Changelog 2016-10-17: Full release of the new Plugin API

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • i made a suggestion a while ago about fall colored trees, randomgen pumpkin patches with scarecrows, and randomgen graveyards. I was inspired by the Halloween update to ARK last year which added such visuals and it really looked neat. Some ghostly sounds would play whenever you walked into the graveyard. With the new API, smoke effects, and eventual custom sounds, I bet we could have a graveyard mod if not a vanilla one in the upcoming structures. I know Dungeons (and other structures) is next so who knows what will happen. Some seaonal additions and even seasons themselves would be awesome.

    Speaking of other random gen structures (part of the overall dungeons update ) such as temples and underwater ruins and shacks, I was just thinking how cool it would be to have fenced farmland ( several acres in size) with a farm house and barn be part of that list of random structures. You could possibly sneak into a farm at night and stral vegetables when the NPC farmer is asleep. ;)

    Red mentioned something about angry limberjacks and hermits. Maybe a farmer could be included too.

    Well, whatever happens, random gen structures is really going to add life to the game. A real game changer :)

  • Graveytard with ghosts was something I mentioned long ago with a few member (A Canadian from the west coast). I do hope some form of that shall see life in this game. Graveyard would be more sensible, I guess.

    I love the mention of scarecrow, fall coloure trees, pumpkin patches with scarecrows, among others. I have my Halloween rush ironically from Japanese Anime because Halloween seems dead to me in North AMerican (Canada). I get my Halloween rush from the commercially festive Japanese in their Japanese games that I love seeing Red51 doing something awesome for Halloween. Probably late for that with dungeons being enough for that.

    Fenced farmland! Yes! Fenced farmland in various regions, styles, and such. Amused by the idea of helping or hindering an NPC farmer, something they should make note of. If you steal they should be more likely to attack you, even alerting other NPCs in hunting you down in a bounty. Should be a memory thing in the long term, Skyrim style (if possible).

    I'm now curious what the update shall contain. Maybe some ventings towards GEMA? Delays caused by GEMA? :whistling:

  • I was just thinking of how in Minecraft, I can raid a village for vegetables if I'm just starting out and nobody tries and stop me. Very strange

    hehe.. for all we know GEMA might charge fees for criticizing GEMA and they will charge it per game license that the criticizing content is distributed to ;-p Best to keep it in the 3rd party circle. Speaking of, I'm going to x-post the idea of WW2 tanks with anti-GEMA flags over onto the SimpleCars plugin thread right now ^^

  • Angry farmers who track your stealing bit while also making note of if you replant before attacking you, chasing you, and etc. Even placing a silent bounty on you to have bounty hunters & such come after you.

    That, then there's the raccoon though of them going into chests & such. Maybe guard dogs, and etc. Make sure to bring a sleeping blow dark, or something along those lines to not kill NPCs, just stun them for a long while if you're a passive type player. Hostile bounty hunters? Just keep knocking them out in your style :)

    And bring on the pain if the German citizens want to fight a war with GEMA. Seeing those protest images was relieving seeing that the German people indeed do care about their subculture & such. Nice. GEMA shall ironically be the one to cause WW3 with the mentality they have, even harming Rising World in the progress.

  • With the not walking bug the admins on our server gave us fly permission, with this i so a whole lot off plant uderground (also some floating trees and so). I know this is a side effect off the water update that biomes where overwritten. Checked also in an old singleplayer game and there it also ocours. Isnt there some script, command that u can pass over the gameworld so that all plant/trees spawn at ground level and not below/abbove? Same with not conecting worldpieces,i know u can fix those with f10 in creative mode, but isnt it possible to run a command on the whole wolrd (1 time for multiplayer server->no server wipe) that fixes tings like that?

  • Can the mod API disable a recipe?
    I.e. That's not how you smelt aluminium but would work with scrap.

    Proper pre-electricity aluminium was pre processed with mixing anhydrous aluminium chloride with potassium and produced aluminium. A hideously expensive process.
    So we would need salt, 2 acids, aluminium dust[grinder], Potash.
    I can see how to do that with two new workstations and the toilet. But we need a lower technology toilet. lol. That's easy.
    The dunny is just wood. Really smelly and primitive but add grass and water and you get potash. It is why the flush toilet was not invented in the age of cannon. The contents of the toilets were too valuable. Potash reacted with water again makes niter or saltpetre.
    Roman toilet. Same but made from stone. That's your potash. (also used in making real gun powder. )
    Step two.
    Lab wear. : Stone, glass, copper. Torches for fuel.
    Mixes potash, glass jar and water to make alkali.
    Add gravel and dry that to get Saltpetre. Boom!
    Mixes sulfur, water, torch (controlled heat), glass jar to get acid.
    Mix water, grass and lots of sand to get salt. Does not consume the sand.
    Mix acid, salt To get hydrochloric acid. Also useful in plastics production.
    Mix that with with aluminium dust, and potash, to get aluminium scrap. Smelt that.

    Now you know why electrolysis is so important to the industrial revolution. It skips several steps.
    The electrolysis unit: Glass, copper, ground Coal (for tar), water. wood crate.
    Makes aluminium scrap from hydrochloric acid and aluminium ore.
    Makes hydrochloric acid form salt and water.
    Makes hydrogen for balloons!
    And to power it. Edison cell. Stone, iron, alkali, copper rods. Turns iron plate into iron ore. Three powers the electrolysis cell.
    I see a new technology tree forming.

  • Kind reminder, this is a game not real life. People are already complaining that crafting is complicated in RW imagine what they would say if that whole process was added. Though you could add your extra items and process when the plugin API supports custom crafting stations/recipes.

    to answer your question no the plugin API cannot disable recipes yet.

    Also it would be better if you posted this in either the Suggestions subforum or the plugin API discussions subforum. This is a year old thread no point in bumping it.

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