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    im wanting to start planning player placed able markets(buy/sell). im going to do this with a place able seller npc. i would like some input on the way it works. npc has attached storage player places items in said storage and sets sell buy prices. i was also thinking....i could do it so there is a buyer npc and a seller npc. when one is placed it uses all chests in a set area. player would then for example interact will seller npc select set prices and it would just bring up a list of all items/objects in game to set prices for. i think this way you could set all prices and just drop whatever in the chest as its collected. i feel this way if a player has a buyer and seller npc and someone sells something to would automatically be for sale with the seller npc.

    hope this makes sense. would love to hear peoples thoughts about this.

    Hello, great idea and work.:thumbup: super plugin
    I can't join. The link to your Discord is not working.

    Lighting, texture, shadows, playing technique, direction, essence of the game... . The game in the demo version has already outdone similar analogues. This will be a great game 100%

    Рopularity creeps up behind Red51.

    Many thanks Juggernaut.

    75682 NPCs have been removed. NPC spawn speed has also been reduced by 0.5.

    I asked the players to write to me in cases of 10%, but not all players are willing to help. =(

    I'll try to join the server tomorrow =(

    If you have a backup file you can replay the world again. A world save also includes the work of the players.

    Unfortunately I can't help you with the errors.

    I had error messages with the pnb-plugin on the server, so I never tried to install this plugin again.

    Thank you very much Deirdre, but Backup 07/23/2021 Players have already built a lot. And the problem may come back later. =(

    Hello everyone.

    Java server does not allow players. 10% load and stop.

    There was a fatal error in the server logs from the PNB plugin. The plugin has been removed, but the server still won't let players in, 10%. I can't find the reason.

    Is it possible to delete the sbp-1_-1.bpc and swp-1_-1.wpc files along this path? cache/worlds/Virt World2103061014/sbp-1_-1.bpc There are hundreds of these files and they respond to interaction with them with a long delay.

    What are these files for? (I understand what kind of world, namely?)

    Will player work be removed?

    Dear Friends! New Year is a new stage in life, which always brings new events and new joys into our lives. I wish you joyful events in the New Year. Let the Rising World game bring you only joyful moments, and all the bad things fade into the background ..

    In 2021, many things happened for everyone. For someone this year was a success, for someone he prepared trials, but let all the bad things remain in the old year, because the New Year is very close. I want to sincerely wish you in the coming year to be the most successful, happy, joyful events, may everyone find new sincere friends (and not only in the game Rising World).

    On New Year's Eve, let everyone have a little miracle. Make a wish and let it come true, because New Year's Eve is magical and who knows, maybe something important will happen for you on this very night. I wish you in the new year to find your personal happiness. For students: successful exams, for workers: career advancement, Red51: stay on course for good luck and move confidently towards great success. May every day in the new year be grandiose and profitable for you! Happy New Year Friends.:party:

    "saving Saves

    There is unfortunately no cloud saving available for the dedicated server :/

    in this case, the strange behavior of the server. Well, we'll find the reason later.

    I took the permits out of the trash heap.


    • Desktop.7z

      (1.07 kB, downloaded 96 times, last: )

    In order to be able to use the "gm" command, the "changegamemode" permission (under "general") needs to be set to true. Like this:

    "general": {
    "changegamemode": true

    In addition to that, you can also define which creative mode tools should be accessible to the player. They're located under "creative":

    Make sure the resulting file is valid JSON. You could either put that into the default.json permission (if you want it to affect all players), or create a separate group for creative mode players. I've attached a permission file which solely enables creative mode (with all tools except the area tools - that one should only be allowed for the admin). Put that file into the "groups" folder in the "permissions" directory, then assign players via the "spg" command (e.g. "spg galochka creative") ;)

    Thank you Red for 7s, but I have several files identical to yours, I have been working with them for several years since Java. Thanks for the "code check" link, yes, I have been using similar services since the Java version.

    Yes, in the group "by default" all permissions were given, except for ban, kick, etc. (as part of the experiment).

    To the point. Another question: ^^

    Looks like I somewhere on the forum missed the information that the area works only for admins, and that the server somehow retains the old settings (but the server behaves this way).:thinking:

    I am inclined to believe that somewhere in the settings some kind of saving (copy) is enabled, which somehow works on the server. Is it possible?

    I used the Admin group to create the Builder group and accordingly changed the color of the group to green, after deleting the Builder group (because it does not work, there is no protection for the area), the Admin group is green on the server, and in the permissions it is red (I’m not garbage inside the server I keep, all files that are not up-to-date are stored on a separate storage medium or deleted).

    It was:

    Group "Builder"

    "chat": true,

    "chatcolor": "# FF0000",

    "chatemojis": true,

    "chatnamecolor": "# 00b300", <= GREEEN Color

    "chatnameprefix": "",

    "chatprefix": "",

    "chatrichtext": false,

    "group": "Builder",

    "groupcolor": "# 00b300",

    "nametagcolor": "# 00b300",

    "nametagprefix": "",

    "nametagprefixcolor": "# 00b300",

    "nametagsuffix": "",

    "nametagsuffixcolor": "# 00b300",

    "showadmintag": true,

    "showdistance": true,

    "showinplayerlist": true,

    "shownametag": true


    "info": {

    "chat": true,

    "chatcolor": "# FF0000", <= Red Color.

    "chatemojis": true,

    "chatnamecolor": "# FF0000",

    "chatnameprefix": "ADMIN",

    "chatprefix": "ADMIN",

    "chatrichtext": false,

    "group": "ADMIN",

    "groupcolor": "# FF0000",

    "nametagcolor": "# FF0000",

    "nametagprefix": "ADMIN",

    "nametagprefixcolor": "# FF0000",

    "nametagsuffix": "[ADMIN]",

    "nametagsuffixcolor": "# FF0000",

    "showadmintag": true,

    "showdistance": true,

    "showinplayerlist": true,

    "shownametag": true

    The Builder group does not exist inside the server (I have it on my computer). And the Admins on the server are green.

    I come back to the question.

    It may be that some type of "cloud" saving is enabled in the settings. Is it possible?

    Changes to the default.json file will not take effect. The file settings only change the Server Mode and Server Name. I redid many different manipulations with the permission group, not one combination does not give the players creativity, only the admins in the file.

    Please, if someone has configured Creative mode on a dedicated server (a permission group and it works), please upload z7 here to the forum in this thread. We will be very grateful to you.

    Will there be a way for server owners to alter the speed that plants/food develops and grows? This would be handy for servers that have a monetary system, a way to control the value of food and materials by the speed they develop. This would allow for a better controlled farming profession IMHO.

    Spawn speed, the ability to regulate the amount of vegetation, the ability to regulate the collection of resources, etc. this will significantly unload a weak server that uses mods (economy, etc.) + this will add complexity to the game (fewer resources, long development, which will contribute to the online server) ... It is possible in the future to introduce the quality of items, resources into the game, which will also affect online (to build a house from a quality resource that has previously undergone technical processing, and some resources could be found or obtained from a fresh resource "wood" high-grade wood, quality too dropout% will have to be adjusted).

    Example Quality resources for:

    Quality Tools Affect Collection

    A high-quality resource affects the fact that the player's stove does not fall apart and his house does not burn down.

    Food quality affects storage length.

    The quality of the seeds, saplings that the player has planted.

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