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  • The plugins instructions is using different terminology than the folders in the English language folder systems. Its a bit confusing. Do we put the zip in each world folder. Do we put the unzipped folder in there? A screen shot of several mods in a world save would help. ?(

  • The plugins instructions is using different terminology than the folders in the English language folder systems

    Hmm... can you tell me which part of the instructions is confusing (or differs from standard teminology)? Basically all plugins belong into the "plugins" folder in the game directory (if this folder does not exist, just create it). So plugins are not installed per world.
    If you want to install the plugins on a server instead, just put them into the "plugins" folder in your server directory accordingly.

    You always have to unzip the plugin zip, but make sure that every plugin still has a separate subfolder. E.g. if a plugin is called "MyPlugin" and has a few files in it (like "myplugin.jar", "config.txt" etc), make sure the plugin folder "MyPlugin" goes into the "plugins" folder. Most plugin creators zip their plugins with an appropriate folder already, so you just have to unzip the file, but if a zip file just contains a "myplugin.jar" file, for example, you have to create the "MyPlugin" folder yourself.

    Example: If you want to install the ChickenCoops plugin (this is really just an example), you just have to unzip the "ChickenCoop" folder from the zip file in the plugins folder.

    Your game directory could look like this:

    Hope that helps :)

  • Yes I have it working now. One of your first posts on plugins says game/ Server directory and I took that to be the world save. There are other comments indicating that others have made the same error. ..../risingworld is the folder in my steam. There is also someone else that took it to mean that it only works on multiplayer servers. Both of those have since been answered but I did not see the answers there.…-to-install-run-a-plugin/

    Thanks that clarifies it.

  • Thanks for pointing that out! I agree this can be confusing... Basically it just means the plugins can either be installed in the game directory OR the server directory (for multiplayer servers), but I've updated the pinned topic to clarify this.

    Nevertheless, I'm glad to hear you have it working now :)

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