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    Ah, the ole 'multi map' thing. Another 'unmentionable' game tries that, with horrible results.
    The only way a multi-map thing would work is if when you moved beyond one map, the adjacent map automatically pops up. If the 'adjacent' map isn't made yet, you have to create it.
    I disagree with not showing your position (and home) on the map. Also, when you go to an adjacent map, it should show you the direction of where home is, even if it's several maps away. If a map doesn't show those things, what good is it?

    I do agree that there's no reason to have a map in the first place. All you need is to carry one thing instead of several maps: a Compass that works like a real one and that points to home. All you need to know is that the village is "that way" and your mine is "over there". You don't need a map to tell you that.


    One thing I would add though is that I think you should have to stand in a place overlooking a new area then hold the place button to draw that area on your map

    You're gonna need a big map.
    I can see you ending up with a map covering such a large an area that it loses all detail, making it fairly useless.
    Maybe a map that "unfolds" or gets larger as you explore more area, till it is full-screen size?

    If we have a Compass that shows the way home (and "north") from anywhere we might wander, why do we need a map at all? Is it a "security blanket" thing, or something you want to hang on the wall (like it'll help you when you leave the house).

    I get the need for a 'cave map', but the MC people have done without one for years. If you can't mark your way out, something's wrong. I do like the idea of a cave map though, BUT it needs to be 3D and rotatable to be really useful. (Zoomable would be handy, too).

    I've only seen 1 game that implements a decent economy/shops: Total Miner. The amount of work involved just balancing the purchase and sale price of everything in the game boggles the mind. The Minecraft people (nuts) have been trying the "economy and shops" thing for years and the result is always been total failure. The Barter System always wins out.

    As for NPC's working for you, I don't have time to babysit them. Besides, whatever 'work' they do is your job. Their job isn't to play the game for you.

    I agree.
    I think people tend to make 2 mistakes about this game:
    1- They retain that "Minecraft mindset". This ain't Minecraft. While it does have mining, crafting, survival, etc. in common, it's a completely different game and you can't compare the two. RW goes way beyond 'Minecraft on steroids'. That's what makes this game so special- it's not like Minecraft!
    2- That's not a "health" bar in the lower left corner. That bar only goes one way- down. It's more like a "life" bar showing how much life you have left (or, in a weird way, think of it as your age bar). Once you run out of life (or "get old"), you die. Some (risky) things (like falling) reduces your life faster. You can eat, drink, and be merry all you want.... but you can't get younger.

    Beacons? It's been done. And it's too easy to get out of sight of one (get behind a mountain, get too far away, etc.).
    I suggested that a Compass that has 2 needles. One a regular compass needle, and the other (like a minute or second hand) to point at your current spawn point. We'll see what they come up with. A Map with a current position and direction indicator could work also... depending on the size of the area shown on the Map.

    Ah, the hang glider.
    Have you ever played (the defunct) CubeWorld? One of it's claim-to-fames was it had a hang glider. Weee! The only problem was you had to climb up before you could launch and glide down. Landing in trees wasn't ideal either, and you could only descend at a fixed rate (you had to come down- and not especially where you wanted to). But at least it was steerable.

    Doing the Superman thing (flying) is by far the best way to travel from Point A to Point B.

    Hot air balloons?
    Considering how slow they are, and purely subject to the wind (not steerable), I don't see what good they'd be, except as a novelty. I have no idea what it would 'cost' to craft one (complete with burner and fuel), but if I want to get a view from "up high", I'd just climb a nearby mountain... for free.
    Personally, I wouldn't bother with either one. They just wouldn't be worth it to me even if they were available.


    Again, not asking for automatic weapons and hand grenades. Just classic repeaters like lever/bolt-action rifles, break-action/pump shotguns, etc.

    But the problem is drawing the line. Your post is a perfect example- some people won't be satisfied with having just "muskets and revolvers'. They want something more deadly and effective. If "bolt-action" rifles are added, those won't be good enough- people will want semi-auto rifles, then sniper rifles, then AK-47s, etc. If we get those then they'll be demanding motars, tanks, lasers, nukes... where will it end? Escalation can be a big problem. This goes for bow and arrows too. That can easily escalate to demands for crossbows, maces, battering rams, trebuchets, catapults, ballista's, etc.
    I hope Red puts his foot down and says "Muskets and revolvers. That's it! Nothing else!".
    People want something more effective to kill their fellow player with or destroy his structures? That what mods are for.
    But please, I prefer you leave the basic game alone.


    The more modern and dangerous firearms should be left for modding when that gets released so people could then add whatever they wanted.

    Personally, I'd never add that mod. RW isn't COD.

    F2 isn't a "cheat". It just invokes fly mode.
    A "cheat" is like a secret key combo or situation that gives you unlimited food or health.
    We can currently fly in both survival and creative... for now. But that will change. Enjoy it while you can.

    I too agree.
    I've played MC since 2011 and it's become it's own clone and a joke. RW has a ways to go, but I rarely play MC anymore- too frustrating, too silly, too ugly. RW has spoiled me rotten.
    To me, any game that "needs" mods to make it interesting enough to play does nothing but prove there's something pretty sad about the basic game in the first place.
    GO RW!

    Guns are a bad idea. Add them with a mod if you want, but not the basic game.
    If (modern) guns are added, I'm outta here.

    Sorry, not into "pets". I figure I'll have my hands full just feeding myself without worrying about feeding a pet too. A pet can't follow you around everywhere, like when you're flying. Also the problem would be people would want to turn not just a dog, but any animal into a "pet". I can't imagine a pet bear or cow. Having a 'pet' would be 'cute' for a few minutes, but after the novelty wore off, just a PITA.

    Having an "AI partner" or "servant" (ok, a "slave") isn't something I'm wild about either. If you want a 'partner', that's what multiplayer is for. There would have to be a lot of programming involved (or many menu selections) just to add a 'servant'. Where do you get another one if it gets killed? How are you going to 'protect' him? Besides, what they'd be doing is your job. I know people think it would be cool to sit in your rocking chair on the porch while your "servant" does all that grunt work for you, like mining, farming, etc...... but then why are you playing at all? Are you afraid little pixel-person-you will get a blister?

    It's Alpha, no telling what will get added... or not.

    "Everybody will get a few things they want, a few people will get everything they want, but everybody can't get everything they want." ~ Geneo

    It's Alpha. They'll figure it out.
    In the meantime, run it "full screen", but at the native resolution. Should work with no problem.

    It's gonna turn into a death-match game anyway. There will always be those idiots that are only interested in killing other players (PVP), not actually playing Rising World. No matter how hard you make guns to obtain, some idiot's will make it their Goal In Life to get one so they can go kill somebody. I've already expressed my views on "guns" in another thread, so I won't repeat them. RW is not a FPS- there's plenty of those out there already.

    Here's my suggestion: add simple guns if you must (resist any requests for escalation!), but: 1) make them very hard to obtain, and 2) other players are immune from getting killed by a gun (in other words, hunting animals with a gun is fine... but no hunting other players).