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  • Awhile back there was a pole asking what the Devs should focus on and Electricity was something that was mentioned. I've been playing this game for quite some time and the power system is what brings me back to it. They did it in such a simple but interactive way it's just fun to mess around with. I'd like to suggest maybe looking at what they did for reference when thinking about the power system. I'm not trying to advertise or anything I just think they did it really well and would love to see it in rising world.

    Heres a youtube channel focusing some of what I'm talking about.

  • Electricity is definitely planned. Though such a huge impact that it will take some time until implemented.

    But the problem is... your game might have focused on electricity. Though it looks (to me) clunky, blocky, unnatural.

    RW had the focus on a more realistic look and the building system. Both was very well achieved. And now its working on a reason to build (other than to realize your imagination) - survival.

    Electricity will be definitely the cherry on the cake, i am sure of that. But for now the game is focussing on survival to give the world the feeling of really being alive anda ctive. Also to give a challenge.

  • Maybe I should've specified I'm only suggesting the power mechanics of that game, the nuclear reactor, coal reactor, physically wiring the power source to a transformer and then having a transformer power an area. I'll probably either create a more well explained post tomorrow or edit it into my original I kinda created this while extremely tired last night. Thanks for your input!

  • Copied from Red51s post on Steam:

    Roadmap (last updated 2018-09-26)
    Here is an overview of some major features planned for Rising World. This list is not complete and does not contain smaller features. And - of course - the list is not final, so as always your feedback is crucial. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to create a new topic in our forums about that.


    • Food spoilage - stored food will rot over time, so it becomes inedible. There will be ways to preserve food
    • Crop failure - farming needs more attention. There will be a chance that plants get damaged or destroyed (caused by plant diseases, heavy rain etc)
    • Illness and Diseases - when not being careful enough, there is a risk to get wound infections (when not treating wounds properly), food poisoning (when consuming raw meat or rotten food) or other diseases. There will be treatments for most diseases
    • Human enemies - npc like bandits, pirates and other human enemies. They either spawn in camps or wandering around. Probably there will be a higher chance to face enemies during night
    • Monsters - it's planned that monsters only spawn in dungeons and hell. Having monsters spawning on the surface is not planned, but it's something we take into consideration (only if having human enemies and wild animals on the surface is not "sufficient"). Community feedback plays a crucial role when it comes to this feature


    • Trains - this includes small vehicles like minecarts, but also bigger trains (freight trains, passenger trains etc)
    • Cars - at least an offroad vehicle is planned. Just like trains, cars will be pre-made models, although they will be customizable (e.g. you can change the appearance, color, engine, transmission etc)
    • Boats - small boats (rowboat and inflatable boat) are already in the game, but we will definitely add some bigger ships
    • Air - currently we have no plans to add aircrafts, but maybe there will be other air vehicles like gliders and hot-air balloons, but we're not sure about this


    • Blocks - blocks will be treated like construction elements, i.e. you can resize them, rotate them and place them without restrictions. By resizing ramps, you can create different slopes
    • Roads - a tool to create curved roads is planned. A similar tool will be available to create rails
    • Electricity - this will play a big role. There will be an easy way of laying cables, but it also provides the opportunity to create complex circuits in a compact design, rounded off with a large range of available sensors and controllers


    • Traders - there will be randomly spawned traders in the world (and probably also wandering merchants). You can buy items from them or sell your stuff
    • Quest Npcs - probably the game will provide at least some basic quests. The according npcs can be found randomly in the world. For more complex quests, see the upcoming "Adventure mode" (below)
    • Factions - this is something we take into consideration, so it's not clear if or when this will be added. This feature provides various factions (e.g. bandits, knights, villagers etc) the player can interact with. Coupled with something like "respect", it's eventually up to the player if he decides to team up with them, or fight them


    • Flowing water - the current static water is just a placeholder and will be replaced by dynamic water in the future
    • Cooking - baking and cooking is planned. Various utensils will be available for preparing different meals
    • More dungeons and biomes - several new dungeons and biomes (like swamps, jungles etc) are planned. Unfortunately when changing the world generation, there is always a chance that this breaks old worlds. Basically this prevents us from touching the world generation at the moment, but there will be anyway a major update in the future introducing new biomes, dungeons and improving the terrain generation. Maybe we find a better way to handle old worlds in the mean time, so we can add new terrain features easily
    • Adventure mode - this mode allows you to play user-created maps. The creative mode can be used to create these maps (e.g. a platformer map, or a story-driven map filled with quests) and share them with other players

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  • One way to do simple preliminary power is have 4 or 5 blocks called wired wall. Stone and metal rod. If one is powered the next powers. So effectively its 10 blocks. Powered lights near a powered wall are slightly brighter.

    Then add a few simple power plants as required. Perhaps as plugins.
    The rest here is just ideas [as diner burns. I'm supposed to be cooking right now. :D ]
    Water mill. Place below a water pond. This provides low tech power.

    Solar thermal: A mix of iron, copper and silver plates, glass, some iron ingots. Makes power by day not night.

    Then a Fuelled engine: ingots, rods, 80/20 iron/ copper. +Some plates.

    Fuel plant: Makes biogas fuel from grass and rotten food, its a methane digester: 1000 stone 14 copper rods, 1 iron plate. Big! Add water to start. Powers the engine in contact. Other fuels possible.

    Copper Battery: some stone, some lumber, lots of copper plates, lemons, add water to start. The battery makes copper ore over time and needs more copper plates. (We don't have lead or zinc.)

    Silver battery; this powered the moon rovers: Some glass, silver plates, a few copper rods, lemons. (I'm using lemons as our symbolic acid just as Sulfur is used in explosives.)

    All power sources if placed on or beside a wired wall powers it. 1 metre. 2 block leeway.

    Then add;
    Powered spinning wheel: takes 4 stacks fibre at once and makes thread reels till empty. Hands free spinning.
    Electric Oven: cooking things.
    Charger: modern tools do not need charging unless you toggle it on in setting then they are in two states charged & out of power. In the latter case they run slower but do not stop {we don't want people stuck with a dead drill}. Or lose range (ore detector). The charger is a small 6 slot chest.
    Washer mill: a mill that takes stone, dirt & gravel. This turns out other resources; gems, new ores; clay; etc. This means we could add other ores as products of this instead of changing the world gen.

    I could go to town on Biodiesel. that needs a new crop. Petrol from coal could be fun but that might be later.

    Fuel Can for all fuels except methane: Several iron plates, 1 rod.

    Biogas Methane can be made into a compressible fuel in the real world by scrubbing out CO2 with lime and adding a catalyst and passing though oil. I can think of a recipe for the game.
    Gas bottle. Several plates.

    None of this is official or urgent.

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