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    Thank you ArcticuKitsu =)

    Mate, I am asking red because he is the one who knows what is going on. I have used the search function, he has only mentioned the word Island one time in these forums, and it was the above comment last week (edit: turns out it was case sensitive, there are a couple other mentions of islands in english but it still doesn't answer my question). I don't speak german, but he appears to have discussed islands briefly in german 18 months ago in some comments. I am not sure if those comments are relevant or not still due to the time passed.

    If you can point me to where Red has discussed these things that would be greatly appreciated, but otherwise, with all due respect, your unsubstantiated comments and suggestions to use the search function just aren't useful. I have used the search function, and I have also followed the official update posts, and I have not found the answer to my questions, which is why I am politely asking......

    First playable version now available!

    Извините за мой поздний ответ! Я не уверен, что вы ожидаете от геймплея, похожего на «Водный мир», но океаны и мореплавание будут играть большую роль в новой версии по сравнению с версией для Java ^^ . Мир будет состоять из нескольких больших островов (на самом деле огромных островов), в окружении океана. Если вы хотите исследовать различные биомы, вам придется построить корабль и отправиться на другие острова.

    Что касается творческого режима, в основном инструменты терраформирования уже доступны в демоверсии. Вы можете включить творческий режим, набрав [tt] gm 1 [/ tt] в консоли, затем нажмите F5, чтобы включить инструменты ландшафта.

    Строительство, однако, будет частью следующего обновления (которое вводит строительные элементы и соответствующие строительные инструменты). ;) Это обновление будет готово в апреле.

    Are you planning a lot of furniture, clothes, animals like cats, dogs, birds in the game? Cooking ..?

    Принят на работу. Планируете ли вы в игре много мебели, одежды, животных, например кошек, собак, птиц?

    Are there any plans to develop "Water World" like from a movie? build swimming boats, schooners, sail around the islands, to merchants, find treasures, etc.

    And when will we be able to fully build in creative mode?))

    After selecting the "New Version Preview" Beta branch on Steam, make sure to launch the game from your Steam library. Then there will be a small popup where you can select "Play Rising World" (which launches the Java version) and "New Version" (which launches the new version) ;)

    Thanks for the work you've done. Red and his team create a super game. This will be the best game in the world.

    Everything works stably well, without lags and bugs.

    Thank you very much. We are waiting for updates)) great job, super.:D:D:thumbup::thumbup: