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    Hi yahgiggle,

    Finally had some time to test out the plugin. Will there be a way for admins to configure settings in the future? i.e. how long it takes to earn points, how many points a plot costs, etc. I would also like the option to allow players to still modify things in unclaimed areas.

    I'm also noticing that the plugin doesn't give points for past playtime, only playtime from when it was installed. On existing worlds this might annoy some long-time players who need more claims to cover all the things they've already built.

    Also, would it be possible to implement some kind of abandoned claim thing, like if players have not logged in for 30/60/90 days, the claims can be removed either automatically or by admins, or added to a list for admins to sort through if it should be removed or not as there may be some buildings that we want to preserve. Even just having visible to admins something like "This plot was claimed on 01/01/23, owner last logged on 03/03/23." to help admins manage claims better would be helpful.

    Edit: Also just noticed some typos, the bottom right on screen message in unclaimed areas says "Plot Owner=Not Clamed", and in unnamed areas it says "Area Name=Unknowin"

    2nd Edit: It would also be nice if the admin areas could be toggled to allow claiming so that an admin area can be setup to show as the town name, and players can claim plots within it.

    3rd Edit: Noticed players don't get points back when they delete an area, is this intentional? The count of areas owned also does not update when an area is deleted. (Edit: Nvm, the area count updates when a player relogs. Not sure if points were refunded though...)

    "gotodefaultspawn" takes you to the server starting spawn point.

    "gotospawn" takes you to wherever you last slept/set your personal spawn point.

    Works well. I would also like to see a way to name the portals and maybe a menu to select where you want to teleport to like room6675 said.

    Also, how do you remove a portal? Doesn't seem to be a way to do that yet.

    Depends. Some older hardware uses a lot more power than newer hardware. What's your server machine's specs?

    This is my build, looks like some of the parts have gone up in price since I built it. Estimated wattage is 221W, haven't actually measured it though but doesn't seem to use too much power.

    Dedicated server.

    After activating Creative Mode and/or adding a Creative Group to the "Groups" folder, the Server disappears from the "Server List". Players connect via ip.

    Where is the connection? How to fix?

    Hmm, my server keeps disappearing from the server list as well. I wonder if its because we have a Creative permissions group in the "Areas" folder?

    We've released a hotfix btw! We found a potential workaround for the crash some users were experiencing. Please let us know if issue still persists! ;)

    Apart from that, this update also fixes a few smaller things. It's necessary to update multiplayer servers accordingly.

    Hotfix (2023-03-02):

    • [Bugfix] Fixed crash that occurred on some machines (need feedback)
    • [Bugfix] Primitive knife now also works when gutting animals
    • [Bugfix] Fixed nearby workbenches not being detected in crafting menu
    • [Bugfix] Fixed error that occurred when loading a world while a sapling in inventory was equipped

    Woohoo! Can confirm my game is no longer crashing now and I can connect to my server just fine.

    You could maybe try to reduce the texture quality (especially the construction texture quality) to the lowest value in the graphics settings (just to see if the crash persists).

    It's still crashing even with every graphics setting set to the lowest possible setting. Only thing I can think of is I logged out in a fully marble shiny room where I was experimenting with making a gold block a chrome color with the texture size set to 0 to make a mirror, but that doesn't explain why its happening to two other players on my server now in different locations.

    I've updated my graphics card driver and its still having the same issue. Another player is having the same issue. We both logged out last inside of rather large buildings with lots of textures.

    Hmm... if the game crashes, could you maybe send a report? To do that, just restart the game to the main menu (after a crash), open the console (key ~ or `) and type "report" (maybe add some information like "game crashed when joining server") :)

    Done, thanks.

    Single player is working fine for me, but now my game crashes around 20% loaded whenever I try to connect to my server. For a while now the server list has not been loading for me, but that was fine because I could still connect via IP address, but now the game just crashes when I try to connect.

    Any ideas what might be causing this? I already tried verifying game files and reinstalling completely.