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    ... when the ores come out in the game will you then need to mine/smelt ore to make iron sheets and rods instead of being resource free in survival mode?

    Once ores come into the game, crafting will become much more important, and we'll be lucky if anything is "free" anymore (enjoy it while you can!). I'm also sure pickaxes, axes, etc. will wear out with use and have to be replaced also.

    In some ways RW will be like MC... but it's also gonna be it's own game and do things it's own way (ie better). For instance, we already know building and electricity are totally different. Who's to say torches or candles won't eventually burn out? That spears, swords, knifes, etc. dull with use and have to be sharpened on a grinder (that has to be crafted, of course)?
    We don't know- but it's sure gonna be interesting to hang around and see what happens, isn't it?!?

    Doesn't that depend on the monster?
    Could be cave monsters, mountain monsters, night monsters, etc.

    Personally, instead of "monsters" I'd rather have some hostile critters that are more down to earth- like a bears, tigers, etc. (Or is that the kind of 'monster' you were talking about?)

    First thoughts:
    * You're crazy.
    * Next you'll come up with gutting and skinning (that hunting knife has to be used for something, right?), curing, smoking, jerky, and Daniel Boon-like buckskin duds.
    * You forgot tracks and tracking.... and (yuck) "droppings".

    However, a bit more realistic animal behavior will be a welcome addition and is fine with me, but I don't see the advantage of going overboard with it.

    Of course using melee weapons on a bear is iffy at best. We need ranged weapons, from slingshots, to bows and arrows, and even crossbows. (Maybe even trebuchets). We don't need to get 'personal' with a bear (tiger, etc.) to kill it. In fact, who's saying we even have to kill it- couldn't we just scare it off with torch?
    And just because there's some tech in the game doesn't mean all tech can be added. Cannons, tanks, nukes? Where does it stop?
    All I'm saying is at some point you have to draw the line. RW isn't a FPS, and those who want to make it a PVP FPS are playing the wrong game. (If it turns into that, I'm outta here.) It's a survival game, and we're suppose to cooperate with each other for a common goal(s) and solve challenges.

    They'll be plenty of ways to kill people, if that's your thing- you won't need guns to do it.


    After all it's like minecraft just way better graphics.

    I don't know about that. RW goes way beyond where MC ever though about going.... and the separation is getting wider every update.
    Now, does RW need a few things like 'electricity'? Of course. (Thank goodness we're gonna use wires instead of 'dust' to transmit power!!)But those things, and more, are coming. It's only Alpha.


    Doors - Possibly a gate system with a level and chain that raises

    Not quite sure want you mean there.
    Take a look at this picture: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.…b50a0f69eaef9eadcc419.jpg

    I'm assuming you're talking about a castle. Do you mean like a drawbridge, or the 'gate' to the castle after you cross the drawbridge? I wouldn't call either one a "door". Both, while cool for castle building, won't quite fit for other types of buildings.
    I would think a 'gate' would be easier to do and have more applications.
    Drawbridges- not so much. Of course they'd be cool! But most of the time they're used to bridge a moat. A moat works great IF another player (or animal) can't swim (that ain't happening), so while cool looking, I don't see 'drawbridges' as being a particularly effective deterrent.

    Which brings up another thought about doors. Depending on the door material, should they have various durability? (ie, will iron doors withstand an attack longer than a wooden door?)
    Sorry, there I go off somewhere again....

    The problem I can see with a 'step ladder' is that it's a fixed height, and requires 2 anchor points.
    How about an 'extension ladder'? It can be extended (within reason) way beyond what a step ladder can reach, and only requires 1 anchor point.

    Course, to satisfy the OP's problem, why can't you build a temporary dirt or stone ramp, or even temporarily attach stairs to the side of the wall? Scaffolding sounds like a lot more trouble than it's worth.

    You're not missing anything- the game is.
    But it's coming! They update this game all the time ( :) ), and have, and will, "fill it out" more as time goes on.
    I'm just glad I got in on the ground floor and can watch it grow and mature. I look forward to saying "I remember back when...."

    For full screen, go to your native resolution and check the box. (They'll fix it in the future, it's still kinda wonky).
    "Console box" through me for a moment- you mean "Command Box" or "Command Line". I used to use Macs, but I know f12 doesn't work anymore. Try the tithe key ("~") or the "`" key (backwards carat).

    I agree with what you said, except for 2 things:
    * Weapons. No guns, and no gun-powder guns. You want to shoot somebody or something with a gun, there's plenty of FPS'ers out there. Besides, people only look at weapons in games from one perspective: how cool it would be to shoot someone.... till they get shot. Then they want more a powerful weapon... till they get shot. Then they want... etc., etc., etc. Sorry, I draw the line at guns.
    * I'm not sold on the 'companion animal' thing. Been there, done that in another game. The last thing I want is a 'pet' I have to feed, house, etc. Rather than a 'companion animal' I'd rather have a 'companion player'.

    * Bell? How would a player know what direction the sound is coming from? Maybe a visual clue from something, but an audio clue from a bell?
    * Bannisters would be a 'challenge' to implement. I don't think they're that important right now.
    * I could go for a few different doors. Much more interested in double doors, or tall doors, or drawbridges, or gates, or sliding doors.
    * Different lamps would be nice, like table lamps. Candles seem like pure decoration to me.

    Have you tried it?
    WASD moves you in 4 directions, but vertically? I also know that while flying I can use the mouse to look (up or down) and then use the move keys (WASD) to move in that direction (basically gliding up/down). To go straight up or down, you need to use the shift and L Ctrl keys.

    Quezax beat me to it. :(