm that way, and I don't have to worry about wearing out my expensive-to-replace laptop keyboard.

    Would built-in controller support be nice? Of course. But I can see it getting really messy too (there's a lot of different controllers out there!) and you'd have to include the ability for the player to customize the buttons (cause you know they'd demand that).

    I agree, there's a lot more important stuff to take care of first.

    I bought this on Steam a few days ago to "help them out". I have no doubt it's money well spent. If they even implement half of what they have planned I'll be ecstatic.

    I'll be blunt here. I'm looking for a replacement for Minecraft. I'm so tired of the cartoony, 80'ish graphics I could scream. RW is a breath of fresh air. There's so many things I dislike about MC- power carried by 'dust'- are you kidding me? Carrots on sticks so you can ride and guide a pig around? Do people feel the need to "ride" something, anything, that bad? Sorry, RW has spoiled me rotten.

    I can't wait for updates.
    Patiently, of course....

    I get it's alpha. It's got a long way to go, but no where to go but up. Future updates are going to be 'interesting', to say the least. I downloaded it from Steam.

    Sure they make 'gaming laptops'. Mine's an Asus N550J, and I only paid $1250 for it. I got the 256gig SSD. Actually, it came already partitioned, spit into C: and D:. I'm not worried about room- I have virtually all of D: left.

    Edit: You're right, red51, it's using the Intel HD 4600 graphics- which, considering, it runs pretty good. Next is to figure out the NVidia Control Panel. Can't find the Rising World app in the CP to change it, even browsing for it (darn you Steam!) but I'll figure it out. At least I know what the problem is. Thanks a bunch!

    There's no wiki (yet, hint, hint), and I've seen the 'getting started' video. (Had questions about how to make sticks and lack of pig 'drops', which the vid answered.)
    Also finally got my java problem fixed so it will run (Win 8.1 needs both 32 and 64 bit java).... but:

    * How can I get it to run full screen (even though I have "full screen" checked) when running at less than native resolution?
    * I just bought what I thought was a "gaming" laptop. i7, 16 gig ram, NVidia GTX 850 (2 gig video ram) card. Will run anything else with no problem, but this game brings it to it's knees! Lots of constant stuttering and lag. I've turned the 'graphic quality' to Low, unchecked half the goodies on the right side of the graphics option screen, and same problem. I've also tried reducing the resolution. It 'windows', but won't go full screen, same stuttering and lag (but not quite as bad). Am I missing something? Any tricks to getting it to run smoother (like in the video)?
    Right now it's like a beauty queen with a lisp- looks good, but....

    On the flip side, this game has mega potential! Really glad I got in on the ground floor so I can watch it grow. :D