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    There is unfortunately no setting for this, but there is a hack to place it manually in creative mode: While a sapling is equipped (I know this sounds strange), type "id ironore" into console to turn it into iron ore (the same works for regular rocks tool by typing "id rock") ;)

    Awesome, thanks!

    I know the current world is just temporary until world generation is implemented, but is there a way to spawn in more iron rocks for multiplayer servers? I don't see it in the terrain tools and not sure if there's an object name for them so admins can place them.

    On another note, I'm assuming iron and other ores will be back in the ground again when world gen works?

    I found the issue with my server, and yes mine is a Windows server. I had an extra e on a "false" on one line of the default permissions and it was preventing me from connecting. I can connect fine to my Green Valleys server now.

    Hmm... which mac OS version do you use exactly? Maybe you could send a report when this happens. To do that, try to join a server which triggers this message, then type "report" into console and send the report.

    If you try to join your own server, it could be extremely helpful if you could also send us a log of the server as well (which covers the moment you tried to join on a Mac) :)

    I have 11.6 Big Sur, maybe I should try updated to Monterrey and see if that fixes it. I sent a report when trying to connect to my server. The servers that it gets the error message on the loading stops at 5%.

    On my server console it doesn't even register that I tried to connect.

    Hi red51 or anyone else who might know,

    Can we get a full list with descriptions of what all the settings for permissions do?

    It seems there are a lot more options than the java version and I want to be able to set it up similarly to the default settings in the java version for multiplayer servers so its not so chaotic i.e. people flying around killing others when that should be disabled by default. And it seems a lot of creative mode things can be disabled now that crafting is introduced, so which ones can be safely disabled without interfering with current gameplay?


    Is it possible to disable PvP? I'm not seeing an option for it and its been chaos on my server so far...

    There also seems to be an issue with not being able to use backspace in chat most of the time.

    ^ ^ This would be cool, but wouldn't it get very tedious very quickly at some point?
    In the end, the developers are the ones who make the final decision.

    It could just be quick, like if you have the tool you can choose the shape of block to place. Not a tedious process to shape every block by actually having to hit it to shape it...

    And if tools have decay/finite uses now, it could open up a market for blacksmiths or whoever to have to produce tools for people to use.

    Its looking awesome!

    I would love to see player-owned vendors that they have to stock with items for sell/buy so that there is more of an economy, especially as cooking/baking and other items are added. That way players could role-play more, such as create a village where one player owns a bakery, another a blacksmith, etc.

    I would also love to see a native land claim system similar to yahgiggle's WorldProtection plugin that allows players to claim chunks of land for protection without needing an admin. I'm worried about if the plugin will be compatible with the new game version since it is integral to the functioning of my server.

    Hi red51 or anyone else that might be able to answer this question,

    My server has yahgiggle's world protection plugin installed (…o-area-protection-script/) and we've noticed phantom claims in outlying areas that match up with a real claim somewhere else in the world. What we've noticed is that the land ID # is the same for both claims which seems to be causing the duplication with the area protection plugin.

    Which brings me to my question, do the land ID #'s repeat? And is it due to our world having been explored so much that its run out of ID #s and begun to repeat them?

    Any ideas how to fix this?

    Thank you!

    Has anyone had issues with the plugin database getting too large and causing issues?

    On my server some players have started noticing phantom claims that are linked to a real claim elsewhere in the world. So if an admin removes the phantom claim, it removes the other claim too. I noticed the issue a while back, but there have been more reports of it recently. Our theory is that maybe the database has gotten too big and is messing up.