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    Maybe it's the scrolling then, unlike most websites you need to scroll horizontally and not vertically.

    If you click on the three dots ... in the top right of the trello board, you can click on "Activity" and see all of the recent updates red51 has made to the roadmap.

    In the server properties file, there's a line to turn down the spawn rate.


    # Spawn rate for animals. Lower values for less animals, higher values for more. Default: 1


    I set mine to 0.8 and the spawn rate is much more reasonable now.

    For what its worth, we have everything locked down normally so that players can only do things in claimed areas, and Bozbird has played on our server for a long time with only minor issues of disagreements with other players, and he even played on our java version before I believe. But the second he found a vulnerability, he exploited it to destroy as much as he could. Is that a player you want to keep around on your server?

    Thanks! Found who uploaded the shrek image and griefed our spawn area and several players builds too. It was player Bozbird. I suggest all server owners ban him as he seems to create nothing but trouble. SteamID 76561198314424408

    Is there a way to find out who uploaded a poster image or placed it in the world?

    Long-story short, I had installed a new auto-restart program for my server but the directory was properly setup so it didn't load any permissions or plugins or save any logs when the server restarted. Someone took advantage of that and destroyed our spawn building and all they left behind was a poster of Shrek... :|

    All good on restoring our spawn as I had a blueprint of it, just trying to figure out who needs to be banned since no logs were saved while the protection plugin wasn't working. =/

    If there is not a way to track this, it might be a good idea to add since we've had players upload porn or other inappropriate images in the past that need to be moderated.

    There's a few options.

    1. Setup the permissions to only allow people to destroy things made by themselves, though the con with this option is that players can't build things together.
    2. Use the in-game area protection and setup permissions for them. This requires a lot of work by admins to setup each area for players and add friends, etc. I think its the F9 option that allows area creation.
    3. Use the world protection plugin made by yahgiggle which allows players to claim their own land and add friends, change permissions in their area, allow PvP or not in their area, etc. There is a new update for it coming soon that adds and lot of features.

    If the drama is always following you to every forum you go to, then maybe consider that you're likely the one causing it?…ow-to-deal-with-them.html

    If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. If you don't want to be called a racist/homophobe/transphobe/misogynist, then maybe don't post those things on a public forum? Hell, now you've attracted someone to make an anti-Semitic comment above in German because your drivel has made them think its okay.

    Also, this thread is the first time I've ever even interacted with you, so your claims that I'm somehow always attacking you are unfounded. I've seen you attack plenty of people on this forum and Steam, but I've always ignored you before and now you've crossed a line this time into pure nastiness so I had to say something.

    I hope you get the help you need soon because you seem to be in a very dark place. Maybe consider stop using random Twitter/X/YouTube accounts from far-right propagandists as your "news source" for everything, and consider a wider range of sources and use your critical thinking skills to deduce what is the truth instead of relying on Twitter/X/YouTube people to spoon feed you misinformation. Remember, this is the internet, people can post anything without any evidence to back it up. People use soundbites and short video clips and edit them together to create the viewpoint they want to push, to drive hate and division, to gain political power and profit off the uneducated. I urge you to stop being a sheep blindly following them and to free your mind to think more critically about what they're trying to gain from you before its too late.

    Life is much more peaceful when you realize we're all just humans trying to live our lives and stop buying into all the hate and nastiness and division. I don't hate you, and I wish the best for you and your life.

    A warning for anyone using these blueprints: Some of these flowers have over 4,600 tiny construction pieces and massively slows down your game when looking at it and creates a huge amount of lag on multiplayer servers for anyone in the nearby area. I do not recommend placing this blueprint on multiplayer servers.

    Thanks for the info, its quite possible it occurred from the undo bug. I've already disabled flowing water on our server, but we've got a big mess to clean up as its stretching from the cold biome south around the side of our starter island and all the way to the warm biome.

    It would be super helpful if there were some way to delete all water above level 90 in the world, though I'm sure that might crash or bog down the server for quite a while when its processing removing all of that water. Also curious how that might affect spawning of future world gen changes like the underwater biomes since now all the areas covered by extra water would be considered modified chunks.

    Found the edge of the water spill...tried deleting a bit of it and it started flowing and spreading. Disabling water flow in my server settings for now. It's covering a massive area between our starter island and the desert island. No idea where it came from or how it started.

    Have you already updated to the current status?
    There were problems with Terang and Undo before the last fix.
    In my case, several water blocks were spawned on a mountain, which flooded half of my world.
    But it's currently fixed

    Hmm, we are updated to the most recent hotfix version. I'll check the mountains around their place for any flowing water.

    im having the opposite problem , I placed water into a pool with blocks under it three days ago and now the water went through into the ground this happened last night.

    Water doesn't currently detect blocks so if there wasn't solid ground surrounding the pool to hold the water in it would all leak out. Try placing the static water instead.

    On our server a player is settled on the coast of the open ocean and strangely the water level has risen twice at his place, from level 90 to level 92, but doesn't seem to have risen anywhere else in the world. Nothing has been edited around his place or any terrain tools used, so not sure what is happening...seems to be a bizarre bug.

    Hi yahgiggle, if you're still around, now that there are aggressive animals in the game and soon will be bandits and dungeons, the plugin needs to be updated to allow players to hunt outside of their claimed areas. Currently this doesn't seem possible.