Land ID #s, do they repeat?

  • Hi red51 or anyone else that might be able to answer this question,

    My server has yahgiggle's world protection plugin installed (…o-area-protection-script/) and we've noticed phantom claims in outlying areas that match up with a real claim somewhere else in the world. What we've noticed is that the land ID # is the same for both claims which seems to be causing the duplication with the area protection plugin.

    Which brings me to my question, do the land ID #'s repeat? And is it due to our world having been explored so much that its run out of ID #s and begun to repeat them?

    Any ideas how to fix this?

    Thank you!

  • Internally the plugin API uses an int to store the ID of an area, which enables us to have more than 4 billion unique areas in theory - so this doesn't seem to be the issue here. Unfortunately I can't say much about the WorldProtection plugin, since I don't have source code access, but it looks like this issue is caused by the way how the plugin calculates its own area ID - the ID the plugin calculates is prone to collisions. I'm afraid only @yahgiggle can fix this issue... :/

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