Area Protection [New Version]

  • Introduction

    The new version already includes built-in Area Protection functionality. It's based on the regular permission system. You can create arbitrary areas and either assign a default permission to it (which will be applied automatically to every player who enters the area), or alternatively you can also assign permissions per player (which will always have a higher weighting than the default permission). These permissions will only be active for a player while he's inside the area.

    Permissions can be used to prevent players from doing certain actions. For example, you can prevent players from destroying blocks inside an area.

    If more than one area overlaps, you can optionally assign a priority for an area. Areas with a higher priority will always be prioritized.

    In addition to that, you can assign a custom name to your area. If desired, this name will be shown to every player who enters the area. It will be treated as a "location" label, i.e. you could create an area around your city and assign the name of your city to it, for example.

    Depending on the permission, you can prevent players from entering or leaving an area. If a player is not allowed to enter an area, the area acts as an "invisible wall". You can use this feature to prevent particular players from entering a specific area in your world, or to create invisible, indestructible barrier.

    In future releases, you will be able to set an area "claimable", so a player could claim this area (which will then act as a plot).

    Note: Areas are also supported in singleplayer. While it typically doesn't make much sense there to set custom permissions, you can still use this feature to create various locations in your world.

    Getting started

    To set up area permissions, you need to create an "Areas" subfolder in your "Permission" folder (if it does not yet exist) in the server directory. Put every area-specific permission file there.

    In order to create a new area in the world, you have to go to creative mode (type "gm 1" into console), then press F9 to enable the area tools. Press 1 to enable the area creation tool, then select the desired area and hold your right mouse button to create it.

    If you want to edit an area (i.e. assign permissions, set a name etc), press 2 to enable the edit tools. Look at the desired area (which should then change its color) and hold your right mouse button to bring up a radial menu.

    Areas are invisible by default, they only become visible while the creative mode area tools are active. Alternatively you can also type "showareas" into console to visualize all existing areas.

    Set Name
    Changes the area name. If "Show Name" is active, this area name will be shown to every player who enters the area
    Show Area Name
    Determines if the area name should be shown to players who enter the area
    Set Default Permission
    Allows you to set a default permission for this area, which will be applied to every player who enters the area (unless this player has specific area permissions)
    Add Player
    Adds a player to this area. This enables you to assign a specific permission to this particular player
    DeleteDeletes the area. Hold the mouse button to perform this action
    Remove Player
    Removes a player from an area (i.e. removes his permission)
    Set Priority
    Sets a priority for this area (only relevant if multiple areas overlap with each other). Negative numbers are supported
    Determines if the area should be claimable. This is currently not implemented, but in future releases, players could claim an area (if it is claimable) to become the owner of this area

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