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    Single player, tried to pick up placed standing torch (which was lying on its side and lit!). Got an error message but the game closed and opened Steam forum in browser before I could read error message.

    As there's no Bug report section decided to post here, started typing then went back to stop game in Steam but didn't realise that the browser was a child process which also closed - grrr.

    I'm on Linux BTW

    This one is probably well known but when chopping trees a brown square is visible around the edges of the texture which represents the chopped part:

    I think the icon/image for stone in inventory needs changing, it looks more like coal than the grey colour of the stones we pick up or mine. I realise it may be like this to differentiate it from ores, so why not make the icon a group of grey stones like this (sorry for 10 second creativity!):

    This is indeed a bug, unfortunately it happens if you equip an item that is basically already equipped :D We'll provide a fix for this ASAP ;)

    It would be nice if equipment could be seen and equipped without having to open the inventory - something like this and maybe using a modifier key to select eg Alt+1 for equipment item 1 (or maybe 1 to 5 for hotbar and 6 to 9 for equipment).

    Chose 'Equip' from the compasses context menu (in the equipment slot) and it put the compass in hand. Did the same thing again and the compass appears around the wrist like a chunky bangle :lol:

    Now that I think about this again, this could be the sound of the location ticker? Your current location is shown in the lower left corner of the screen when you spawn, and it makes a ticking noise (a bit similar to a Geiger counter) ^^

    Sorry, you're right, that's exactly what it is. I never noticed that 'teletype' message.

    Hmm... hard to tell what was causing this :thinking: If you hold shift when clicking on an item in inventory, it automatically moves the item to the next free hotbar slot. Maybe the game still considered the shift key pressed for some reason? If this happen again, please try to tap shift once to see if it works then.

    OK will do.... I wonder if this could somehow be related to the crash I reported in the other thread which I think happened in the inventory or crafting window?

    Oh, thanks for the log! Unfortunately it doesn't contain any information about the crash, indicating this was a hard crash (so the game couldn't even catch any information about it) :wat:

    Does the game always crash when using the mouse wheel in inventory/crafting menu?

    No this is the one and only time it has crashed in any release of the Unity version. I'll just have to see if it happens again and try to figure out what if anything I did to cause it as I'm not certain it was the mouse. I did notice the PC's fan was working hard at that point, it it happens again I'll check the temperatures.

    Not sure about having settings for the place/pickup though... in multiplayer this could be confusing if some players can do this instantly while it works slower for others (everyone who has the game on default settings) - this could be problematic on survival or pvp oriented servers :thinking:

    Good point, I hadn't thought about that. What about reducing the fixed time then? Maybe a poll here on the forum to see what others think, it just seems to take too long to me.

    Just encountered an issue whereby it wasn't possible to drag an item in the inventory to another slot or the hotbar/quickbar. Each time I tried to drag an item it registered as a click and the item was transferred to the hotbar slot selected before the inventory was opened. Similarly, trying to drag items from the hotbar transferred them to inventory immediately. I restarted the game as a sanity check and dragging worked as expected - I think the PLayer-prev.log might be the log you need?


    Used the mouse scrollwheel (I think I was in the crafting menu or inventory) and the game crashed. I was unable to return to the OS, had to do a power switch reboot :( Log file attached.

    MX Linux


    AMD Ryzen 5

    Radeon RX570


    • Player.log

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    How about an option to change the time it takes to place or pick up an item eg a workbench. It seems to take a long time, I'd like to halve it at least :D

    (I had a look at settings, doesn't seem to be an option for this at present but sorry if I've missed it).

    Could you tell me which tool you were using (was it the primitive axe)? Are the sounds really missing, or are they "just" delayed? I'm experiencing a sound delay with certain materials too :thinking:

    Yes, primitive axe. The sound is definitely missing when striking iron boulders - I haven't progressed to any mining as yet, I've been starting new worlds to see if the missing water issue is fixed (and admiring the views, you've made a great job of world gen!).

    One other sound(?) issue I noted, immediately upon spawning there's a short burst of of rapid clicks which sounds like a Geiger counter... it's like a series of events have been queued up and then released. I haven't noticed any other sound issues.

    Bug? Often when breaking iron boulders on the surface, the sound doesn't play for one of the strikes - usually somewhere between the fourth and last strike.

    The missing sound doesn't seem to happen at all when breaking ordinary (stone) surface boulders ie all strikes have the accompanying sound.

    Hotfix 2022-11-02:

    • [Bugfix] Fixed water chunks sometimes disappearing or missing (need feedback)

    I wandered along a coastline for ages - no missing squares anywhere - looks fantastic. I started a different world and spawned in a valley with water - there was a single square missing when viewed at a distance but it was rendered as I approached (the opposite of what was happening before I think) - maybe something to do with the water only being one 'tile' wide??? See near centre in these images:

    There is a 30% chance to spawn somewhere in the middle of an island, otherwise the game will try to find a spawn location at the coast ^^ But we'll probably tweak this a bit :D

    I've dabbled with several new worlds and so far have spawned on the coast in all of them (must be lucky :D). On a couple of occasions I spawned on an almost shear cliff so I think things might need tweaking a bit. That said, the collision set up seems very generous (not much slideing) so I could avoid falling into the sea quite easily and have also been able to climb very steep faces by working across them in a zig-zag pattern.

    Right click on a category in the crafting menu and the context menu appears. Close the crafting menu with the key - the context menu stays on screen and nothing can be done until left clicking.

    Is there any value in the bright green 'You've eaten a tomato' message when we've been treated to an long animation and eating sound? I find this narrator's voice somehow immersion-breaking - who is telling me this? If the player needs to be told, why not display it at bottom right as '-1 x Tomato' in the same way as '12 x iron ore'?

    If it was possible to accidentally eat something poisonous then I think such a messages (or maybe just an icon) would have value eg 'You've eaten a poisonous berry'.

    Oddly other HUD messages, building tips etc don't bother me, I guess because they're not voiced by some mysterious person! I suppose it's just down to personal preference.