Pets suggestion.

  • How about making a pet option eventually, but whereby you have to actually tame the type of animal you want to have as a pet.
    You could leave certain food on your land each night, and there could be other aspects, like you protect them from predators, and give them a little shelter separate from your house to live in.
    It would be an option for those of us who would give it a chance. I wouldn't mind having some kind of creature as company. It would add some interesting content in my opinion.
    Those who don't want any pets can choose not to bother with this option. they simply do nothing, and carry on as usual. no disabling anything. There could even be restrictions to certain creatures, like if you had a nocturnal creature as a companion, it would basically withdraw at dawn.

    I would also be interested in an option for a spirit-guide. If your companion is killed by predators, or the environment (but NOT the player) then the creature could become your spirit guide, and show you certain secrets in the world, but in a kind of cryptic way, so you still have to work for it.
    if the companion is killed by the player, then they simply die, and the player gets nothing in return. (the price to pay for being a meanie. haa!)

    What do people think? pointless? Unfitting for RW? Too much pratting about?

  • I like your ideas. I mentioned something similar with other ideas included here Ideas for devs :)
    and would really love to see horses in the game. The idea of a spirit guide would be very interesting as well. To added thoughts on pets:

    Would the pet assist in battle against what ever is projected into game if you should go to battle with it?

    PvP world.. Would the pet assist in attacking the other player?
    would there be specific ai attacks that a particular pet would do to keep the game action based and not turn based? Or if turned based... Would the player have to tell the pet to do a list of actions?
    Would the pet be there but a non combat ai? Or would there be a list of commands you could give your pet like: go home, stay, etc.

  • I, and 'we', mentioned something similar with the trio's response leaning to a negative. If there are going to be pets then it was implied that we'll be getting such features fairly late when the game is considered complete. Nice idea though, and it works off what I wanted in the game also of having to gift 'tributes' to prankful hungry birds that attacks you. I really do want us to tame them the way you mentioned by working for it over time....It's similar to how you tame horses in Minecraft, just more 'realistic'.

    I was hoping Red could add followers you could customize on the same level as yourself, even using the hunger & food system also. Even tending to their food & third levels also....This could carry over to the pet side also while being allowed to raid chests when 'under your command'; your ownership. I really do want to see both, or either of these in because Rising World would be boring otherwise, or at the least have missed an opportunity to further be unique from others by also adding features hitting sweet-spots. At the very least, we'll end up looking forward to a 'possible' NPC village system added later down the line.

    Without followers or pet of some kind for singleplayer folks, or those on MP on quiet ones, would have less fun with both/either pets & comrades not added. Be a wasted chance otherwise. I don't want to force Red, but I also do because of how much it adds as a whole in entertainment value.

  • Quote

    Those who don't want any pets can choose not to bother with this option. they simply do nothing, and carry on as usual. no disabling anything.

    I'm in that camp.
    I have nothing against pets (or horses) per se, and for those that want them, fine. But for me if they're anything like the MC ones, the trouble & hassle far outweighs any benefits. Course I'm talking feeding, watering, providing shelter, and even possibly training (unless you depend on the pet's AI to do it all, and not be able to 'learn' anything else).

    An example is the MC horse. People keep trying to make a 'pet' of them, and think they 'own' one if they tame it. The problem is, no one tells the horse that. You can't make one a 'pet', you can't 'own' one, and 'taming' one only means it's ridable.... by anyone who jumps on it's back. I just hope if a 'companion fighter' or 'watch dog' is added, Red adds enough AI to make it effective.

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