Custom Items and Custom Recipes

  • Hi ^^

    So I've decided to take a gamble on the fact that when the new game engine is released we'll still be able to use Java as a plugin language.

    I'm actually re-writing my server plugin from scratch - forgot how much code there was! :/

    Anyways, I've been looking at Custom Recipes, I appreciate no new API features are going to be added (not for along time now). However, I was trying to get a custom item created using custom items.

    My question is should this work?

    CustomRecipe recipe = new CustomRecipe("diamond_pickaxe", CustomRecipe.Type.CustomItem, 0, "special", "workbench");
    //Define the required ingredients
    recipe.setIngredients("8x lumber", "4x ironplate" , "1x diamond");

    Or can we only create custom items from "stock" items?

    (diamond is the UUID of a custom item, loaded prior to loading the custom recipe)

    Many thanks,


  • Oh, it looks like custom items cannot be used as ingredients... unfortunately we have not thought about this case :/ I'll check out what's going on there and try to change that for the next update :)

    I appreciate no new API features are going to be added (not for along time now)

    Well, it really depends ^^ Basically we can still add new API features, it's just that some features could cause problems in the future. For example, adding a new player method would be fine I guess (since I'm more or less confident that we can keep that part mostly compatible with the new version), while it's more problematic when it comes to UI features (which will certainly cause us a lot of trouble)^^

  • Thanks Red - you're making a fantastic game! :thumbsup:

    @red51 are the existing UI API calls likely to work? I love working with it and would very much like to continue my plugin rewrite in the background ready for the new unity build. But if it's unlikely to work I don't want to invest time in the UI part - it would be a lot of hours wasted if it doesn't work. =O

  • Thanks :D About the UI: Unfortunately I don't know if the UI API calls will still work... we really want to keep them compatible, but the UI works completely different in Unity (they don't have the same concept of relative and absolute coordinates, pivots work slightly different etc) :( I can't say much about that yet... at this stage, I'd recommend to wait before putting more work into the UI :|

    I really hope I can say more about that in a few weeks or months...

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