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    For anyone curios to know........ I have finally solved the problem.

    Rising world server is compatible with Windows Server 2012 as long as you install the dependency. To get it working use the below link and dl and install the 64bit version ... you can also install the 32 bit version for good luck :-D

    'Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022'…d-vc-redist?view=msvc-170

    The link in a previous post about this problem, the dev gave a link to the old vs2015 dependency that didn't work as the jdm was looking for files that were not there.

    As for the scheduler for the server........ god knows why its non functional.. I will get to the bottom of it eventually

    Hope this helps others that come accross this problem.

    After the Plugin API version update im getting jdk dependency errors. The plugin system is DOA and also the permission system is effected, the server still runs however.

    "[ERROR] DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL '../Java/JDK/bin/server/jvm.dll'. Tried the load the following dynamic libraries: Unable to load dynamic library '../Java/JDK/bin/server/jvm.dll' because of 'Failed to open the requested dynamic library (0x06000000) - The specified module could not be found. (WinError:0000007e)"

    What OS's are compatible with Rising World Server? - it seems to work ok with windows 10 but windows server 2012 its coming up with the above error. I can upgrade my OS if necessary.

    I saw a link to download vc 2015 from a previous post but my server already has vc2017 and wont allow me to install the 2015 version because it says 2017 version super-seeds it.

    Also the scheduler no longer works, the server will not restart automatically which is a pain because i have to manually remote into it to restart.

    It would be handy to have a comprehensive detailed manual available about Rising World Server, with all the technical information in one place rather than having to trawl through the forum and missing something vital, which I probably have :lol:

    any help would be appreciated.


    Its a 10 year old graphics card wich was from the beginning no realy good.

    You realy should think about buying another one.

    Its old but still a capable gpu, testament to the fact its running Rising World on windows 10 at an acceptable level even if its without clouds. Not everyone can afford to upgrade their systems and the fact the game does support older hardware means a larger player base which this game needs. So that was the purpose of my report.

    I have now set up my main PC and can say everything's is working well on max graphics settings and the graphics are quite spectacular!

    Im my case the water bug was only effected by running the game under window 8, with windows 10 the water displayed correctly. Perhapse its a difference in graphics card drivers or the driver version numbers i have installed. Im betting its something to do with the graphics drivers as steam uses its own Redistributables so the game isnt drawing on the OS's ones.

    As for the clouds (which were the most realistic clouds ive ever seen in a game - i cant really put into words how impressed i am with the clouds... they are just the same as real life) I can confirm they were displaying correctly before the update on the 31st. now they are missing on both windows 8 and windows 10 boot options.

    I have often wondered about the graphics cards vram, it does seem a bit low to me although it seems to use an additional 1gb of virtual memory as well.

    Manufacturer NVIDIA

    Model GeForce GTX 650

    Device ID 10DE-0FC6

    Revision A2

    Subvendor ASUStek Computer Inc (1043)

    Current Performance Level Level 0

    Bus Interface PCI Express x16

    Temperature 38 °C

    Driver version

    BIOS Version

    Physical Memory 1023 MB

    Virtual Memory 1024 MB

    I have yet to test the game on my main computer as its not set up atm due to house renovations.

    The new game graphics are beautiful, however I just though id mention a few issues im getting with the game. The machine im testing on is multi boot. I am getting the same issue with the water as Urshala. The first pic shows an image from the game running on windows 10, the water is displaying as intended. The next 2 pics show the game running under windows 8 where there is a strange bug, when you walk toward the water the chunks dissapear. When you chop the ground with a tool which im assuming refreshes the chunk the water starts displaying again. When you walk away from it then back the chunk of water then dissapears.

    In addition to the water bug, the volumetric clouds are failing to display at all on either operating system, The Computer im using to test is a Dell Optiplex 390 with Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz with 8gb Ram. The gpu is a nvidia Geforce GTX 650 with 1gb of memory.

    I hope this helps in solving this issue.

    If your server is busy and there's lots of people digging, building, farming ect.... it can cause the issue you mentioned, im assuming its a bug with the plugin. The work around is to create areas when the server is empty or there are only a few people on. Or you could ask people to stop what they are doing for a minute while you create your protection area.

    A sound block which can play user uploaded wav or mp3 files would indeed be a great addition to the game. It could have settings for various modes such as activate when proximity sensor triggered, sound loop, sound volume setting, play random sounds from the list ect. I think it could add a real dimension of ambience to a RW world and was something that the Java version lacked. Also some kind of interactive engineering functions of the blocks would be great to see in RW!

    Thanks for the reply :-) , I have tried the plugin for the java game but as you say most of the models i tried had problems when imported and one actually broke the game. Maybe a better plugin will come in the future that can filter out the incompatible ones and I will try again :-)

    Would it be possible, in the new name to create a block or marker element that could allow the user to upload their own custom sound effects into the game? This could be similar to the poster system and could include features to add different effects to the sound such as volume, looping on and off and play at random. Perhaps it could allow for multiple sounds to be attached to play in sequence or randomly. This system would allow for more ambience and richness to the worlds created.

    Would it be possible to implement a static model import system into the new game similar to the example plugin for the old. This could work in a similar way to the poster import system and provide for models with multiple textures and higher polygon levels than the latter and provide robust error checking so that bad models don't break the game. Maybe it could accept the .dae file format from Second Life? Also when the model is imported into the game the system could then allow the user to manipulate it in any way, rotate and move like any other building element. This system would allow for the creation of much more immersive and realistic worlds.

    Yeah the key bindings are overlapped so when i tried to fix it, i clicked with the mouse to rebind them to another key, it counts down from 3 to 1 but no matter what key i press it wont change.

    I tried the new version with all the graphics and distance settings set to maximum and the game is so smooth (runs even better than the java version) I had no errors and gave it a fair test. The game uses around 67% processing capability compared to the java version which is around 15% - but im sure there will be optimizations when its released in full. I did not get any errors or crashes.


    nvidia gtx 980

    I really love the new graphics, ambience and immersion. It definatley feels a more realistic environment. I cant wait for the official release.


    Tried to install the gps plugin, but getting fatal error from the shared library plugin

    RW SERVER: Fatal error occurred!

    pluginapi.PluginException: com.vms.RWGUI: Main class does not extend Plugin: "com.vistamaresoft.rwgui.RWGui"

    at pluginapi.PluginLoader.loadPlugin(SourceFile:307)

    at pluginapi.PluginLoader.loadPluginFromJar(SourceFile:218)

    at pluginapi.PluginLoader.loadPlugins(SourceFile:48)

    at pluginapi.PluginManager.initialize(SourceFile:79)

    at server.Main.e(SourceFile:601)

    at server.Main.initApplication(SourceFile:272)

    at commons.JIWApplication.initialize(SourceFile:242)

    at com.jme3.system.NullContext.initInThread(


    at Source)

    was the first line green?Did you activate the Sign in the Config?
    Please send more info!

    Please send the Error-Log-File!

    I looked and it didn't produce an error log, but not to worry as its not a big problem. Now I've got some help with the guide from a German friend I'm realising just how great this plugin is! It adds loads of functionality to my server and if you make the plugin for the new version of the game I will continue to use it on the new version of rw server. Many thanks to the dev of this plugin. :)

    The plugin is a really cool idea and I would love to be able to use it but unfortunately when I added it the server crashes on startup.