Program not launching for Mac

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  • I recently got a new MacBook Pro (latest version), and downloaded/set up Rising World for Macs. Even though Java 8 is installed as well as the latest JDK, whenever I click on the application, it just gives the message "No compatible version of Java 1.7 is available." when I go ahead and launch it. I just can't figure it out...
    How would I go about solving this issue?

  • Hmm... maybe try to download and install the latest Java 8 version for Mac (select "Mac OS X"):

    If that doesn't work, rightclick on the Rising World app and open contents -> resources -> java and open the "risingworld.jar"

    Alternatively I can also send you a Steam key so you can activate Rising World in Steam. The Mac version of RW on Steam works a little bit smoother :whistling:

  • I'm sorry to hear the other options didn't work =O Of course I can send you a Steam key, just send me a PM containing your username and your email (which was used to create the account), or alternatively send a mail with these information to :)

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