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The multiplayer update for the new version is now available!

    @wesleybruce: If you can run the current version of the game, it's very likely that you can also run the new version of the game ;) In the worst case, you have to disable certain graphics effects. As @joni909 asked, your system specs would be very helpful in this case :)

    Lol. I have something that pretends to be a computer. Acer Aspire TC 220 I'm trying to install an SSD or two but I've had problems with compatibility. Wasted a heap of money. Just bought something different which may work. :/
    I have a Dxdiag somewhere... Oh and the hard drives full. Dep.


    • DxDiag.txt

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    We have in game enough plants and things for a tropical biome. It would be one or two big broad leaf trees that are already in the forest. The palm tree. The lemon tree. The under story would be short grass, ferns, small bushes. The crops would be corn, chilli, hemp. The fauna could be chickens, Boar, goats, cows, Jaguar. No new plants needed.

    When we get though the upgrade it could be included.

    We could also add an arctic coast biome. Snow, logs on the shore line, no other trees or grass. Boulders. Only crop strawberries (representing tundra berry's). Fauna rabbits, sheep, deer, polar bear. Technically the arctic musk ox is actually a very big mean sheep!
    Penguins and polar bears don't mix and are literally not found at the same ends of the planet but penguin are cute.

    Survival requires mining early, warming up at a furnace or torch and fishing a lot. Its meant to be a hard start.

    One way to do simple preliminary power is have 4 or 5 blocks called wired wall. Stone and metal rod. If one is powered the next powers. So effectively its 10 blocks. Powered lights near a powered wall are slightly brighter.

    Then add a few simple power plants as required. Perhaps as plugins.
    The rest here is just ideas [as diner burns. I'm supposed to be cooking right now. :D ]
    Water mill. Place below a water pond. This provides low tech power.

    Solar thermal: A mix of iron, copper and silver plates, glass, some iron ingots. Makes power by day not night.

    Then a Fuelled engine: ingots, rods, 80/20 iron/ copper. +Some plates.

    Fuel plant: Makes biogas fuel from grass and rotten food, its a methane digester: 1000 stone 14 copper rods, 1 iron plate. Big! Add water to start. Powers the engine in contact. Other fuels possible.

    Copper Battery: some stone, some lumber, lots of copper plates, lemons, add water to start. The battery makes copper ore over time and needs more copper plates. (We don't have lead or zinc.)

    Silver battery; this powered the moon rovers: Some glass, silver plates, a few copper rods, lemons. (I'm using lemons as our symbolic acid just as Sulfur is used in explosives.)

    All power sources if placed on or beside a wired wall powers it. 1 metre. 2 block leeway.

    Then add;
    Powered spinning wheel: takes 4 stacks fibre at once and makes thread reels till empty. Hands free spinning.
    Electric Oven: cooking things.
    Charger: modern tools do not need charging unless you toggle it on in setting then they are in two states charged & out of power. In the latter case they run slower but do not stop {we don't want people stuck with a dead drill}. Or lose range (ore detector). The charger is a small 6 slot chest.
    Washer mill: a mill that takes stone, dirt & gravel. This turns out other resources; gems, new ores; clay; etc. This means we could add other ores as products of this instead of changing the world gen.

    I could go to town on Biodiesel. that needs a new crop. Petrol from coal could be fun but that might be later.

    Fuel Can for all fuels except methane: Several iron plates, 1 rod.

    Biogas Methane can be made into a compressible fuel in the real world by scrubbing out CO2 with lime and adding a catalyst and passing though oil. I can think of a recipe for the game.
    Gas bottle. Several plates.

    None of this is official or urgent.

    The only thing that worry's me is that the up grade may make the game no longer work with the Unity Engine on low end computers. My computer is 5 year old and will not run about half of the best unity games and doesn't have the power supply for some upgrades. Replacing the computer is not an option. Testing it on older computers is needed. I can still play the java version but I really like the upgrade. I guess this means I'm volunteering to be a crash test dummy in beta testing. :thumbup:

    I've commented on water before. Red is right its hard. The most likely way to get flowing water is to define not the water but what it flows on. The river bed or waterfall/ rapids face. That stores water data and adds the water voxels above in the case of a stream or river and both above and forward with rapids, water fall. This to some extent is what Reds doing with the pools. However if you dig away the pool the water hangs. If the water bed voxel is a dependency for the water then hanging water is controlled and water trolling is controlled. We would need a recipe for water supporting blocks. The sink could be made one. We would also need two kinds of water so the sea and ponds don't glitch out. A sloping half block for pool/ river shores might help too.
    Red has other things to do that may be more urgent and important so a team may be needed. I have too many ideas but can't see the code. Who can code?

    Yes I have it working now. One of your first posts on plugins says game/ Server directory and I took that to be the world save. There are other comments indicating that others have made the same error. ..../risingworld is the folder in my steam. There is also someone else that took it to mean that it only works on multiplayer servers. Both of those have since been answered but I did not see the answers there.…-to-install-run-a-plugin/

    Thanks that clarifies it.

    The plugins instructions is using different terminology than the folders in the English language folder systems. Its a bit confusing. Do we put the zip in each world folder. Do we put the unzipped folder in there? A screen shot of several mods in a world save would help. ?(

    Thanks for the input, ArcaneDesmond!I haven't taken a look into Pams Harvestcraft, but I definitely will and see if the mods could work together. I too am a big fan of the BLT, so if we get time that's something we'll work on. Love the suggestion!

    Pams Harvestcraft is a huge minecraft mod. Very popular. Doing something that big would be hard. Essentially you've all ready gotten started on a good design.

    We would probably need wheat and milk. I have ideas on both but am not great on Java coding; dyslexia makes code hard to read.
    I'll have a go at modelling some of the bits. We may need some input from the main dev team or any expert on the saddle code to make the cow milkable. Cow bell for the milking. That's my idea. Add like a saddle to the cow. F to get choice of leading the cow or milking it. Wooden dairy bucket. Is the cow mesh somewhere handy?

    For wheat; Sort 30 grass for wheat seeds. Plant seed decal on farm land. Covers a whole tile. Grows Dense wheat crop. harvest with sickle when yellow. No wild wheat. I'll need to take a peak at the carrot mesh. Are there polygon limits?

    This would give us milk, cream, butter, cheese, dough, bread, noodles. Then combinations: pizza!

    Can the mod API disable a recipe?
    I.e. That's not how you smelt aluminium but would work with scrap.

    Proper pre-electricity aluminium was pre processed with mixing anhydrous aluminium chloride with potassium and produced aluminium. A hideously expensive process.
    So we would need salt, 2 acids, aluminium dust[grinder], Potash.
    I can see how to do that with two new workstations and the toilet. But we need a lower technology toilet. lol. That's easy.
    The dunny is just wood. Really smelly and primitive but add grass and water and you get potash. It is why the flush toilet was not invented in the age of cannon. The contents of the toilets were too valuable. Potash reacted with water again makes niter or saltpetre.
    Roman toilet. Same but made from stone. That's your potash. (also used in making real gun powder. )
    Step two.
    Lab wear. : Stone, glass, copper. Torches for fuel.
    Mixes potash, glass jar and water to make alkali.
    Add gravel and dry that to get Saltpetre. Boom!
    Mixes sulfur, water, torch (controlled heat), glass jar to get acid.
    Mix water, grass and lots of sand to get salt. Does not consume the sand.
    Mix acid, salt To get hydrochloric acid. Also useful in plastics production.
    Mix that with with aluminium dust, and potash, to get aluminium scrap. Smelt that.

    Now you know why electrolysis is so important to the industrial revolution. It skips several steps.
    The electrolysis unit: Glass, copper, ground Coal (for tar), water. wood crate.
    Makes aluminium scrap from hydrochloric acid and aluminium ore.
    Makes hydrochloric acid form salt and water.
    Makes hydrogen for balloons!
    And to power it. Edison cell. Stone, iron, alkali, copper rods. Turns iron plate into iron ore. Three powers the electrolysis cell.
    I see a new technology tree forming.

    We also need a power plant technology to power those lights without clutter. I have an idea. We will need to avoid wiring. That looks good in some minecraft mods but is never easy to code or lay out.
    Que the Tesla coil.

    Could be a mod or a simple set of crafts.
    Build sequence to come. That should be fun. ;)

    Looks good so far.
    I see civilian clothing, Low technology leather armour.
    Might I suggest gambeson layered cloth. Just Cloth added to an existing shirt or pants.
    Scale armour. Gambeson plus 2 metal plates. Copper, Iron, Aluminium.
    Modern combat wear. Green dye from grass and catalyst. Ochre dye from dirt and catalyst. [My grand Uncles ran an ochre mine and set the world record for getting arrested for trying to join up. 5 times in WW2. They were not allowed fight; the mine was too important. :D ]
    Dark brown from the orange flower plus burnt food. Blue dye from the blue flower.
    High technology armour. Cloth, Ceramic, Aluminium. I'll have to cook up a dirt to clay recipe. Most dirt has a little clay and other ceramic

    PS sorry I've been a way. So many games so little time.
    I'm even paying 40 a year for two games I'm not remembering to play.

    @wesleybruce This is suppose to be a Real World and not fantasy as there isn't going to be zombies in the game. That was voted out. The only type of zombies that will be in the game are zombie dogs.
    Putting magic in the game would be like putting sniper rifles and machine guns and cannons and nukes & tanks etc.

    hope this helps ;-)

    Yes but my "perhaps magic" comment was pre the vote on magic and zombies. Zombies have been done to death. he he.
    And who needs zombies when the goat can kill you in 4 hits and those bears yikes!

    My use of the word magic is a little broader sense than the normal fantasy mix.
    The world is developing nicely.

    OK leave the metal in until the lumps go flat and shiny.They can't burn like the food so you can do something else. All metals can be smelted but only iron can be used. Aluminium can also be smelted and used for one item but that's future use. For the tools like the sickle you need enough iron to make an anvil and then a few more ingots per tool to make the tool.

    PS. If we did not start off with the two tools we would be doomed. You need a pick to mine iron and you need a lot of iron to make an anvil and then a pick. Don't drop your pick in the long grass like I did I was stuck for ages.

    PPS.To reach the back row on the smelter lower rack back up a tiny bit.

    The dev's should add a surface noise function with 3 or four settings. Tall grass, mown grass, no grass, bare dirt. The first is what we have, the second is what you get if you do on pass with a scythe, the third is green grass mesh = Full area scythed, the fourth is what the rake does.= a dirt surface. This should not break the engine. This would make for more visual interest and you would see more bunnies and melons particularly if you bias them to the later three. If you've ever seen a rabbet infested farm its all closely grazed grass and bare dirt from the worren.

    Is the BBQ or fire dead level? It glitches out if its not because the meat mesh is dead level but must be a specific distance from the grill mesh. If there's an angle you can't put the meat in. It most be in your hand to place. Did you know that? just like placing a block.