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    Is it possible to create some sort of sripted ingame benchmark where the character is walking/running/riding between different 'zones' with more buildings comming up ingame? This would be nice to see wath fps u get on ure system, or determine if ure GPU or CPU is to slow for some "zone" (eg a zone with lots of building blocks).
    I think this wouls also be nice to find some bugs/memory leaks/performance optimalizations down the road if more stuff gets added (eg, more zones added to benchmark), also its a nice demomovie to promote the game ;)

    First of all merry christmas and hopefully a good (rising world) year ahead.
    And big thanks for Red and the team for bringing nice and big updates to the game, they desirve a little time off ;).

    Now that 2017 is almost behind us its time to move onwards to 2018. Whats are ure 5 most anticipated functions/models/items/... for rising world? If whe all tell our top 5 (1 is most anticipated, 5 slightly less on the list ;) ) maybe red can put some inspiration from the list for the upcomming updates.
    My list:

    1. New construction mechanics : being able to build arches (gothic ones), more round buildings, smaller blocks (no 0.5meter walls anymore) and lots of new shapes
    2. New/ revised terrain generator/renderer: beeing able to craft more realistic worlds with more detail
    3. higher viewsettings: beeing able to see huge buildings from a distance ;)
    4. electricity: so whe can make more modern buildings (power plants, distribution cables, transformers, windmille,...)
    5. Vehicles: and i mean everything, horses camels, cars, trains, plains, boats, spaceships,...

    These are my 5 most anticipated functions for this great game. Tell me what ure items are.

    And again, merry christmas and a happy newer year ;)

    I think that almost everything on ure list is going to be part of the game. Red confirmed that a tool/machine for recycling blocks is underway. Seasons seem like a nice update too, could be cool to sell icecream in summer (im playing on economic server).

    Dont know if its already asked (didnt find a thread of it yet) but is it possible to 'convert' or save the map as an image so i can check it outside the game?

    I hope development is going smooth, because red seems to be less on the forums :) And if i may guess for a release date i go for this week. Its gamescon week in germany, the perfect time to release this mega update. Cant wait do spend hours to customize my character and start hu ting the n ew items down. Hope there will be some easter eggs :D

    Hey all,
    whe all know red said a couple of weeks back that he was going to release a preview of the next big update. But till now i didn't see any pics/movies/teasers anywhere.
    This leads me to 3 conclusions:
    the pessimistic option a: Red has serious issues with implementing some stuff for the update without breaking stuff already ingame. So he needs more time to finish it.
    the optimistic option b: Red is going to make this update so big that he took his time to make everything right. He will include player gear/new models/animals/building mechanic updates/lots off furniture/improved draw distance/new biomes/updated world rendering/...
    the realistic option c: Red had taken to mutch hay on his fork and needs more time to finish it all. Maybe even delay some features.

    With that out of my mind, anyone has info when the preview will take place? Tought that the E3 show was the perfect timeframe to leak some images, and also right before the steam summer sales so i could boost sales.

    Love to have better draw distance, but a zoom out option on the map is also on my wishlist. My building is almost taking half of my map lol. So its a bit weard to stand in the entrance and u cant see the other end, just the foggy landscape behind it.

    Also didnt red tell he was going to adjust the world rendering to have more smooth worlds?

    also to come next:
    - change the behaviour so planting grass on a dirt block will turn it into a grass block (no grass blades, but the grass texture).
    - ability to turn a dirt block into a farmable soil block with the hoe (and also fix the issue that other soil block shapes don't work properly)
    - tweaked building system (ability to resize any block, cylinder etc)
    - new shapes: hollow cylinder (so things like pipes can be created easily), maybe also a hollow block, and some other shapes (e.g. a convex arc) ;)
    - More control over the biomes (Maybe a setting like "forest density" )

    The above list was made for me, so i can keep track of when and whats comming to the game. So note this is not a list that will be in the game. If u find more things that are confirmed or are in deliberation to be put in, type it here and i will complete my list ;)

    Some future things that well be in the game. Some are 100% sure to be in the game, others are planned if there is time. Found al these in the forums en official website. The priority is my guess to determines if Red wants it as quick as possible in the game or that it’s a long time before we see it in the game.

    From website:
    - change appearance of model (high priority) - player model update
    - clothing (high priority) - player model update

    - more animals (normal priority)
    - monsters (normal priority)
    - more biomes (normal priority)

    - hostile npc’s (low priority)
    - vehicles (low priority)
    - road construction system (low priority)
    - railroads (low priority)
    - trains (low priority)
    - Electricity (sensors + controllers + cables) (low priority)
    - flowing water (low priority)

    - blueprints materials costs (very low priority)
    - endless world (very low priority)

    From forums:
    - rewrite block building and construction system (high priority) - before player model update
    - auto running feature (high priority) - before player model update
    - new furniture, including bathroom stuff (high priority) - before player model update
    - fix light show true walls/terrain (high priority) - before player model update
    - resisable blocks (high priority) - before player model update
    - new player models and items (high priority) - player model update
    - A mining helmet (high priority) - player model update
    - Horses & Camels & Donkeys (high priority) - after player model update

    - dungeon surface entrances (normal priority)
    - more dungeons (normal priority)
    - better loot in dungeons (normal priority)
    - shovel (normal priority)
    - update roadmap on website (normal priority)
    - More block Types (normal priority)
    - roof blocks (normal priority)
    - Ingame Maps (normal priority)

    - writeable books and notes (low priority)
    - cooking / baking (low priority)
    - rock crushers (low priority)
    - tweak terain modiefied by tools (low priority)
    - meteorites or falling stars (low priority)
    - Diseases (low priority) - after player model update
    - ways to cure diseases (low priority) - after player model update
    - water purification (low priority) - after player model update
    - 3rth person camera (low priority) - after player model update
    - animal husbandry (low priority)
    - cooking recipies (cheese/soop/...) (low priority)
    - Skill system (low priority)
    - fishing (low priority)
    - kids play sets (swings, seesaws) (low priority)
    - fire (low priority)
    - rivers (low priority)
    - armor (low priority)
    - boats (low priority)
    - bow/ arrow / Cross Bow (low priority)
    - hunting (low priority)
    - Seasons (low priority)
    - Monster Toggle (low priority)
    - Ghost Mobs (low priority)
    - Zombie Dogs (hell mobs) (low priority)
    - Birds & Flying entities (low priority)
    - Hypothermia (low priority)
    - sap from trees/plants (rubber/honey/mapple syrup) (low priority)
    - Drinkable liquids (Beer/Wine/tea/coffee) (low priority)
    - Guns / Cannons (low priority)
    - Fantasy Biome (very low priority)
    - Customizable Statues (low priority)
    - Computers & TVs (low priority)
    - Locked Chests (low priority)
    - Tool & Armour Durability (low priority)
    - Tool Variety & Advancement electical tools (low priority)
    - Physics for everything (very low priority)
    - Skills & EXP System (low priority)
    - Underground Water/oil/lava Pockets (low priority)
    - Wind Strength (low priority)
    - Ore Plates (low priority)
    - realistic worldgeneration (softer transitions between biomes) (low priority)
    - Oil (low priority)
    - Coloured Glass (low priority)
    - Binoculars/Monoscope (low priority)
    - Signs Font (low priority)
    - Sticks & stones (low priority)
    - Lanterns (low priority)
    - Stone Axe (low priority)
    - Wooden Rake (low priority)
    - Mining Hammer (low priority)
    - Lawn Mower (low priority)
    - Weed Wacker (low priority)
    - Military/survivalist Compass (low priority)

    - toxic gas and oxygen reduction in caves(very low priority)
    - Designated worlds (eg: only modern / only medieval /technology cap) (very low priority)
    - quests (very low priority)
    - Age Teching (mediaval to modern) (very low priority)
    - Hot Air Balloons (very low priority)
    - Submarines (very low priority)
    - AI/NPC Villages (very low priority)
    - NPC Traders / traveling merchants (very low priority)
    - Decayed Blocks (very low priority)
    - Display Objects (on shelves/tables/...) (very low priority)
    - Steam Achievements (very low priority)
    - Engine optimalizations (very low priority)
    - Diving Suits (very low priority)

    Read al of it and some things like currency are aleady ingame on some servers (tnx to mods ;) ).

    If i read the text i am thinling u have a wjrong picture for the game because if i interpretend it corectly, u are thinking this game is medieval style only. On our server 90% of the playerbuildings are modern day houses + scyskrapers, ands there i cant see natives with bows and some robbers live in.

    Other then that its a good list. Whe have to wait for the big 'Models + animations' update to see where red is going with the game. But better hunting and breeding of animals was confirmed.

    good idea groovaholic :)
    It can help us till whe get some ingame map, where i hope whe also can place different markers on it (like dungeons/places of people/good hunting zone/nice views/...)

    Oh and i also want the option to set the collor of ingame lights (dont know if possible aready?) so i can iluminate my building in specific collors at specific times (like 1hour its red, the next purple,...)

    good list, agree with all in it, definitly need better (real time) lightning/shadows.
    - Also i hope red improves the textures off blocks and planks with some good parallax occlusion mapping/normal mapping. Think it would add a better view for some types (like cobblestones).
    - If weather is implemented i hope the grass and threes will wiggle in the wind so the gameworld feels less 'static'.
    - And i like to add the ability to see furter, so that buildings and other player made stuff are not disapearing.
    - and last i want to see an upgrade to the engine itself so people with high end systems like mine take advantage off all there proccesing powers (8cores/16treads) and get 60+ fps with all settings at highest lvls