Update 0.2: Building Update

  • Hi folks! Finally the building update is available for the new version! It introduces almost 200 different materials and 27 different construction shapes.

    Unlike the Java version, there is no longer a distinction between blocks and construction elements. Instead every block can now be freely rotated and resized, which gives a lot more freedom compared to the old version.


    We've also created new building tools from scratch, introducing various new features. For example, the modular snapping is now very powerful and enables you to easily create rounded structures in no time. There is also a visual radial menu now which allows you to change various building settings without having to use console commands.

    Compared to the Java version, you will now experience much smoother texture transitions between different materials and also significantly less flickering on overlapping elements.


    Unfortunately the crafting part is not fully implemented yet, so we've set up a temporary material selection at the workbench. The same material selection also shows up if you use the "item" command: Typing "item block" into console brings up the texture selection. Alternatively you can also just type "item construction" to bring up a shape selection as well.

    We appreciate any feedback regarding the new building tools. We've implemented them in a modular way, so we can modify them quite easily if necessary. If you find any issues with the building tools or if you have any suggestions about them, please don't hesitate to let us know!

    Apart from the building part, this update also introduces a few other changes and additions. Rain now produces proper puddles on terrain, and we've also added reflections for puddles and smooth construction materials (like metal or marble). We've also improved lots of sounds, implemented the "misc" settings menu (giving you access to various game options), changed the way how grass is generated, and if you prefer using a high FOV or if you play on an ultra-wide screen, you can now enable "panini projection" to reduce screen distortions. Find the full changelog below!


    It's now our intention to add multiplayer and blueprints. We've already implemented large parts of the multiplayer, so the next update will be available a lot faster. Stay tuned!


    New Version Changelog 2021-04-29 (0.2):

    • [New] Update to Unity 2021.1
    • [New] Added 27 different construction elements (block shapes)
    • [New] Added 198 different textures
    • [New] New building tool for construction elements:

      • New modular snapping (automatic and manual mode)
      • Ability to place multiple elements in a row (1-3 directions)
      • Ability to change texture scale
      • Upper surface can be modified independently
      • Ability resize elements proportional
      • Ability to apply size of an existing world element to current element
      • New radial menu to change parameters without commands
    • [New] Reduced z-fighting (flickering) of overlapping construction elements
    • [New] Ability to paint construction elements
    • [New] Grass can now grow in all directions (TBD)
    • [New] Added "Miscellaneous" settings menu, giving access to various game settings
    • [New] Added buttons to sort inventory or merge item stacks
    • [New] Added screenspace reflections (still WIP)
    • [New] Rain produces puddles on terrain and also gives it a "wet" look
    • [New] Added settings to hide pivots or grid in building tools
    • [New] Added new background scenes for main menu
    • [New] Added optional fly mode speed control (shift+scroll), see misc settings
    • [New] Added "panini projection" setting (to reduce distortion when using wide fov)
    • [New] Command "item construction" now brings up a block shape selection menu
    • [New] If no variation is defined for the "item" command (when spawning constructions), a texture selection menu shows up
    • [Change] Added new fire and reload sounds for repeater
    • [Change] Added inertia to equipped item
    • [Change] Cannot pickup locked doors anymore
    • [Change] Increase running speed of player
    • [Change] Player lowers equipped items while sprinting
    • [Bugfix] Walkie-Talkie and Megaphone no longer crash the game if recording device could not be initialized
    • [Bugfix] Fixed missing texts when changing creative mode terrain tool shape
    • [Bugfix] Fixed grid rendering on lowest grid sizes (0.0625 and 0.03125)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed broken textures (red spots) on LOD terrain
    • [Bugfix] Fixed sporadically occurring shadow artifacts on lit surfaces
    • [Bugfix] Fixed console key showing up in input line when opening/closing the console
    • [Bugfix] Fixed various other issues

    Hotfix 2021-05-03 (

    • [New] Pivots for remaining construction elements (rounded block, corner elements etc) are now available
    • [New] New block shape: Half cone
    • [New] Fly mode no-clip setting is now accessible in the misc settings
    • [New] Added frame limiter setting (see graphics settings)
    • [New] Added "findbase" console command
    • [Change] Manual positioning now stays active after changing the item (need feedback)
    • [Change] Added additional preset slot to building radial menu
    • [Change] Increased default duration of a day from 42 to 60 minutes
    • [Change] Changed tiling for some wood textures
    • [Change] It now takes 2 hits to destroy blocks in creative mode
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong rotation if modular snapping is active
    • [Bugfix] Fixed texture issue on rounded block
    • [Bugfix] Fixed texture on slope getting stretched on certain rotations
    • [Bugfix] Editing surface offset of rounded block no longer breaks the mesh
    • [Bugfix] Fixed missing tooltips and drag&drop items after returning to the main menu
    • [Bugfix] Fixed rotation not working right after enabling the manual positioning mode
    • [Bugfix] Changing block shape after splitting the stack no longer affects both stacks
    • [Bugfix] Fixed inventory sometimes being cleared for no reason
    • [Bugfix] Fixed reset button in settings not working correctly
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong door scale (thickness) after resizing it
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong wind intensity on snow effect
  • EDIT: Had to opt out of beta then opt in again for update to be visible - not sure why?

    Usually it takes some time until the Steam client recognizes a new update (if it was released while your Steam client was already running). You can manually trigger the download by rightclicking on RW in your Steam lib -> Properties -> Local files -> Verify integrity of game files ;)

  • Usually it takes some time until the Steam client recognizes a new update (if it was released while your Steam client was already running). You can manually trigger the download by rightclicking on RW in your Steam lib -> Properties -> Local files -> Verify integrity of game files ;)

    Thanks, download just arrived... must go! :D :D

  • Not sure if this is Linux specific but I can't load fmod :(

    The last version of the unity refactor worked fine in Linux just earlier today.

    Oh, it looks like the FMOD libs are not included in the Linux build :wat: That's strange... I will fix that, a mini Linux update should be ready in a few minutes! Thanks for letting us know!

  • vinehold I'm glad to hear it works now :) :thumbup:

    Where would you like suggestions etc posted?

    We will probably set up a separate suggestion section in the near future, but in the meantime, feel free to post your suggestion in the general discussions area for the new version: https://forum.rising-world.net/board/34

    Unfortunately the ability to remap the keys arnt working for me, so every time i try and rotate or move a block my character moves as well.

    Did you maybe change your keybinding in the past? Make sure the move controls don't overlap with the building controls (there is a separate "Building" section

    Just noticed (on Linux at least) the slider in the scroll bar on the block bench isn't visible

    Yeah, that's an issue in Unitys UIToolkit package :dizzy: Not much has changed there since December, but to be fair, this package is still in preview. According to Unity, UIToolkit becomes "production ready" by the end of this year, so hopefully issues like this will be sorted out.

  • Yeah the key bindings are overlapped so when i tried to fix it, i clicked with the mouse to rebind them to another key, it counts down from 3 to 1 but no matter what key i press it wont change.

    Hmm... I will check out what's going on there! If you switched to the desktop before, try to press "Alt" (left) once: that seems to be a bug which suppresses subsequent input :thinking:

    Another small issue: textures seem to partially disappear when rotating a (rounded) block to some angle...

    Oh, that's not supposed to happen =O We will fix that!

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