How do i edit the data base files or atleast save them??

  • so im in the database definitions.db and made some changes to the furnace i bassically changed the speed of the primitive furnace to 10 and fuel consumption to 1. then i saved the project. when i started up the game again the changes werent there. what do i do wrong. i use this tool.

    do i have to make a new world to let it work??

  • Unfortunately the efficiency and speed values are not implemented yet, so every furnace has the same "efficiency" and "speed" right now. However, reducing the fuelconsumption to 1 should have an impact.

    If you make changes to the db file, there is no need to create a new world - the changes should become active in every singleplayer world. Just make sure to pack the definitions.db file into the commons.jar again (while the game isn't running) :)

    But this isn't really related to the Lua API (it's not possible to modify any definitions with the Lua API), so I think it's better to stick to the other topic ^^

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