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The animal update is now finally available for the new version!

    Yesterday we wiped the server 3 times, and when the server settings are default, the server is immediately visible in the list, and after activating the Creative mode and adding groups with creative permissions, the server disappears from the list.

    We will wait 24 hours as I am at work tomorrow. I'm sure the problem will remain.

    I know that the problem will be solved, but the relationship is interesting, (the list of servers and groups is not clear). :thinking::)

    Dedicated server.

    After activating Creative Mode and/or adding a Creative Group to the "Groups" folder, the Server disappears from the "Server List". Players connect via ip.

    Where is the connection? How to fix?

    Oh, basically it is intended that actual admins can always use all commands and also have access to all tools :wat: Which commands didn't work exactly?

    No need to create a new world, animals will just spawn in all chunks which haven't been modified (similar to how it worked in the Java version) ;)

    You mean a way to paint each side of a block individually? This is actually on our to-do list :)

    YEs. Thanks Red

    Hello. Red, maybe I missed a thread somewhere where they discuss the tools in the game (paint on the block).

    The roller paints the entire block, while the brush should paint parts of the block individually. Is it possible to implement this?

    This would be handy for indoor refurbishment/refurbishment + less detail on the inside of the building.

    Thank you very much for your help. Everything worked out for me (I always had problems with permissions), I wrote to the permissions "Creative", Creative_watertools=true:D and it didn’t work for obvious reasons. You helped me a lot, I don't know how to thank you. Thank you:*

    Oooh Red, thanks for the fix.

    1. Permissions. I referred to the name tags (they are duplicated).

    2. Players are asking if they will be able to use the soil from the inventory? In the Java version, it was possible to edit the landscape from the inventory (fill up a hole, paint the area and not only ...), it was very convenient for editing caves.

    3. Still interested in Dynamite, and Boer. Will they be in the game in the future? (maybe I missed the information about this on the forum).

    4. I forgot, I'm sorry (I am from 8:00 to 23:00 in the Rising World). I'm late... 8:02 already^^

    Loving the new update RED and I must congratulate you on doing a wonderful job especially the pine forests, the only problem that I've come across is that I can't level the ground with the rake, the most it seems to be doing is taking the top off and nothing else?

    A sledgehammer (hammer) does not smooth the corners of the ground in the cave. (in java, the hammer leveled the surface and it was very good)

    There was just myself and another player online, say player x, when I found player x in-game the name tag over the player actually had a the name of player b who had disconnected earlier.

    When player c then joined, player x's name tag then change (right before me) to players c's name tag.

    Just as they might be useful to you I'm going to send all the server logs over so far.

    We have the same problem. (default player permissions, I didn’t change anything, didn’t add anything to the server. Default server settings and permissions, everything as provided by the developer).

    There may be problems with private due to scammers, I don’t know yet

    Names are not tied to a Steam account or..., I don't know